Chris Waller (USA)
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1987 Junior U. S. Nationals: 25th AA
1988 U.S. Nationals: 36th AA
1989 U.S. Nationals: 12th AA
1990 U.S. Nationals: 2nd AA, 3rd PH, 3rd HB
1990 Goodwill Games: 2nd T, 4th AA, 3rd PH, 3rd R, 7th PB
1990 Blume Memorial: 8th AA
1991 American Cup: 3rd AA (prelims)
1991 American Cup Finals: 2nd AA, 1st PH, 1st HB
1991 Mixed Pairs: 1st T (with Kim Zmeskal)
1991 World Stars: 18th AA, 7th PH, 7th HB
1991 U.S. Nationals: 1st AA, 1st PH
1991 World Championships: 20th AA
1992 American Cup Prelims: 1st PH, 1st PB
1992 U.S. Nationals: 4th AA, 2nd FX, 1st PH, 3rd R, 2nd HB
1992 Olympics: 6th T, 35th AA, 5th PH
1992 Chunichi Cup: 7th AA
1993 American Cup Prelims: 4th AA
1993 American Cup Finals: 6th AA
1993 World Championships: 6th PH
1993 U. S. Nationals: 4th AA, 1st PH, 4th R, 5th PB
1993 Chunichi Cup: 17th AA
1995 Pan Am Games: 1st T
1995 U. S. Nationals: 31st AA, 3rd PH, 2nd PB
1995 U. S. World Team Trials: 13th AA
1996 Reese’s International Cup: 3rd AA
1996 Winter Cup: 6th AA
1996 U. S. Nationals: 10th AA, 4th R, 6th HB
1996 U. S. Olympic Trials: 10th AA
1998 World Professional Championships: 3rd AA

Chris Waller was born on September 20, 1968 in Evanston, Illinois. The 1991 U.S. National Champion, Chris Waller spent eight years (1989-97) on the national team. During that time, he represented the U. S. at prestigious competitions throughout the world with strong results. He also competed for UCLA for part of this time.

Waller made an impression in international fields from the beginning, finishing fourth at the 1990 Goodwill Games behind Soviets Vitali Scherbo and Valeri Belenki and teammate Lance Ringnald. His performance helped the U. S. team to a second place finish, and individually, he came away with bronze medals on pommel horse and rings.

A strong all-arounder, some of his best results came on pommel horse, where he was the national champion in 1991, 1992, and 1993. At the 1992 Olympics, he reached the All Around finals, and placed fifth on the pommel horse, missing the gold medal by only .10 of a point. A year later, he finished sixth on pommel horse at the World Championships.

Today, Waller remains actively involved in the sport. He is a crowd favorite at exhibitions, and before burning down, he coached at Broadway Gymnastics and later with Galina Marinova, a 1980 and 1984 Olympian for Bulgarian, at at All Olympians Gymnastics Center in Los Angeles, California. While at All Olympians, Chris coached Mohini Bhardwaj to the 2001 World team.

Chris also runs the country’s fastest growing camp, GymJam, with his wife Cindy and friend Jason Garman. The coaching staff at GymJam is a Who’s Who of American gymnastics. For example, in 2000 the cast included Amanda Borden, Dominique Moceanu, Kim Zmeskal, Blaine Wilson, Kip Simons, and Mihai Bagiu, as well as 1996 Olympic Champion Lilia Podkapayeva.

Waller has also moved into the administrative side of gymnastics, serving as Chairman of USA Gymnastics Athlete’s Council, as well as being on the USAG Men’s Program Committee, USAG Executive Committee, and USAG Board of Directors.

Chris is now the Assistant coach for the UCLA Bruins. He will serve as the director of Woodward's West coast camp, opening summer 2003.

Chrisand Cindy have two daughters, Alexandra and Lilia. He enjoys playing with his daughters, going out with Cindy, learning to play bass and djembae drum, and skiing.

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