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"I'm sure I'll do better next year because this was only my first year as a senior, but it was a good experience."
- Amanda Gering, to after her AA performance.

"I just canít believe it. I went in there and hit my four events. But I didnít think I had won. I wasnít expecting it. With the back injury I wasnít even sure I would do the beam but I pushed myself anyway and look where it got me."
-Danielle Hicks, to GCG after winning the senior women's AA.

"It is probably one of the hardest decisions to make as an athlete whether to compete with an injury or not. When it came down to it I realized that right now it is not worth the risk of further potential damage to my heel. Being a spectator was very difficult to swallow, but I still know where I fit in the mix and I think that the National Team coaches do too. Missing one competition will not set me back, it's just too bad it had to be nationals because I wanted a shot to defend my title from last year."
- Matthew Ryan, to after withdrawing from competition.

"I achieved my goal with the win. I entered the meet very prepared and hit all my routines."
-Adam Wong, to GCG after winning the junior men's AA.

"I honestly did not think I would wind up on top. But I kept the mistakes to the minimum today and focused on what I had too do. I think my experience plays a big role now because there are a lot of guys who are really good. Iím performing better than ever at this point of my career. Itís so close now you have to be on your game all the time."
- Richard Ikeda, to GCG after winning the senior men's AA.

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