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Report courtesy of Mia Rabson. Thanks Mia!


Vanessa Meloche - Yurchenko 1/1. Nice height, a little bit piked, one step on landing (8.85); pike front. Great height. One step forward. (8.95). Average = 8.90 (tie for second)

Lydia Williams - Yurchenko layout. nice height. 1 step. (8.60); Piked Lucconi. One step to the side. (9.20) Average = 8.9 (tie for second)

Aubrey Taylor - Yurchenko tuck. several steps backward. (8.15). Piked Barani. One step back. (9.05). Average = 8.60 (8th)

Amelie Plante - Front pike. Bent legs. One big step. (8.95). Yurchenko layout. Piked, one step. (8.475). Average = 8.713 (7th)

Jennifer Simbhudas - Piked Lucconi, small step. Nice vault. (9.325). Front pike. Sat it down. (8.400). Average = 8.85 (5th)

Jholeen Ponce - Khorkina 1. Beautiful vault. Almost stuck, one tiny step. (9.35) Yurchenko 1/1. Piked, one step. (8.95) Average = 9.15 (First)

Ashley Houghting

- Yurchenko 1/2 layout. Beautiful vault. Nice height, great form. One small step. (9.0). Tsukahara, pike. One step. (8.50). Average = 8.75 (sixth)

Danielle Hicks - piked Lucconi. Nicely done. Tiny step. Legs a little bit messy. (9.300). Yurchenko layout. piked, two steps back. (8.475). Average = 8.887 (4th)

Uneven Bars

Fanny Girard - overshoot to handstand, free hip handstand, toe-on shoot to high bar (very nice), 1/1 pirouette into Tkatchev (slight pause in 1/1 pirouette), double layout (messy legs, small hop). 8.400 (5th)

Aubrey Taylor - (quick side note, Aubrey had a scary fall in warm-ups. She missed her hands completely on her hecht vault mount. She was a little dazed it seemed. But was fine.) 1/1 pirouette (leg break) into Gienger (nice with legs together); high pak salto. Free hip , sole circle, tuck full-out dismount, one small step. 8.550 (4th)

Ashley Houghting - glide kip cast handstand 1/2, free hip, sole circle, gienger (legs together but caught close to the bar with bent arms); cast, overshoot to handstand, toe-on shoot; double pike dismount, legs came very close to hitting the high bar, 1 step back. 8.125. (6th)

Amanda Gering - hecht vault mount, free hip to handstand, giant 1/2, piked jaeger (very nice, good height and form); giant 1/2, giant 1/1, gienger (leg separation). beautiful pak salto. double front dismount (1 step). 8.675 (3rd)

Danielle Hicks - glide kip, uprise, sole circle, 1 1/2 pirouette into straddle jaeger. overshoot to handstand (overshot it and fell out of it the wrong way, dragging her feet on the floor). toe-on shoot to high bar. giant, giant 1/1 into tkatchev. double front (sat down). 7.700 (8th)

Vanessa Meloche - 1 1/2 pirouette into piked jaeger, overshoot to handstand, toe-on shoot to high bar, toe-on 1/2, into markelov, double front dismount. stuck. Beautiful routine. 9.225 (1st)

Lydia Williams - glide kip, cast handstand, stalder, sole circle, giant 1/2, piked jaeger (fall) overshoot to handstand. Missed her foot on toe-on shoot and did a covered sole-circle instead managing to keep going) 1/1 pirouette, tkatchev (huge height). double front dismount. tiny step. 8.05 (7th).

Heather Purnell - glide kip, uprise, toe-on handstand, sole circle, 1/1 into a Gienger (legs apart), overshoot to handstand nice, beautiful toe-on shoot to high bar. Tucked full-in dismount (chest low on landing, one step). 9.5 SV. 8.950. (2nd)

Balance Beam

Julie Medeiros - front on. flip-flop, layout step-out. (wobble). switch split, switch 1/4. Wolf 1/1. (Fall). Aerial front walkover. (very nice). Tuck jump, punch front, split 1/2. Nice combination. Pike 1/1 dismount from running front take off. One step. (The audience gasped when she did this, I think they thought it was a mistake!) 9.3 SV, I wrote down her score as 7.75 but she finished behind Clarke who scored a 7.30 so I don't know what her score was.

Patricia Clarke - press handstand mount. aerial front walkover, pause with some dance skills, side somi. Nice sequence. Wobbled on her full-turn. switch split 1/4 turn. Flip-flop, layout, layout. (Fall). wolf jump, split jump (she does a tuck jump and then splits her legs once she is already mid-air). 2 1/2 twist dismount (1 step). 7.30

Hicks - Round-off, layout step-out mount. (big wobble) Flip-flop, layout, layout. very nice. Switch split, tuck full. (Very solid). side somi. beat jump, double stag jump. flip-flop, flip=flop, 2 1/2 twist dismount, two big steps forward and to the side. 9.4 SV. 8.550 (3rd)

Julie-Ann Passy - Homma mount. flip-flop layout step-out. (fall). switch split, wolf jump 1/1. (pause between them). Straight jump, punch front. split leap 1/2 turn.. one-arm flip-flop, flip-flop, 2 1/2 twist dismount. 9.3 SV. 7.950 (5th).

Melanie Rocca - press handstand front-step out mount. Presecan (tiny wobble). Omelianchik. (fall on beam). beautiful needle scale.aerial front walk-over (big wobble) flip-flop layout. split leap, double stag yang bo, back dive 1/4 to handstand. switch 1/4 double tuck dismount, hands down. 9.5 SV, 8.150 (4th)

Jennifer Simbhudas - front mount (1 step). aerial front (very nice). straddle 1/1, split 1/2. switch split, side somi (near fall). flip-flop layout. punch front. double tuck dismount. (great height, one step). 9.8 SV. 9.0 (2nd)

Tracey Rai - press handstand mount. split 1/1 (wobble). flip-flop, layout stepout. switch split, split 1/1. punch front (near fall). aerial front walk-over. double tuck dismount, sat down. 7.3 (6th)

Ashley Peckett - front pike mount. punch front, back tuck. switch split, wolf 1/1. double tuck dismount, step back. Nice routine. 9.025 (1st)

Floor Exercise:

Clarke - whip, whip, flip-flop, double pike. (hop sideways). 2 1/2 twist, pike 1/1 (very nice pass). Split leap 1/1, cat leap 1 1/2. Triple twist. (short) 8.450 (6th)

Teri Gibson double turn, cat leap 2/1, cat leap 1 1/2. 2 1/2 twist. Whip, whip, double twist. Popa, tuck jump 2/1. Double pike. 8.725 (2nd)

Passy -triple turn (stumble), Popa. front handspring 2/1 twist, punch front (very high on the punch front, nice pass). front handspring, layout 1/1, layout 1/1. Double pike dismount (fall). 8.150 (7th)

Simbhudas -triple turn, Popa. (stumbled out of both, triple turn was actually about 2 1/3, Popa was barely a 1/2 turn). 1 1/2 twist, 2 1/2 twist. (stumble out) front handspring, front layout 1/1, front layout 1/1. Tuck jump 2/1. Double pike. Nice dismount. (5th)

Meloche - very nice triple turn. piked full-in (overrotated, step out of bounds). Arabian double front (sat down). double turn, tuck jump 2/1. Front handsrping, layout 1/1, layout 1/1. Fall. 7.750 (8th)

Danielle Hicks - triple turn, straight jump 2/1. Whip, triple twist. (99.9 per cent around). Split leap 1/1, cat leap 2/1, cat leap 1 . 2 twist (nice and high). Double turn, tuck jump 2/1. Double pike. 9.225 (first)

Breanne King - Whip, triple twist (not quite around). Tuck jump 2/1, Popa. Cat leap 2/1, cat leap 1 1/2. Front handspring, front 1/1, front 1/1 (second layout 1/1 had very low landing but she stood it up). Triple turn. 2 1/2 twist, pike front. (bent legs but solid landing). 8.725 (2nd)

Purnell - Piked full-in. (hands down, step out of bounds). Front handspring, front layout 1/1, front layout 1/1 (almost sat it down). Double turn, tuck jump 2/1. Switch ring leap, cat leap 2/1, cat leap 1 1/2. 2 1/2 twist. (nicely done) triple turn. Double pike. nicely done. 8.50 (4th).

Note: Danielle Hicks won an award for having the most original floor choreography.


Report courtesy of Mia Rabson. Thanks Mia!

Rotation 1:

Hicks and Purnell
1st and 2nd AA

Abby Pearson, floor: Front tuck through to tripe twist (a little short of rotation); cat leap double jump, double turn; double pike (three steps back out of bounds); 2 1/2 twist dismount. 7.900

Aubrey Taylor, beam: Fell early in routine, continued with split leap, straddle 1/4; split leap 1/2, tuck jump full; side somi (very nice); back pike 1/1 from front take-off dismount. 8.050

Stephanie Gadbois

Stephanie Gadbois, vault: Yurchenko layout, slightly piked. Step back on landing. 8.500

Jennifer Simbhudas, bars: Glide kip, 1/2 turn, toe-on shoot to hb, full pirouette, gienger (nice height, big leg separation); uprise 1/2 turn (fall); double front dismount. (sat down). 7.150

Joelle Ouellette, vault: Yurchenko 1/2 front layout. nice height. big step foward. 8.725

Amanda Gering, floor: Arabian double front (under rotated, two steps back); 2 1/2 twist, front layout (step out of bounds); double pike (small bounce but almost stuck); cat leap double turn, hitch kick. 8.325

Jholeen Ponce, vault: Piked lucconi, one step back. 9.300

Breanne King, bars: Overshoot to handstand (small leg separation); tuck full-in dismount (fall). special correspondant Kate Richardson reports that her dowell grip came loose during the routine, causing her to "ping" her dismount. 7.400

Julie Medeiros, beam: Flip-flop, layout. (very nice). split leap, switch split 1/4 (pause between two, probably no connection bonus). front aerial. nice wolf full. tuck jump, punch front. back pike 1/1 dismount from running front take-off. 8.25

Vanessa Meloche
3rd AA

Vanessa Meloche, vault: Yurchenko layout full. piked. small step. 8.9

Melanie Rocca, bars: Tkatchev. gienger (split legs) pak salto (nice form); stalder 1/2 on low bar. glide kip, sole circle. double pike dismount. small step. 8.325

Heather Purnell, vault: Yurchenko layout full. stuck cold. nice vault. 8.75

Lydia Williams, floor: Split leap 1 1/2. arabian double front mount. (sat down). Front handspring, front layout 1/1, front tuck 1/1. 2 1/2 turn, popa. 2 1/2 twist dismount. Nice choreography and presentation. 8.100

Lydia Williams
struggled on FX

Ashley Peckett, bars: Hecht vault mount. 1 1/2 pirouette (she seemed to be going okay but obviously something was wrong because she stopped her swing out of this skill, and took a 0.5 deduction). tkatchev. (nice height). free hip handstand. nice overshoot to handstand. (great form). free hip 1/2. stoop on 1/2 turn to grab high bar. (I think she was supposed to do a free hip 1/1 and covered). Double layout dismount. (nice form, small step). 8.050

Danielle Hicks, vault: Piked lucconi. small step. 9.100

Amelie Plante, floor: Pike full-in mount (nice but small stumble on landing). triple twist (rotated too much, two steps back and out of bounds). cat leap 2/1, cat leap 1 1/2. triple turn. round-off, back layout (two foot landing), punch front. double tuck dismount. 8.600.

Teri Gibson, beam: Triple twist dismount, small step forward. 8.100

Ashley Houghting, floor: Double twist. 2 1/2 twist. 8.525

Patricia Clarke, beam: aerial front. side somi. (both nicely done, no bobbles but pause in between). switch quarter. flip-flop, layout, layout (bend at waist but stayed on). wolf jump, split jump. round-off 2 1/2 twist dismount (small step). Very nice routine. Interesting choreography. 8.600

Rotation 2:

Simbhudas, beam: Punch front mount. aerial front walkover. split leap 1/1, split leap 1/2. switch split, side somi. (nice combination, no bobbles). flip-flop, layout step-out. tuck jump full. punch front. round-off, double tuck dismount, step forward. Nice routine overall. No obvious balance checks. 8.950.

Amanda Gering

Gering, vault: Yurchenko, 1/2 front tuck. One step forward. 8.300

Meloche, bars: Hecht vault mount. 1 1/2 pirouette to front giant, piked jaeger, overshoot to handstand, toe-on shoot to high bar. Toe-on 1/2 turn, markelov. double front dismount, legs together, stuck landing! Beautiful routine. Great form throughout. 9.550.

Medeiros, floor: 2 1/2 twist. (3 big steps, way out of bounds). ring leap, cat leap 2/1. punch front through to double twist. (I missed the beginning of her routine). 7.700

Purnell, bars: Glide kip cast handstand, toe-on handstand, sole circle. full pirouette, gienger (leg separation); overshoot to handstand, immediate toe-on shoot to high bar. tucked full-in dismount. stuck landing. Nice routine. 8.850

Melanie Banville, floor: Punch front, through to 2 1/2 twist. nice landing. double turn with leg up in front. cat leap 2/1, cat leap 1 1/2. triple twist ( a little bit short). triple turn, shushunova 1/1. (sort of fell out of the triple turn, messy connection). double pike (fall). 8.050

Hicks, bars: 1 1/2 pirouette, straddle Jaeger. overshoot to handstand, toe-on shoot to high bar. full pirouette, tkatchev. double front dismount. (one step). Generally a nice routine. 8.825.

Errors dropped
Melanie Rocca
to 17th

Gibson, floor: Double pirouette, cat leap 2/1, cat leap 1 1/2. 2 1/2 twist (step forward). whip, whip, double twist. popa, tuck jump 2/1. double pike. (very nice). Great choreography. 9.100.

Rocca, beam: Aerial front walkover (bend at hips but stayed on). flip flop, layout (very nice). split leap, stag yang bo, back dive 1/4 handstand. switch split 1/4 turn. round-off double tuck dismount. (very low chest on landing, step). 8.750.

Pearson, vault: Yurchenko 1 1/2. bent legs, low landing, 2 steps to the side. 9.050.

Clarke, floor: Whip, whip, flip-flop, double pike. 2 1/2 twist, front pike 1/1. (perfect landing, nice pass) split leap 1/1, cat leap 1/1. triple twist (not quite around). interesting choreography. good routine. 9.100

Taylor, floor: Triple twist. (good landing, 99.9 per cent around). punch front, punch front, 2 1/2 twist, (big step forward) double pike (good landing). 8.375

Peckett, beam: punch front mount. punch front, back tuck. split leap, wolf 1/1. (small bobble in between, may not get connection bonus). flip-flop, flip-flop, double tuck (one small step on landing). 8.900.

Julie Ann Passy
6th AA

Julie-Ann Passy, beam: Homma mount. flip flop layout. split leap, wolf 1/1. (big bobble after split leap, no way she got the connection). straight jump, punch front. (foot slipped off beam but she stayed on without any balance check!). split leap 1/2, stag leap. one-arm flip flop, flip flop, 1 1/2 twist dismount. She had lots of pauses in her routine, there wasn't a great flow. 8.450.

Rotation 3:

King, floor: Triple twist (not all the way around). tuck jump double, popa. front handspring, front layout 1/1, tuck front 1/1. triple turn, 2 1/2 twist punch front. 9.325

Siloe Chicoine, bars: Feet dragged on overshoot; toe-on shoot to high bar, (too close to the bar, couldn't kip out of it). Double layout dismount, big step forward. 7.450

Medeiros, vault: Pike front. underotated, several steps back. 8.400

Rocca, floor: Double pike (overrotated, 2 steps back and way out of bounds). triple twist (not all the way around, stumble out of it). triple turn, (not quite around), shushunova 1/1. ring leap. 7.900

Williams, bars: nice high tkatchev. double front, stuck landing. 8.775

Banville, vault: Yurchenko layout. small step. 8.800

Disappointing day
for Amelie Plante

Plante, bars: Hecht vault mount. Def. (fall). 2 1/2 pirouette, (going for 1 1/2 but overdid it and got in another full pirouette!), right into a gienger, overshoot to handstand, free hip to handstand, sole circle. double layout dismount. one step on landing. 8.200

Meloche, beam: Punch front mount (near fall). split leap, switch 1/4. flip-flop, layout. (fall). straddle 3/4. (fall). beautiful punch front. wolf full. round-off, double tuck dismount. (one hand down). 6.800

Peckett, floor: Double turn. tuck full-in. whip, whip, flip-flop, double pike. (overrotated, three steps back, out of bounds). punch front, punch front, 2 1/2 twist. 8.350

Purnell, beam: Punch front mount, (solid). split leap, wolf full. aerial front walkover, back tuck. split leap 1/2. punch front (small wobble). flip-flop, layout (wobble). split leap 1/1. double twist dismount. 8.350

Passy, floor: Triple turn, popa. front handspring, front layout 2/1, front tuck. front handspring, front layout 1/1, front layout 1/1. split leap, split leap 1/1. double pike. 8.725

Hicks, beam: Round-off, layout step-out mount. flip-flop, layout, layout. split leap, tuuck 1/1. (bobble). side somi. flip-flop, flip-flop, 2 1/2 twist dismount (stumbled out of it). 8.425

Simbhudas, floor: Double turn (messy at the end). 1 1/2 twist, through to 2 1/2 twist. front handspring, front 1/1, front 1/1. tuck jump 2/1. double pike. round-off, flip-flop 1/1. 9.000

Gadbois, beam: Gainer flip-flop, layout stepout (fall). punch front (fall). split leap, tuck jump 1/1 (fall). back pike 1/1 from running front take-off dismount. 6.500.

Ouellette, beam: Punch front mount. split leap, tuck jump 1/1. (major wobble). flip-flop, layout stepout. side somi. (fall). punch front. round-off, 2 1/2 twist (big step to the side). 7.800

Rotation 4:

Meloche, floor: triple turn (very nice). sky high piked full-in (beautiful!). Arabian double front. (1 step backwards). double turn, tuck jump double turn; front handspring, front 1/1, front 1/1. 9.400

Rocca, vault: Yurchenko layout. low off the horse. one step. 8.250

Williams, beam: 1-arm flip-flop, back tuck. split leap 1/1. punch front, (fall on the beam). 8.00

Purnell, floor: Beautiful piked full-in. front handspring, front layout 1/1, front layout 1/1. double turn, tuck jump double (not quite around); ring leap, cat leap 2/1, cat leap 1 1/2. 2 1/2 twist. triple turn. double pike (2 steps back and out of bounds). 9.400

Gibson, bars: Piked jaeger (she hit her feet on the bar but managed to keep going barely breaking rhythm), pak salto. free hip 1/2 turn, sole circle. double pike dismount (small hop). Beautiful form in this routine. 8.150

Peckett, vault: Yurchenko 1 1/2. sat down. 8.550

Hicks, floor: Whip, triple twist. 2 1/2 twist. double pike. 9.625.

Plante, beam: Punch front mount. pike jump 1/1. (fall). round-off, layout. punch front. straddle 1/1. gainer double twist off side dismount. 8.200

Simbudhas vault: Piked lucconi. one step back. 9.100

Taylor, bars: Pak salto. free hip 1/2 turn. sole circle. nice high tucked full-in dismount. One step on landing. 8.775

Gadbois, floor: Double pike. punch front through to 1 1/2 twist. double tuck. 8.125

Fanny Girard, bars: Toe-on shoot to high bar. full pirouette, Tkatchev (nice height), stuck double layout. 8.775

Pearson, beam: round-off layout step out mount. flip-flop, layout stepout. split leap, full twisting swing down. stag handstand planche. Presecan. round-off double twist dismount. 8.575

Ouellette, floor: triple twist (Not quite around, out of bounds); double tuck, hands down. 7.950

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Report courtesy of Mia Rabson. Thanks Mia!


Elyse Hopfner-Hibbs

Emily Dumitru, floor: ended with a nice 2 1/2 twist.

Rebecca Simbudhas, vault: front tuck, nice height, big step on landing.

Jessica Busque, bars: nice piked jaeger, double front dismount (fall)

Elyse Hopfner-Hibbs, beam: press handstand mount; aerial, back layout; double turn, stag leap (very nicely done), beautiful punch front with an immediate scale with her leg bent and held behind her head (not held for even a second but it was a nice combination); split leap, jump full turn; tuck jump, split leap full; round-off double tuck. (near fall) Elyse had a beautiful routine going until her dismount when she almost put her hands down and took several huge steps forward. Up to this point she didn't have any obvious balance checks or bobbles. 8.950

Lisa Pattison, floor: 2 1/2 twist, punch front (low landing but she stood it up and had been struggling with that in warm-ups); triple twist (not quite around); double turn into cat leap double, cat leap 1 1/2; double pike (slightly overrotated); dismounted with a double twist. Nice routine, cute dance, good presentation.

Madison Ward
Gael Mackie, vault: Yurchenko full. Nicely done, slightly piked, small step.

Stephanie De Lima, bars: Markelov; overshoot to handstand; double pike dismount, step. She had slightly bent legs throughout her routine but there was a nice flow to it. Gymnix teammate, Amelie Plante, cheered for her like crazy!

Laura-Ann Chong, floor: double pike, nice landing; whip, whip, through to double twist; nice double turn with leg up into a Popa; split leap 1 1/2 turn (I think she was going for a double but barely made the 1 1/2 around); 2 1/2 twist dismount (fall out of bounds). Nice presentation and good form. 7.500

Cindy Pierre, beam: flip-flop, back tuck (fall); punch front (nicely done). round-off, double tuck dismount. Stuck landing.

Madison Ward, bars: I only caught the end of her routine. She didn't fall that I heard, and she hit her dismount - tucked full-in, with one small step. She had been really struggling on bars in warm-up, and coach Elvira Saadi had her working on her routine long after every other gymnast had abandoned warm-ups.


Katherine Fairhurst

Hopfner-Hibbs, floor: nice triple turn into stradle 1/1; arabian double front (fall); tuck front through to 2 1/2 twist (step); double tuck dismount, very nice; 8.400

Pattison, vault: tuck front; low landing with small step

Ward, beam: flip-flop, tuck full (fall); stag handstand, layout, layout; split leap, stag leap; needle scale, full turn; front aerial (near fall); flip-flop, flip-flop, triple twist (big step); 8.450

Simbudhas, bars: fall early in her routine; invert, endo, invert to 1/2 turn (fall); double pike dismount (step);

Pierre, floor: fell out of double turn at opening; double pike (very nice); front handspring, front layout, front tuck (step); 2 1/2 twist dismount. (very nice); 7.950

De Lima, beam: round-off, layout step-out mount (step backwards); flip-flop, layout stepout (bobble); split leap, back tuck (bobble); side somi (bobble); double turn (fall); tuck jump full; flip-flop, gainer flip-flop, triple twist (small step but very nice in the air); 7.350

Mackie, bars: Beautiful form throughout routine, legs stuck together and straight, perfectly pointed toes. Her routine stood out immediately from the others because of her form. Glide kip mount to handstand, free hip to handstand; sole circle, cast handstand 1/2, front giant to piked Jaeger (nice height, perfect form); full pirouette to overshoot to handstand immediate toe on shoot to high bar; tucked full-in dismount, small step; 9.225

Jody McKellar, bars: free hip 1/2; overshoot to handstand, immediate toe-on shoot to high bar; stuck double layout dismount, very nice; 8.500


Ward, floor: mounted with tucked full-in; (slightly overrotated, step back); cool double turn with leg up but moved on the second turn to a different body position, very different skill; 2 1/2 twist, layout front; whip, immediate triple twist (fall); 8.350

Pattison, bars: inverted giant; Tkatchev; double front dismount, big step forward. SV, 9.60, 8.750

Simbudhas, beam: missed most of her routine. She did a nice aerial front walkover, and a decent 2 1/2 twist dismount, but suffered a fall. Rebecca didn't have a great meet.

Hopfner-Hibbs, vault: Yurchenko layout; nicely done.

De Lima, floor: 2 1/2 twist; double turn; 8.375

Chong, bars: stalder on low bar, toe on shoot to high bar; stalder 1/2, full pirouette, pak salto (feet hit floor); double front dismount (small step); 7.850

Mackie, beam: Nice press handstand, planche mount; aerial front walkover, split leap, back handspring; onodi tic-toc, immediate back layout step-out; pike 1/1 turn (big wobble); back handspring swing down; split leap 1/2, immediate tuck full (she slipped on this skill and started to fall off the beam but she did a 1/2 twist in the air and ended up landing on the beam like she had done another skill. It was quite interesting but her score showed the judges didn't give her it! Not surprising - it was clearly a fall!) 2 1/2 twist dismount, big step forward. 8.350

Dumitru, bars: Gienger (fall); double pike dismount (fall). That was basically her routine, she appeared to be missing the majority of her routine composition. 5.800

Katherine Fairhurst, bars: Tkatchev (very nice); overshoot to handstand (leg break); fall on 1/1 turn on high bar; double pike dismount, (small step).

Busque, floor: fall on 2 1/2 twist, punch front; hurt her knee and did not finish.

McKellar, beam: very nice 2 1/2 twist dismount. Good height and form.


De Lima, vault: Yurchenko 1/2 tucked (fall);

Pierre, bars: fall on stoop on; dragged her feet after free hip 1/2 on low bar; double layout dismount (big step). SV 8.5, 6.650

Laura Ann Chong
Mackie, floor: opened with a nice double pike; 2 1/2 twist, punch front; triple twist dismount not quite all the way around; very nice presentation and choreography. Music was Hava Nagila. 9.275

Chong, beam: very nice flip-flop, layout, layout.

Lori Hamilton, vault: Yurchenko layout (step).

Hopfner-Hibbs, bars: free hip handstand, toe on shoot to high bar; full pirouette, Gienger; very nice overshoot to handstand; inverted giant; double pike dismount (small step). SV 9.4, 8.600

Fairhurst, beam: Presecan (very nice). flip-flop layout; cat leap, switch side, Shushunova 1/2; wolf 1/1 (very nice); aerial front walkover (bobble); flip-flop, double twist dismount; 8.700

Simbudhas, floor: whip, 1 1/2 twist, punch front; double tuck dismount (chest low on landing, step forward); 8.525

Pattison, beam: press handstand mount; switch side, Shushunova 1/2; aerial front walkover; flip-flop, layout step-out (big bobble); switch split, tuck jump full; punch front; double twist dismount (small step). Nice presentation. 8.500

Gael Mackie and Elyse Hopfner-Hibbs both received the International Medallist Award - Gael for medalling at Pacific Alliance (silver on beam) and Elyse for medalling at the Spring Cup (bronze in the all-around). Gael also was given the Nationals pin for averaging a 9.0 in the all-around.

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