Lance Ringnald
1988 Olympics:11th T, 35th AA
1989 American Cup: 2nd AA
1989 US Challenge: 1st AA
1989 World Championships: 8th T, 29th AA
1989 Swiss Cup (Mixed Pairs): 1st AA (with K. Zmeskal)
1990 American Cup: 2nd AA (tie), 1st FX
1990 Goodwill Games: 3rd AA, 8th PH, 3rd PB, 1st HB

1990 US National Championships: 1st V, 1st HB (tie)
1990 World Cup: 15th AA
1991 American Cup: 7th AA (prelims), 1st FX, 1st V (tie), 1st HB (tie)
1991 World Championships: 5th T
1993 American Cup: 2nd AA, 1st HB
1993 Int'l Mixed Pairs: 4th T (with Shannon Miller)
1993 World Championships: 50th AA (prelims)

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Lance Ringnald was born in Des Moines, Iowa on June 13, 1970. The son of two college gymnasts, Lance was enrolled in gymnastics from an early age. Like many parents of gymnasts, Lance's parents desperately hoped that gymnastics would provide an outlet for their hyperactive son. Little did they know that gymnastics would lead to much bigger things, namely a spot on the 1988 Olympic team.

Lance's path to the Olympics was not without incident. One of Lance's first "flips" was actually experienced during a serious car accident! Following a fortunate recovery, Lance became more serious about gymnastics and began setting his hopes on the 1988 Olympics. Two years prior to the Games, Lance moved to Albuquerque, New Mexico to train at Gold Cup Gymnastics under Ed Burch. While most successful US male gymnasts chose to compete and train NCAA gymnastics while preparing for Seoul, Lance temporarily put his educational goals on hold, opting to continue his training at his New Mexico club.

Lance went on to become the youngest member of the 1988 Olympic Team. Taking it one day at a time, Lance pressed on in the sport, hoping to make it to the 1992 Games in Barcelona. The years ahead were marred with injuries. For example, at the 1991 World Championships he was forced to pull out after injuring himself during the compulsory round. Then, plagued with injury at the 1992 Olympic trials, Lance earned only a spot as the alternate on the 1992 team.

Lance Ringnald poses with fellow 2001 USAG Hall of Fame Inductees
Lance Ringnald (bottom, right) poses with fellow 2001 USAG Hall of Fame Inductees at the 2001 US National Congress Celebrity Hour.

Although he participated in the 1992 Tour of Olympic Champions, Lance once again pressed on towards the 1996 Olympics. A dismal placement at the 1993 World Championships however, likely contributed to Lance's retirement soon after. Since retiring, Lance has continued in the entertainment aspect of the sport, performing in Norwegian Cruise Line's Sea Legs Circus at Sea. 1996 Olympian Kip Simons is also performing for this cruise line.

Update. Lance competed with members of the 2000 TJ Maxx Post-Olympic tour at the 2000 Reese's Cup, tying with Alexei Nemov for first place in the men's division.

Update (August 2001). Lance was inducted into the USA Gymnastics Hall of Fame at the U.S. National Congress, held in conjunction with the 2001 U.S. National Championships in Philidelphia, PA.

Lance Ringnald was born on June 13, 1970

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