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Men's All-Around
Women's Team Final
Men's Team Final
Women's Preliminaries (jump to Canadian Women)
Men's Preliminaries


11/01 MEN'S ALL-AROUND FINAL (Competition II)

Grant Golding (CAN)

Others Competitors

10/31 WOMEN'S TEAM FINAL (Competition IV)


10/31 MEN'S TEAM FINAL (Competition IV)

10/30 WOMEN'S PRELIMINARIES (Competition I)

Subdivision I

Rotation 1:

* after round 1, USA leading with over 4 points!

Rotation 2:

Rotation 3: Rotation 4:

USA was all smiles leaving arena. They finished almost 7 points ahead of Brazil.

Subdivision II

On UB a strong connection "Endo" - "Eger" at the beginning of my routine and a new, more difficult version of the ending part built around my signature exercise "Chusovitina." On vault, handspring front somersault with a twist of 360.

Subdivision IV

Rotation 1: Vault

Rotation 2: Uneven Bars

Rotation 3: Balance Beam

Rotation 4: Floor Exercise

Quotations from the Canadians
I had the opportunity to speak with some of the girls after team prelims:

1. Joelle Ouellette on the team:

We were as ready as we could be. At one point in training we were all injured. We all have had, or have, back problems. My rib was out of place. Ashley had a hurt wrist. Jen had a hurt ankle. Crystal and her knee, Amelie and her ankle.... We had a lot of fun. It was all fun. We pulled each other through it all. I think we're the least experienced team out there.

...and on her own performances, "For my first WC I think I did well. I'm really happy with my performances."

2. Jennifer Simbhudas, "We performed the best we could, to our ability."

3. Ashley Peckett, "It was really different up there. On our first day of podium training I couldn't do anything, not even a kip on bars." On her own performance, "I'm happy."

4. Carol Orchard spoke with the F.I.G. after the meet:

Five of our 2000 Olympians retired after Sydney and we had to rebuild our National Team. I appreciate all that our girls have done today! It will obviously take us a bit of time to get more experienced and to mature as a team - Ghent was only our first step towards this target.


Subdivision V

At the close of this subdivision, the Netherlands was in second place the USA and Van de Leur topped the AA standings with teammate Gabrielle Wammes third. A modest Verona Van de Leur, when asked if she expected to medal in the further stages of these WC, replied, " No, definitely not! I don't expect to win any.... It was a difficult competition but we've managed to perform without any major mistakes. My individual results is a big surprise for me - I didn't expect it at all...!"

Rietje Bijlholt, National coach for Holland (together with Frank Louther and Boris Orlov), reflected on his team's phenomenal performances to the F.I.G.:

We didn't expect to achieve such a high team result - we thought we can make something like 139-140.00, but not 144.159, as we did! All members of our team performed better than we thought - the majority of them are very young and only two of them have some experience. I would say that the improvement of our team came as a result of the new system of preparation we introduced in Holland two years ago. We have built three very strong gymnastics centers in the country and another three of a very good standard. This system works better. We could see the results today....

Subdivision VI

Rotation 1:

Rotation 2:

Rotation 3:

Rotation 4:

Khorkina reflected on the competition during the press conference:

This competition was as any other major competition! It's never easy. This was only the beginning of the WC - there are team finals, individual AA finals, and apparatus finals to come. We tried to do our best today, and we shall try to do even better in the team finals. We are ready to fight....

Subdivision VII

I am satisfied with the performances of our team tonight - they did very well on FX, V, and BB and had some problems on the UB. The UB is by tradition our weakest apparatus and I think that the gymnastics specialists in Romania must analyse this problem carefully and find out a new system of preparation of our gymnasts on this apparatus. The important thing is, of course, the team final tomorrow. I am not a supporter of the newly introduced competition format for the team finals 6-3-3. Now we must think very carefully and make a decision - who will these three gymnasts per apparatus be....Tomorrow's competition is a different story compared to today's....

Subdivision VIII

10/29 MEN'S PRELIMINARIES (Competition I)



The answer is Yes and No! He is still lacking consistency and is often challenged by the other three young members of the team. But, as you well know, this is good for building a strong team....

With the new code of points and the new routines we have, this competition was hard for us, much harder than the competitions in recent years. We could have done better today - three of our team members committed mistakes, but we hope to do our besting [sic] in the Team Finals."

...our bad luck with the draw and the injuries have hit the team. We found ourselves in a situation where the newcomers in the team had to take huge responsibility. Nevertheless, they did their best. I would the content of our routines, according to the new Code was OK. we all just missed this last ingredient that gives security and brilliance of our performances....

Russia did go on to qualify to team finals, where further difficulties bestowed them....


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