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Dmitri Bilozerchev was born in Moscow, Russia on December 22, 1965. He become the World Champion after only 10 years in the sport, winning the AA title at the 1983 World Championships. While under the guidance of his coach, the great Alexander Alexandrov, Dmitri earned many prestigious titles, but never the Olympic AA title for which he strived.

The AA favorite leading up to the 1984 Olympics, the Soviet boycott kept him from trying for the title. Instead, Bilozerchev would compete in Olomouc at the Alternate Games. He won these games easily, bringing home five gold medals (including the coveted AA title) and one bronze medal. 

With a win at the 1985 Europeans, he looked to be the favorite for the 1985 World Championships. However, on October 13, just 10 days after receiving his driver's license, Dmitri was in a serious car accident in which he broke his leg in over 40 places. Heavy rain was initially blamed, but then medical reports revealed a high level of blood alcohol - Dmitri had been drinking and driving. He narrowly escaped having his leg amputated, instead undergoing three operations. In an interview with World Gymnastics magazine, he spoke of the ordeal as "...heavy punishment, a lesson for life."  

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Despite being told by doctors he may never walk properly again, Dmitri came back to gymnastics in full force. He surprised everyone - coaches, critics, and even himself - when he not only made the 1987 Soviet World Team but again won the AA title. Going into the 1988 Olympics, he was again the favorite. Unfortunately, difficulty during the team competition cost him the AA title, placing him in third. While planning to continue to the 1989 Worlds, and possibly the 1992 Olympics, he was asked to leave the team for not following training policy.

Dmitri proceeded to form a new company called TESS United Team of Olympic Champions. TESS, a Swedish gas company, was willing to sponsor gymnasts from all over the former Soviet Union. In exchange for a salary, the gymnasts would share a portion of their prize earnings with TESS. Unfortunately, the venture was short lived.

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Dmitri came to the USA in the early 90's for a competition and opted to stay, leaving his wife (a former figure skater) and son behind. In 1993, Dmitri showed up at the World Championships in Birmingham, England as Valeri Belenki's coach. (In 1993, Belenki's native country of Azerbaijan was not recognized by the F.I.G., but because of Belenki's accomplishments under the Soviet Union, the F.I.G. made a special allowance for Belenki to compete for himself and not a country).

Dmitri has since competed in the the 1994 and 1995 Reese's professional competitions, along with some other exhibitions. He lives in Oregon with his new wife, Olga Dubrovskaya (a choreographer who, according to IG magazine, often works with Svetlana Boguinskaia). Dmitri currently coaches at Creative Gymnastics in Beaverton, Oregon.

Update (December 24, 2000). Dmitri's pupils at Creative Gymnastics are doing well. A group of students will be traveling with him to Moscow to train at the famous Dinamo Club. Dmitri has high hopes for a few of these students making it to the US Nationals. Dmitri's own children are enjoying the gym too! Son Alexei, age 10, is coached by Dmitri and daughter Alisa, age 3, is starting to play around at the gym.

Update (August 2005). Dmitri is now on the coaching staff at Ohio State!

Bilozerchev was born on December 22, 1965

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