Scott Johnson (USA)

1980 US Championships: 21st AA, 6th FX, 4th R, 6th PB,
1981 Chunichi Cup: 6th AA, 4th FX, 6th V, 4th PB, 3rd HB
1981 World University Games: 26th AA
1982 US Championships: 5th AA, 5th FX, 4th PH, 3rd R, 4th PB, 3rd HB
1982 USA vs USSR: 6th AA
1983 US Championships: 8th AA, 4th FX, 2nd V
1983 USA vs USSR: 5th AA
1984 US Championships: 5th AA, 7th PH, 6th R, 3rd V, 4th PB
1984 US Olympic Trials: 5th T
1984 Olympics: 1st T
1984 USA vs CHN: 11th AA, 2nd T
1985 CHN vs USA: 3rd AA, 2nd FX
1985 US Championships: 6th AA, 2nd R, 1st V, 5th PB,
1985 US World Team Trials: 2nd AA
1985 World Championships: 9th T, 22nd AA
1986 US Olympic Festival: 2nd T, 1st AA, 2nd FX, 2nd PH, 3rd PB, 3rd V, 1st HB
1986 US Championships: 15th AA, 2nd R
1986 USA vs USSR: 6th AA
1986 USA vs CHN: 4th AA, 2nd PH, 1st R, 3rd V, 1st PB
1987 US Championships: 1st AA, 2nd FX, 2nd PH, 1st R, 1st PB
1987 American Cup: 3rd AA
1987 International Mixed Pairs: 1st AA (with Phoebe Mills)
1987 USA vs USSR: 6th AA
1987 US World Team Trials: 1st AA
1987 World Championships: 9th T
1987 Pan Am Games: 1st T, 1st AA, 2nd FX, 1st R, 1st PB, 2nd PH, 2nd V, 2nd HB
1988 USA vs USSR: 5th AA
1988 International Mixed Pairs: 10th AA (with Brandy Johnson)
1988 Mardi Gras Invitational: 1st PH, 1st R
1988 US Olympic Trials: 2nd AA
1988 Olympics: 11th T

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Heading into the 1984 Olympics, everyone assumed that China would take the men’s team gold. Afterall, China won the 1983 World Championship team title and their major rival, the Soviet Union, would not be competing at the 1984 Olympics because of the Soviet boycott. It therefore came as a surprise when the USA men’s team, the “Boys of Summer” as they become called, emerged from nowhere to win the title. The historic win marked the first American gold medal in eight decades of competition and the first team medal of any kind since the early 1930s. Scott Johnson was a member of this team.

While Johnson would likely cite Olympic gold as his career highlight, his year in gymnastics are marked with many accomplishments. Indeed, Johnson was a major player for the US National team throughout most of the 1980s. A three-time National champion, Johnson made history at the 1987 Pan Am Games. Not only did he become the AA champion, but in doing so he broke the Pan Am Games all-around record (scoring 116.25). Even more impressive is the fact that he became the first gymnast in Pan Am Games history to win medals on every event (Johnson won four golds and four silvers).

Johnson competed for the University of Nebraska for a fair share of his elite career. As a Husker, Johnson brought glamour and pride to his school, earning All-American eleven times! Unfortunately, there was little money to be made in gymnastics in the 1980s and Johnson eventually had to withdraw from the University of Nebraska to support his gymnastics career. He found a flexible job as a manager for McDonald’s, and this allowed his to continue competing.

Johnson went on to compete for the US at the 1988 Seoul Olympics, in doing so he became one of a handful of two-time Olympians in American gymnastics. That same year, he was one of ten amateur athletes nominated for the prestigious James E. Sullivan award.

Following the 1988 Olympics, Johnson “retired” to Florida and resumed his job in management for McDonald’s (with their management development program). He married on May 3rd, 1986, and in the early 1990s he and his wife, Lori, had two sons: Nicholas and Nathan.

Like most gymnasts, Johnson did not completely give up gymnastics upon retiring. He traveled around the US giving clinics and exhibitions for schools and clubs, and often gave lectures and motivational speeches about his Olympic experiences. Meanwhile, he was able to fit in some coaching (levels 4-7) with Broadway Gymnastics Club.

In the late 90s, Johnson worked for Anheuser-Busch as a Regional Sales Manager for Busch Entertainment, representing both Sea World (Orlando) and Busche Gardens (Tampa). In 2000, he switched companies, working as a financial representative for Northwestern Mutual Financial Network.

Johnson now owns and operates Scott Johnson Gold Gymnastics, and continues to do motivational talks.

The Johnson family lives in Oviedo, Florida.

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