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1. USA 109.099
2. AUS 103.361
3. JPN 96.124
4. MEX 94.012
5. CAN 88.711 (zero on vault)
8. COSTA RICA (CRC) 82.237

1. VISE 36.862
2. PATTERSON 36.512
3. SINCLAIR 35.725
4. NEWTON 34.687
5. MUNRO 34.362
6. MOOREHOUSE 34.312
7. MACKIE 33.462
8. KURODA 33.287
9. SHIMIZU 31.987
10. GARCIA 31.912
11. CASTLES (NZL) 31.800
12. GUZMAN 31.225
13. ROCCA 31.012
28. WILLIAMS 24.237 (0.00 on vault)


-according to the official score sheets, there is no score for Lydia Williams on V. This could be due to her landing hands before feet, which would have resulted in a score of zero.

Memmel (BB) -barani (pause, balance check) to ff -ff back tuck -aerial walkover -fall on arabian -interesting Y scale -double pike, small step -8.375

Sinclair (BB) -nice Rulfova -confident, solid -ff 1/1 -ff layout -punch front to one-armed ff -very nice landing on her double pike - great routine! -8.825

Japan V -layout Yurchenkos from most

Russo (UB) 8.487

Munro (UB) -clean, good presentation

Newton (UB) -8.687

Vise (BB) -ff full (had struggled in training, hit it here) -missed combination leaps with sheep jump, but solid -perfect switch ring -aerial wakover to ff layout…perfect -this is truly great work! -ff ff to double tuck, one step -9.500!

Moorhouse (UB) -struggling a little -double front dismount

Patterson (BB) -this routine should be a coronation for the US women, who have looked amazing all day -fall on ff layout full -wobbly on leaps -perfect arabian -punch front to sheep -perfect, stuck arabian double front!


Japan on a bye

Gering (FX) -clean double pike -touched down on a 2 ½ twist to close 7.900

Memmel (UB) -great exercise, gorgeous endos, jam dislocated to inverts to double front dismount (eliciting ahhhs from the crowd) -9.187

Rocca (FX) -clean double pike -incomplete triple twist -front to double twist -clean turns and dance, elegant style and choreography

Williams (FX) -double pike, overrotated, fell OOB -front full, punch tuck front full -nice double turn to arabesque -stylish, good -2 ½ twist

Russo (V) -7.975

Newton -8.975

Munro (V) -RO ½-on, front tuck off, big hop

Moorehouse (V) -clean, tidy Hristakieva

Mackie (FX) -double pike, clean -2 ½ punch front -triple twist, several steps OOB -8.450

Belinda Castles (NZL - BB) -clean ff layout -punch front -NZL delegation screaming and hiding their eyes in excitement and nervousness in front of us -ff ff 1 ½ twist - nice job

Guzman (FX) -fall on a punch front -7.800

Sinclair (UB) -gorgeous Hindorff -giant 1/1 to pefect Gienger -perfect bail to HS -little problem on her dismount, but excellent interior of the routine! -8.875

Garcia (MEX - FX) -arabian double front (high, but OOB) -clean triple twist -lovely dance

Patterson (UB) -clean Pak, nice transitions, small form break on Tkatchev -stuck full-in -9.187

Balboa (FX) -tiny, charming gymnast -2 ½ punch front -fall on double pike, triple twist

Vise (UB) -nice stalder Higgins, Healy, Ono, pike Jaeger -barely hung on after toe on shoot, but swung through -double front, legs apart and small hop -nice routine!

After three apparatus, USA looks set to walk away with the title. Canada is done now and can only watch as the other teams finish their competition. After three weeks of training camp, the girls seem burned out and fatigued, and did not perform up to their capabilities on this day.


Gering (BB)
-fall on wolf full
-ff layout, solid
-good Popa
-looks confident
-nice chest stand on the end of the beam
-fall on double

Memmel (V)
-piked Omelianchik, step

Laura Ann Chong (CAN - UB)
-nice stalders, extra swing after shoot to HB
-nice Pak
-double front, good landing
-loud cheers for the hometown girl!

Vise (V)
-full twisting Yurchenko

Scarlett Guzman (MEX - BB)
-misses beam entirely after a layout on, another fall

Sinclair (V)
-1 ½ TY - bent arms and legs, large step

Kate Brocklehurst (NZL UB)
-hit her routine nicely! Loud cheers from NZL delegation
-nice toe-on front ½ dismount

Patterson (V)
-fall on DTY! Severely underrotated!

Mexico looking more impressive on beam, despite errors - much more stylish Balboa (MEX - BB) -attempted a triple twist dismount, but a little short

Rocca BB -switch ring -fall on Omelianchik -lovely needle scale -aerial walkover, puase, ff layout, solid -wobble after a leap -tentative, but hanging on -RO double tuck (low, but hung on)

Shimizu (FX) -triple twist (short) -double pike OOB -whip, whip to double twist (tried to fake a 2 ½, but no one was fooled!) -choreography clean, if unspectacular

Kuroda (FX) -whip whip 2 ½ twist - large step and OOB -underrotated on triple twist -stuck double pike -Ricky Martin's "Ole ole ole" music -very tight and clean

Mackie (BB) -definitely nervous, small breaks throughout -stayed on! -"wow's" from the crowd on her Onodi tick-tock, step down to layout -missed her reverse planche a little -good 2 ½ twist -loud cheers!

Williams (BB) -great flairs -perfect tour jete half -back tuck to Korbut -a new gymnast out there! -cheated Rulfova -nice double turn! -bend at the waist after tuck jump full, but not bad -stuck rudi -one of her best routines I've ever seen!!

Through three rotatations, Japan probably remains above Canada, but a good comeback for the Canadians on beam. Australia and USA have only completed two rotations.


USA is on a bye

Gering (UB)
-small knee breaks
-missed a LB handstand, had to swing down and try again

Newton (FX)
-triple twist (incomplete)

Mackie (UB)
-fall on piked Jaeger

Koruda (JPN)
-beautiful switch ring
-punch front (wobble)
-gorgeous leaps, great toes
-2 ½ twist, large step

Rocca (UB)
-fall on toe-on to HS
-small form breaks
-fall again on a front giant
-fall on double front
-not a good routine for Mel…she looks very disappointed

Monro (FX) -double twisting front
- 1 ½ to double twist
- double pike
- cute choreography

Williams (UB) -hit front after stalder full
-fall on piked Jaeger
-nice transitions, great form
-caught her high Tkatchev
-almost stuck her double front

Moorehouse (FX)
-wrong music…long wait
-2 ½ punch front, very clean
-double twist
-long pause before last pass…hands down on double

After two rotations, Canada has fallen well behind after a disaster on bars. Australia has a lower level of difficulty on floor, but hit fairly well and should remain solidly in second place. Japan will have moved ahead of the Canadians at this point, with USA sitting out the rotation with a bye.


Mexico, Canada: Vault
Costa Rica, Japan: UB
Philippines, Australia: BB
Chinese Taipei, USA: FX
Mixed Group (CAN, MAS, NZL, HKG): Bye

Alternates compete earlier in the rotation.

Memmel (USA): -using a big band medley -full-in pike (nice) -whip/whip arabian double front! -touch down later in routine 8.625

Russo (AUS): -fall on punch front -7.275

Gering (CAN): Hristakieva (bent knees), large hop 8.60

Garcia (MEX) -handspring tucked front 8.20

Rocca (CAN) -layout Yurchenko - nice, small step 8.40

Costa Rica struggling greatly on UB

Mackie (CAN) -layout Yurchenko full - clean 8.85

Williams (CAN) -fall on piked Luconi - severe lack of rotation

Philippines showing some competent work on BB - punch fronts, RO layout on, etc.

Mana Ezaki (JPN) -Higgins, Healy, Jaeger -Pak (fall) -decent form, a little sluggish -double pike, weak knees

Vise (USA) -double twisting front punch front -triple twist (short) -double pike -great choreography -big applause

Munro (AUS) -aerial walkover -ff back tuck -big break on tour jete with an extra half -beautiful lines, nice leaps -RO double tuck (low) -8.700

Mayu Kuroda (JPN) Higgines, Ono, Jaeger -Pak, clean! Beautiful toes -almost a fall on a sole circle -double front - so tight! But big step forward -8.162

Sinclair (USA) -arabian double front - high! -double front -big step and OOB on triple twist -8.825

Moorehouse (AUS) -aerial walkover -ff layout -small break after a Popa -punch front -missed a leap connections -fluid style -RO double tuck, step forward -nice exercise -8.250

Patterson (FX) -OOB on first pass -arabian double - solid -2 ½ punch layout -double pike -all solid, including first pass, which just went a little too long -9.8 SV

Newton (AUS) -Onodi, ff, ff, beautiful! -aerial walkover to Korbut, perfect, lovely line -RO double twist

Americans and Aussies take command early on, Canada and Japan follow

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