Quick News

September-December 2009:
- 2009 Worlds AA bronze medallist Yuri Ryazanov died tragically today in a head on collision driving between Moscow and his hometown of Vladimir.
- Shawn Johnson voted America's most well-liked sports figure
- Nastia Liukin voted FIG women's athlete representation
- A number of former gymnasts are in Copenhagen supporting their respective country's bid for the 2016 Olympics: Nastia Liukin, Nadia Comaneci, Bart Conner, and Diane Simpson (for Chicago, USA), Almudina Cid (for Madrid, Spain), Shinji Morisue and Resa Mishina (for Tokyo, Japan), and Daiane Dos Santos (for Rio de Janeiro, Brazil). 
- Former Romanian European Champs competitor Camelia Mandricel now head coach of women's team in Qatar
- Elena Zamolodchikova traveled to Italy this weekend as a Russian judge for the 2009 Mediterraneo Cup.  
- This year's World Championships team for the Dutch features two ladies who retired several years ago, Myra Kroonen and Fieke Willems! Also back competing on the Netherlands' elite scene is 2001 Worlds team member Gabrielle Wammes, who has a 3-year-old son Dayron.
- Dominique Moceanu is penning (or putting her name to?) a four book series called Elite Gymnastics, aimed at Middle School aged children. Release is scheduled for April 2012. Moceanu also is slated to appear on Dr. Phil Tuesday Sept. 29.
- Kristina Baskett recently modelled for TYR swimwear.
- 2004 Olympian Li Ya (CHN) sues restaurant after soup spill leaves burn scars
June-August, 2009:
- Yang Yun and Yang Wei expecting baby boy in November
- Former USGF National team member and Alabama gymnast Dee Theriault (nee Foster) releases deardeedee.com
- Former Penn State gymnast Katie Cavuto on Food Network TV
- 1996 and 2000 Bulgarian Olympian Dimitar Lountchev coaching at Gymnastics and More in Woburn, MA
- 1996 Olympian Bi Wenjing marries!
- Leah Homma and Doug Macey, both Canadians who competed for UCLA, recently welcomed a son. 
- Ukrainian Olympians Irina Yarotska and Valerie Goncharov are said to have welcomed their first child, a son, immediately prior to last month's Moscow Stars. Goncharov cancelled his intended participation at the competition to spend more time with wife and baby.
- Bulgarian Rhythmic gymnast Simona Peycheva gave birth to a son on June 7, 2009!
- Terin Humphrey (2004 Olympic gold medallist on bars) wants to go into law enforcement and be a detective
- Catching up with Carly Patterson (Inside Gymnastics)
- Shawn Johnson offered part in movie
- Former Utes gymnasts performing in Vegas: Kristina Baskett set to join La Reve and Nicole Ford training for Cirque du Soleil's Ka.
April-May 2009:
- 2-time Olympian Morgan Hamm married May 23. The couple lives in Chicago, where Morgan is interviewing for positions related to the stock market
- Haley DeProspero / Jonathan Horton wedding June 20 (link: Horton's contributions)
- Catching up with Alicia Sacramone
- Scotland's Galashan twins now enjoying success as synchro divers. 
- Nadia Comaneci officially promoting Romanian tourism
- 2-time Olympian Shannon Miller (USA) is pregnant with her first child. The baby is expected around November 5. (Update: It's a boy!)
- A new interview with Simona Amanar, the 2000 Olympic Champion and current VP of the ROM Federation of Gymnastics
- 2008 U.S. Olympian Justin Spring is the new Associate Head Coach at Illinois. The appointment means that Spring, who has served as an assistant coach with the Illini, will retire from competitive gymnastics. (link: Inside Gymnastics)
- Sadly, Chloe Sims (AUS), the 2002 Commonwealth Games champion, will not be joining the Utes this fall. Her Australian courses have not passed the NCAA clearinghouse. 
- Shawn Johnson wins Sullivan Award
- Daniela Silivas said to be expecting her third child. She and her husband already have one boy and one girl.
- Shawn Johnson and Nastia Liukin are finalists for the Sullivan award
- Ukrainian Olympians Irina Yarotska and Valerie Goncharov expecting first child
- Shawn Johnson stalked
February - March 2009:
- Dominique Moceanu and Mike Canales welcome second child, son Vincent (photos)
- Former Olympian and current USA Gymnastics trainer Lucy Wener-Fox visits Alabama gym
- 1996 Olympic AA Champion Lilia Podkopaeva and her husband Timofey Nagorniy are getting divorced. The pair had been together for 7 years, married for four. They have two children, Vadim and Karolina.
- Former Dutch national team member Kimberly Viola now works for Rucanor Europe BV. She studied Economics at university.
- 3-time U.S. Olympian Blaine Wilson and new bride, former rhythmic gymnast Aliane Baquerot, are expecting their first child this summer. Blaine has a daughter (6-year-old Wakaya) from a previous marriage to a U.S. Olympic volleyball player.
- Shannon Miller is spending 10 days this month visiting U.S. troops in Kuwait and Iraq
- Marian Dragulescu (ROM) set to become a coach at Dinamo Bucharest
January 2009:
- Veteran Romanian gymnast Nicuşor Pascu is taking over from Dan Grecu as men's head coach for Romania. Pascu is godfather to Dragulescu's daughter Beatrice.
- Sang Lan (CHN) is hoping to get her driver's license in 2009
- Dmitry Karbanenko (URS/RUS/FRA) inching towards retirement
- My friend Solnishko recently published a translation of an interview with the great Larissa Latynina, who was a guest at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing. The 74-year-old updated readers about her life. Three years ago she had a hip replacement, but is now completely recovered. She swims daily for 40 mins - her home, some 100 km from Moscow, boasts its own pool. For awhile she kept many animals, including cows and pigs, but now she has "only" 8 cats. Her last visit to her hometown of Kherson, Ukraine was to attend the funeral of her first coach. He died at 92. One of her most special memories is that of the 1958 World Championships, where she thought less of winning medals and more about giving birth. At the time, she was four months pregnant! She won gold medals at those Championships. Her daughter went on to perform with the Beryozka song and dance ensemble and met her husband touring in Venezuala. Larissa was initially aghast at her daughter marrying a non-Russian, and went 2 months without speaking to her. In the end, the family all gets along. 
- Romanian article about Nadia Comaneci and Bart Conner, including photos of her son Dylan
December 2008:
- 1996 and 2000 Olympian Liu Xuan (CHN) is set to release her second single
Russian mainstay and 1999 World AA championship Nikolai Kryukov and 1998 Junior European Champion Anna Kovalyova are new parents to a baby boy! (Russian article)
- A recent photo of 1996 Olympian Mirela Tugurlan (ROM), her husband, and baby boy
- Dutch gymnastics world worries about its former star, Verona van de Leur
- Former Soviet gymnast Svetlana Lebedinskaya and husband Derek Trotter recently welcomed Tatiana Gorbunova, member of Russia's 2008 gold medal winning rhythmic gymnastics team, to speak at their gym in England (University of Bedfordshire).
- Irina Chashchina is the new VP of the Russian Rhythmic federation.
- Alexei Nemov and his family will spend the New Year holiday in Japan.
- China's Sun Xiaojiao, who won gold on beam at the 2001 Goodwill Games and bronze at the 2001 World Championships, recently graduated from college. She is now working as an apprentice coach in her home province (Zhejiang), in the same gym in which she began her gymnastics! She is hoping to pursue graduate studies at the Beijing University of Physical Education.
- Libertatea is reporting that 2-time World championships team member Corina Ungureanu is attempting to make a comeback
- Former U.S. National team member Ashley Kelley is now a Red Rocker for the Washing Capitals hockey team. Video
- Mother-daughter combo Nina and Elena Vitrichenko recently appeared on a Catalan National TV show, Karakia, that educates viewers about different cultures and their foods. The Vitrichenko's highlighted Ukrainian food/culture.  Play Video (their segment towards end).
- New allegations against gymnastics coach Bela Karolyi have surfaced: Trudi Kollar spoke to local Sacramento news about her struggles under coach Karolyi. Coach/choreographer Geza Pozsar backs up the claims..
- Chloe Sims, who shocked the gymnastics world by retiring so close to the Beijing Olympics, has signed to compete NCAA with Utah. She may start as soon as January 2009. (Link: IG)
- Alicia Sacramone hoping to host TV makeover show
- Yang Yun and Yang Wei wed in lavish ceremonies, November 6
November 2008:
- Former U.S. National team member Ashley Kelley is now a Red Rocker for the Washing Capitals hockey team. Video
- Mother-daughter combo Nina and Elena Vitrichenko recently appeared on a Catalan National TV show, Karakia, that educates viewers about different cultures and their foods. The Vitrichenko's highlighted Ukrainian food/culture.  Play Video (their segment towards end).
- New allegations against gymnastics coach Bela Karolyi have surfaced: Trudi Kollar spoke to local Sacramento news about her struggles under coach Karolyi. Coach/choreographer Geza Pozsar backs up the claims..
- Chloe Sims, who shocked the gymnastics world by retiring so close to the Beijing Olympics, has signed to compete NCAA with Utah. She may start as soon as January 2009. (Link: IG)
- Alicia Sacramone hoping to host TV makeover show
- Yang Yun and Yang Wei wed in lavish ceremonies, November 6
- Kerri Strug preparing for NYC marathon
October 2008:
- Takehiro Kashima
set to retire
- 1992 Olympian Elena Grudneva is married to fellow former gymnast Yuriy Syutkin. They coach together at Kemerovo Sports School #1 and have two children, Dima - 13 and Polina - 7, who also do gymnastics.
- IG catches up with Romania's Eugenia Popa 
- Former world and Olympic pommel horse champion Marius Urzica is appearing on Romania's version of Dancing with the Stars. (link: IG)
- A-Z  of Gymnastics exhibit by Jo Longhurst
- British Gymnastics TV catches up with Lisa Mason: BGTV
- Some news from Spain: 2004 Olympian Tania Gener is joining one of Cirque du Soleil's productions in Las Vegas. Thais Escolar  is said to have welcomed her first child, a son named Kilian. Four-time Olympian Almudena Cid, who recently hung up her ribbon after the 2008 Beijing Olympics, is hosting a Spanish reality show. She teaches people how to perform circus acts, and one of the contestants is former Spanish artistic national team member Maria del Sol Garcia. 
- Lavinia Milosovici's
four-year-old daughter, Denisa, has apparently lost her battle with life. The little girl, born very prematurely and with Cerebral palsy, underwent treatment [thought to be stem cell related] last year in China. Milosovici was a member of Romania's silver and bronze medal winning Olympic teams in 1992 and 1996.
- 2009 inductees to the IG Hall of Fame include: Viktor Ivanovich CHUKARIN (Ukraine), Vitali Venediktovich SCHERBO (Belarus), Dominique DAWES (USA), Elvira SAADI (Uzbekistan) and coach Octavian BELU (Romania).
September 2008:
- Steliana Nistor
has announced her retirement from the Romanian National gymnastics team. She's been accepted to her hometown's university (Sibiu), where she'll study phys ed.
- 3-time U.S. Olympian Blaine Wilson has married former U.S. rhythmic gymnast Aliane Baquerot (link: Gymnast TV). Aliane was a member of the USA's Aliane is a member of the 1994 World, 1995 Pan American, and 1996 US Olympic Rhythmic Group teams. Wilson was previously married to U.S. volleyballer  Makare Desilets, with whom he shares a daughter, Wakaya.
- Dutch gymnast Loes Linders says she'll continue her career in the NCAA.
- Morgan Hamm plans to attend chiropractic school
- Dominique Moceanu expecting baby #2 
- Australian 2008 Olympian Olivia Vivian will be compete for Oregon State in the 2009 season.
June/July/August 2008:
- 1996 gold medalist Li Donghua (SWI) is in Beijing as an attaché for the Swiss federation (link)
- former U.S. National team member Katie Teft working as an assistant coach at Michigan State University.
- Yang Yun admits to having been 14 in Sydney, too young to compete at those Olympics. (New York Times)
- Dominique Moceanu working a children's book series about gymnastics (link)
- A bad back means Cirque du Soleil is unlikely for Terin Humphrey, member of the USA's 2004 Olympic team. Instead, she's thinking about law school and modeling. (link)
- Bi Wenjing ran a leg of the Olympic torch relay in Shandong Province on July 22. (photo)
- Kim Kelly speaks out about pain of being cut from 1992 U.S. Olympic team
- 1998 Goodwill Games competitor Sierra Sapunar working as a showgirl in Las Vegas
 3-time Olympian Dominique Dawes weighs in on the U.S. Women's selection
- 2000 U.S. Olympian Elise Ray performing with Cirque du Soleil's LOVE at the Mirage in Vegas
- Former U.S. competitor Meaghan Browning now coaching in Pasedena, TX at MGA Gymnastics
- 1992 Olympian Ilia Alexandrov (BUL) now coaching in Oregon  
- 2000 U.S. Olympian Jamie Dantzscher accepts position as assistant coach for Arizona State
- 3-time U.S. Junior National Champion Kristal Uzelac - Verge of a Dream interview
- 1986 U.S. National Champion Jennifer Sey reflects on Parkettes' 40-year reunion. (Her book: Chalked Up)
- Olympic All-around champion Boris Chaklin succumbed to a heat attack on May 30, 2008. Born in Omsk in Siberia (Russia), Chaklin had retired to Kiev. Nicknamed the "Mask of Iron," Chaklin won 14 Olympic medals.
- Alexandra Croak
will be representing AUS in her second Olympics and second sport: 10m platform individual diving. In 2004 she was on Australia's gymnastics team.
April/May 2008:
- 1991 World UB Champion Kim Gwang Suk (PRK) runs with the Olympic torch
- Rumour has it that Alina Kabaeva may be marrying Russian President Vladimir Putin, but Putin denies. (link: IG)
- Natalia Kalinina and Tatiana Lysenko visit the Brazilian National Training Center. Their former coach, Oleg Ostapenko, now coaches in Brazil but plans to return to Ukraine after the Olympics. (Link: photos)
- Emilie LePennec, 2004 Olympic gold medalist on bars, will be providing colour commentary for Canal+ at the upcoming Olympics. Former teammate Isabelle Severino, who tore her achilles at last weekend's European Championships, has already been asked to travel in a similar role for France Télévision.

- Mary Lou Retton and daughter attend Muhammad Ali's Celebrity Fight Night XIV
- 1997 U.S. world team member Jennie Thompson is reportedly expecting her first child in June, a boy.
March 2008:
- Allana Slater shooting for Beijing
- Carly Patterson set to release album
- Dominique Moceanu and baby Carmen featured in latest issue of People
- Diego Lizardi, a two-time Olympian for Puerto Rico, succumbs in car accident (see IG)
January/February 2008:
- Svetlana Khorkina and Alina Kabaeva in the Russian Duma (photos). Bizarre fact: Both girls - AND two others elected to the Duma - have all posed nude in the past (video).
- Shannon Miller is visiting troops in Qatar and Afghanistan. Read Shannon's blog.
- Rumor has it that Mohini Bhardwaj has married. Her new husband, a marine, has been deployed.
- Rhonda Faehn and husband Jeremy Bayon have a baby boy; Noah Emile was born January 8, 2008 at 11:10pm weighing 7lbs, 5 oz. and measuring 20".
- The Seattle Times recently caught up with Yumi Mordre (USA)
December 2007:
- Australia's Hollie Dykes has retired. :(
- Dominique Moceanu
and Mike Canales have a baby girl; Carmen Noel Canales was born Christmas Day.
- Alina Kabaeva runs in Russian duma election
- Kerri Strug to be inducted into National Jewish Sports Hall of Fame
- Nadia Comaneci to appear on Celebrity Apprentice, set to debut January 3, 2008.
- The USA is issuing congressional medals to those athletes named to the ill-fated 1980 U.S. Olympic team. (The U.S. boycotted the 1980 Moscow Olympics). Gymnasts to be honored include Bart Conner, Phil Cahoy, Ron Galimore, Larry Gerard, Jim Hartung, Peter Vidmar, Mike Wilson, Luci Collins, Marcia Frederick, Kathy Johnson, Beth Kline, Amy Koopman, Julianne McNamara and Tracee Talavera.
November 2007:
- Rhonda Faehn (USA) expecting a baby shortly
- Mag 7 appear on NBC Today Show (link: video on youtube)
- Soviet coach Mikhail Klimenko succumbed to cancer on his 65th birthday
- Trudi McIntosh has received her assignment with Cirque du Soleil; She's joining La Nouba at DisneyWorld.
- Former U.S. National team member Kristin McDermott is married to Brian Princiotta, head trader and partner in a hedge fund. The couple are expecting a baby boy in January in 2008, and plan to name him Nicholas James Princiotta. The couple live in Chatham, NJ.
- Cathy Rigby starring in a new play
- 1985 World team member Jennifer Sey has written a book about her experiences in gymnastics.
September/October 2007:
- Two-time Olympian Comila Comin ('00, '04) from Brazil is now working for Cirque du Soleil
- 2004 U.S. Olympian Annia Hatch shows off her fashion designs
- 2005 European all-around medalist, Marine Debauve, has announced her intention to try for Beijing 2008. Meanwhile, fellow former French National Team member Soraya Chaouch has earned a spot on France's tumbling team for the upcoming 2007 World T&T Championships in Quebec City, Canada!
- 2001 Goodwill Games gold medalist, Sabina Cojocar, a budding musician, has her sights set on Eurovision.July/August 2007:
- Former U.S. junior champion Jennie Thompson is scheduled to marry longtime boyfriend Clint Leonard this Saturday. 
- Former Alabama gymnast Andree Pickens is gunning for a spot on the U.S. Olympic track 'n field team
- The Mag 7 have been busy! Amy Chow show recently competed her MD, and is starting her residency in pediatrics.  Amanda Borden has become the first of the Magnificent 7 to become a parent. She and husband Brad Cochran welcomed their first child into the world Sunday (5:45pm). Their daughter is named Kennedy Faith. Dominique Moceanu and husband Mike Canales have announced that she is pregnant (due in January 2008). Finally, Shannon Miller is engaged!
- Meng Fei reportedly married in May
- Yuan Kexia, a member of China's 1994 Worlds team, is now coaching the Singapore national team
June 2007:
- Sang Lan, currently studying at Peking University, is looking forward to experiencing the 2008 Olympics (article: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/19470862/)
- Two-time Olympian Alyona Kvasha (UKR) has emigrated to Australia. There is a rumour that she's training at VIS with an eye to compete for Australia.
- At the recent 2007 RUS - CHN match, silver medal on vault went to Russia's Viktoria Komova. She is the daughter of 1986 Goodwill Games all-around champion Vera Kolesnikova!
- Former British gymnast Craig Heap may see a new gymnastics training center named after him! (link:
- Former Bulgarian rhythmic gymnast Lilia Ignatova has resigned from her post as senior coach of Bulgaria's rhythmic gymnastics team. She cited resistance from two team members, and a risk of not qualifying a full team to Beijing 2008, as her reasons.
- Former Slovenian gymnast Maya Hribar is in the running for Miss Slovenia 2007 (link: http://www.rtvslo.si/miss2007)
May 2007:
- Dutch gymnast Fieke Willems, 24, is said to be attempting a comeback. She retired around 2002. Former teammate Suzanne Harmes, medalist at the 2005 Worlds on FX, gave birth to a son late May. Harmes said she hopes to make the Netherlands' team for the 2007 World Championships.
- 2000 Olympian Trudi McIntosh, who, in late 2006, announced her decision to make a comeback, is said to have rethought her goal. She is now hoping to join Cirque du Soleil.
- Mexican Olympian Brenda Magana married Milton Moya Leon on april 25 in Guadalajara, Mexica, Magana's hometown. With the Mexican National Gymnastics Championships too close to the event, the couple have decided to postpone enjoying a honeymoon. 
- 3-time Russian Olympian Svetlana Khorkina is rumoured to be dating Sergey Lazarov, a Russian pop star currently performing on Russian TV's Circus with the Stars 
- Catching up with 2004 Olympian Natalia Ziganshina (RUS), who is close to finishing her studies at the Lesgaft Sports University, specializing in gymnastics.
January - March 2007:
- Like mother like daughter? Elsa Becks is a promising young gymnast in the Netherlands...and the daughter of 1992 Olympian Elvira Becks.
- 1996 Olympian Lilia Podkopayeva on Ukraine's Dancing with the Stars: training, performance
- Kui Yuanyuan, 2-time OIympian for China (1996, 2000), gave birth to a baby girl on February 27, 2007 at 5:55am. Former teammate Bi Wenjing has suggested the nickname San Wu (three fives) because of the baby's time of birth.
- 2-time U.S. Olympian Shannon Miller is reportedly engaged
- 3-time U.S. Olympian Blaine Wilson and wife Makare are divorcing. He shares his struggles with alcohol and finding renewed strength in gymnastics. 
- Corina Ungureanu is set to travel to England for a 3-month coaching stint, alongside Claudia Presecan. With her cafe, New Haven, off the ground, she's ready to get back into coaching. Boyfriend Ciprian, a student at UPG, designed the cafe.
- It looks like Amanda Borden will be the first of the Magnificent 7 to welcome parenthood; she and her husband are reportedly expecting,
- Svetlana Lebedinskaya (URS), who once worked in Singapore, has been back in the U.K. for some 4 or so years. She has a 2-year-old son, Viktor. 
- 1988 Olympian Camelia Voinea (ROM) is set to open Romania's first private gym in her hometown of Constanta. Expected to be involved in the gym are 2004 Olympians Catalina Ponor, who is making a comeback, and Daniela Sofronie. Camelia and her husband are also expecting their first child (a girl) in May.
December 2006
- Sad news from Moscow: 1978 World Champion Elena Mukhina, who became paralyzed training up to the 1980 Olympics, passed away December 22.
- Oksana Omelianchik's daughter appears in a new movie about Chernobyl
- 2000 Olympian Yang Yun (CHN) working as CCTV commentator
- 2000 Olympian Maria Olaru (ROM) underwent successful spinal surgery last week in Hungary. Doctors inserted a metal rod at her L1, L2 vertebrae. (See Libertatea)
October/November 2006
- Lilia Podkopaeva and husband Timofei Nagorny became parents for the second time this year. In July the couple adopted their son Vadim, and last week (November 11) Podkopaeva gave birth to daughter Karolina. See IG for photo...
- According to the DPRK's head coach, Kim Gwang Suk, 1991 World gold medalist on the uneven bars, is married and coaching gymnastics to young children.
- Dominique Moceanu and Mike Canales marry! See People magazine for story and photo....
- Alla Misnik (URS) passed away in July from a brain aneurysm. Misnik won 3 medals at the 1981 European Championships. She was soon to turn 39.
September 2006
Suzanne Harmes (NED) has withdrawn from the 2006 Worlds, but not for the usual reasons...she's rumoured to be 7 weeks pregnant!
- Two-time Olympic all-around medalist Sofia Muratova (URS) passed away last week in Moscow
- Heidi Moneymaker is enjoying a successful career as stunt woman, most recently appearing on an episode of CSI!
- Svetlana Khorkina now hosts an exercise segment on a Russian morning show!
- Gabrielle Wammes and her boyfriend welcomed their first child on August 30. The baby boy has been named Dayron.
- Former U.S. Olympian Brett McClure Joins Men’s Air Force Gymnastics Coaching Staff 
August 2006
- August 29, 2006: 2004 Olympic Champion Carly Patterson made her debut on FOX's Celebrity Duets, passing the first round of elimination.
- 1985 co-World Champion Oksana Omelianchik is apparently in Spain for a month, helping out the Spanish women's team
- Lilia Podkopayeva and husband are expecting a baby girl! The baby's birth will make them a family of four, with this summer's adoption of an infant boy from a Donetsk orphanage. Read more....
- A number of former gymnast could be spotted in St. Paul, MN at the U.S. Nationals including Kim Zmeskal, Kristie Phillips, Brandy Johnson, Chelle Stack, Tom Schlessinger, Rustam Sharipov, Michelle Dusserre, etc. 
July 2006
1992 Chinese Olympian He Xuemei, now competing for Japan and by the name Wa Setsubai (the Japanese pronunciation of her Chinese name), finished 11th at the recent Japanese Nationals. She's been named to Japan's team for the upcoming Asian Championships, in India.
- Dominique Moceanu (USA), a member of the gold medal winning 1996 Olympic team, will be competing at the upcoming 2006 U.S. Classic!
- 1996 Olympian Elena Piskun is a new mom to baby Lilia, born in June 2006 and named after 1996 Olympic AA champion Lilia Podkopaeva. Podkopaeva and husband made a trip to the USA to see the baby. More: IG
- 1996 Olympic AA Champion Lilia Podkopaeva to adopt a baby! The adoption is expected to be completed in August. The baby, a boy named Vadim, was born in Donetsk, Ukraine. 
- 1992 Olympian Jennifer Wood inducted into the LSU Hall of Fame
June 2006
- 2000 Olympian Claudia Presecan (ROM) remarries. She met husband Ben while coaching in Ireland.
- Photos from Elena Grosheva's wedding
- 2-time Olympian Gina Gogean set to marry
- Former Dutch gymnast Gabrielle Wammes is expecting a baby this September! Gabrielle's younger brother Jeffrey is one of the Netherlands's top male gymnasts, though he's currently recuperating from two broken ankles suffered at the French Int'l.
- Bart Conner and Nadia Comaneci are new parents to son Dylan Paul, born by C-section June 3. 
- 1996 Olympic AA Champion Lilia Podkopaeva to adopt a baby!
- 2000 Olympian Claudia Presecan (ROM) remarries. She met husband Ben while coaching in Ireland.
- Photos from Elena Grosheva's wedding
- 2-time Olympian Gina Gogean set to marry
- Former Dutch gymnast Gabrielle Wammes is expecting a baby this September! Gabrielle's younger brother Jeffrey is one of the Netherlands's top male gymnasts, though he's currently recuperating from two broken ankles suffered at the French Int'l.
- Bart Conner and Nadia Comaneci are new parents to son Dylan Paul, born by C-section June 3. 
May 2006
- 1996 Olympian Amanda Borden marries
- Former Soviet great Yuri Balabanov succumbs to a heart attack. 
- Current pics of 1989 Worlds teammates Elena Sazonenkova and Svetlana Baitova and rhythmic great Marina Lobatch!
March - April 2006
- a photo of Jennie Thompson (USA), from the recent NCAA Championships banquet (courtesy of Erin Long)
Missy Peregrym talks about her role in Stick It!
- Former Dutch star Elvira Becks has suffered a bad fall while training at the Cirque du Soleil, and is set to undergo neck surgery this week. The prognosis is good, but Becks admits that she's more nervous about the upcoming surgery than she she was heading into the Olympics. Becks has one daughter, who lives full-time with Becks's parents. Her daughter has dabbled in gymnastics.
- Jenny Thompson (USA) hired on as Strength and Conditioning coach at the U of Oregon.
February 2006
- Silvia Stroescu (ROM) contemplating going into aerials!
Italian Yuri Chechi kicks off the opening ceremony in Turin, at the 2006 Olympics!
- IG online: Chaschina announces retirement and will focus on fitness endeavors
- IG online: Nadia and Bart expecting a baby boy in July 2006. The same month marks the 30th anniversary of the 1976 Olympics.
January 2006
- UCLA head coach Val Kondos-Field updates fans with news of some former UCLA Bruins! Onnie Willis Rogers is enrolled in the masters program in child and developmental psychology at NYU.  She also works as a literacy instructor for second graders at an  inner-city school in the South Bronx. Kristin Maloney and Yvonne Tousek are coaching for Chris at his new gym, Waller's GymJam Academy, and are both joining Cirque du Soleil this summer. Jeanette Antolin is in Texas helping her sister and brother-in-law with their children and working in the fashion industry. Heidi Moneymaker is one of the top stunt women in Hollywood. Kiralee Hayashi is doing brain imaging research at the UCLA med-center. She is also acting and doing a ton of print ad work. Malia Jones is continuing to pursue her performing career. She was the hit of our SeaWorld day show last summer. Jamie Dantzscher is performing, selling real estate, looking at applying to graduate school in psychology, and has joined her parents' bowling league every Thursday evening. More...
- According to the latest issue of Inside Gymnastics, 2-time Olympian Shannon Miller is relocating to NYC. She's completing her law degree with a focus on entertainment law. Meanwhile, former U.S. team member Chari Knight-Hunter was recently inducted into the Oregon Sports Hall of Fame.
- Three-time Olympian Svetlana Khorkina (RUS) poised to release CD? It appears so! According to a Quebecois newspaper, composer Steve Barakatt will compose a song for Svetlana Khorkina. The pair will make several TV appearances together to promote the song. Barakatt is engaged to Khorkina's 1996 Olympic teammate, Elena Grosheva!
September through December 2005:

Oksana Chusovitina's son Alisher 
playing around at the 2005 DTB Cup

Photo courtesy of Martina Eggeling

- All in the family: Former Dutch gymnast Ingrid Bolleboom's daugther is Jaimie Faas, a youth gymnast in the Netherlands. Ingrid's sister also competed at the Worlds, Europeans, and Olympics!
- Daniela Silivas reportedly gives birth to a girl, Ava
- Henrietta Onodi reportedly expecting her first baby soon!
- Natalia Ilienko is now a brevet judge for Sports Aerobics!
- Silvia Hindorff's son, Sven Hafemeister, is a senior on the wrestling team  at Columbia University. 
- Russian sensation Alexei Nemov wants to be a diplomat!
August 2005:
- 1992 Olympian Vanda Hadarean (ROM) now representing Canada...in fitness!
- 2000 Olympian Alexandra Croak (AUS) is hoping to make another Commonwealth Games team, this time in diving!
- 1996 U.S. Olympian John Macready and wife Lacy welcomed daughter Ella Kate Macready on August 17, 2005. Ella is the couple's first child.
- 1988 Olympian Dmitry Bilozerchev (URS) joins coaching staff at Ohio State
- Kip Simons has been named Head Coach for the men's gymnastics team at the  Air Force Academy (USAFA)
- 2-time Olympian Allana Slater announces retirement. She plans to take her brevet judging exam in January, and pursing broadcasting opportunities in her native Australia.
- 1996 Olympian Amanda Borden is engaged. She and fiancee Brad plan to marry in May, after Brad graduates from Arizona State (with a major in finance). Amanda owns and runs her own gym.
- Soviet great Polina Astakhova died on Aug 5, 2005. Astakhova won 9 Olympic medals, including 5 golds. She was recently honoured at the 2005 Stella Zakharova Cup competition, held in Kiev. Astakhova suffered from bad asthma. The funeral was held August 9, 2005, and was attended by many sporting greats. She would have turned 69 on October 30.  
- Kristin Maloney to be USAG's Athlete Rep. She will serve on the Selection Committee for the 2005 World Championships
- Being inducted into USAG's Hall of Fame this year: Amy Chow, Dominique Dawes, John RoethlisbergerChainey Umphrey, and Jennifer Lovell Moreno (rhythmic)
- Rustam Sharipov
(UKR) hired as an assistant men's gymnastics coach at OU
June/July 2006:
- 1992 and 1996 U.S. Olympian Kerri Strug working in Washington D.C. as a special assistant to the administrator of juvenile justice
- Svetlana Khorkina (RUS) gives birth to baby boy Vadislav on July 21, 2005!
- Kristie Phillips (USA) scheduled to make an appearance with NASCAR driver Carl Edwards  during the Pennsylvania 500, airing this Sunday on TNT
- Doni Thompson (USA) accepts position as assistant coach at San Jose State
- Gymn Network - a great source for 70s and 80s footage!
- A number of former gymnasts will appear in the Disney movie Stick It!, including Yang Yun (CHN) and Australia's Allana Slater, Stephanie Moorhouse, Belinda Archer, Aleea Newton, Melissa Munro and Nadia Fairfax and more. Current greats Nastia Liukin (USA), Isabelle Severino (FRA), and Spain's Lenika de Simone and Tània Gener also have parts in the movie, which co-stars the actress who played Roxanne on the 
great NBC show American Dreams.
- Selma Hayak regrets not making Mexican National team
May 2005:
- 1988 Olympian Daniela Silivas (ROM) is rumored to be expecting a second child. Son Jadon was born April 8, 2004.
- 1991 World AA Champion Kim Zmeskal (USA) gives birth to a son, Robert "Ryder" Burdette
- May 15, 2005: Lisa Mason (GBR) gives birth to baby girl
- 1996 Olympian Dominique Moceanu (USA) announces her intention to return to Elite Gymnastics
- Elena Produnova (RUS) expecting
- 2004 Russian Olympians Yezhova and Grebenkov to marry
April 2005:
- 1988 U.S. Olympian Diane Simpson shares her struggles with eating disorders
- Soni Meduna set graduate from OSU this term, with a degree in exercise sports science and option in administration
- Tatiana Frolova (URS) gives birth to a baby girl (Liza), April 13, 2005!
- Lisa Skinner (AUS) set to train for Cirque du Soleil in May!
- Betty Okino (USA) to play part in new Charlize Theron movie, Aeon Flux
- Alexandra Marinescu (ROM) tries her hand as a DJ!
March 2005:
- Monique Allen (AUS) gives birth to baby girl
- Former rhythmic gymnast Eugenia Yuan: On 'Memoirs of a Geisha' and Other Movies
- FIG extends support to Vera Cerna
- Khorkina (RUS) confirms pregnancy.
- Some Russian news, courtesy of Solnishko: 1992 Olympian Elena Grudneva (URS) is living in her home town of Kemerovo, where she works as the manager of a tour company. She's married, and now goes by the name Elena Aleksandrovna Syutkina. 1996 Olympian Dina Kochetkova (RUS) is now a personal trainer at Fitness-Centre "Headlight" in Moscow. 1996 Olympian Svetlana Bakhtina (RUS) is living in her home town of Voronezh, where she's enjoying some coaching success. One of her division 3 girls, Yulia Inshina, is touted as a future star!
- 1996 Olympian Nikolett Krausz (HUN) has returned to training, and hopes to compete at this year's European Championships. Krausz is the mother of a 2-year-old boy.
February 2005:
- U.S. Gymnasts Doni Thompson and J.D. Reive engaged!
- 2000 Olympian Anastasia Kolesnikova (RUS) in final year of law studies
- Insurance company Ardaf, major sponsor of the Romanian Gymnastics Federation, has offered to pay for surgery and associated travel expenses for former gymnast Ioana Petrovischi. Petrovischi is currently suing coaches Octavian Belu and Mariana Bitang for mistreatment, also alleging that the pair demanded a portion of competition earnings in return for competition assignments. Belu and Bitang (again) recently resigned from their positions citing lack of support from the RGF, but were wooed back. 
- 1992 Olympic All-Around Champion Vitaly Scherbo sets his sights on position with Belarus federation
- Stephanie Moorhouse (AUS) retires
January 2005:
- Khorkina pregnant? "It's not my fault if all my "extra" gathers around my stomach!" she denies. "Everyone puts on weight after leaving sport. That's because your body has to regain it's hormonal balance." Khorkina is currently taking singing lessons ("[my voice] is not exactly as pretty as a fountain") and has plans to record music.
- Monique Nuijten (NED) is in her final year of studies to become a beautician. She's also taking dancing classes, and coaching group of young gymnasts, aged 6 to 9 years, in Middelburg.
December 2004:
- U.S. Olympians Jaycee Phelps and Brett McClure to wed in February 2005!
- Amanda Borden, Life After Gold Still Golden
- 1988 Olympian Hope Spivey (USA) expecting a baby girl March 2005
- 1996 Olympic AA Champion Lilia Podkopaeva marries 
November 2004:
- Russian magazine follows up with Svetlana Zasypkina, actress from movie "Kulkova" ("Dolly")
- Czech Olympian (2000, 2004) Jana Kormskova officially retires
- Maria Filatova seeks Russian citizenship
- Cathy Rigby (USA) says goodbye to Peter Pan
- Gabrielle Wammes (NED) now coaching in Utrecht, the Netherlands
- Former French standout Cecile Canqueteau leaves France for coaching position at Bart Conner Academy
- Former WOGA gymnast Brittany Talbert wins Classic Girl Award
October 2004:
- Gaëlle Richard, who just missed making France's 2004 Olympic team, retires and takes up diving
- 2002 Commonwealth Games AA Champion Kanukai Jackson (GBR) retires, joins Cirque du Soleil
- 1993 World University Games gold medallist on floor, Bénédicte Evrard (BEL) now coaching in Paris
- 1992 Olympic gold medallist on high bar, Trent Dimas (USA) is now living in Albuquerque with his wife Lisa and daughter Capote. Trent attends law school.
- Frank Endo featured in project in Southern California recording the histories of Japanese Americans in the United States during World War II
- Lisa Skinner (AUS) joins Cirque du Soleil
- 1996 Olympian Alexandra Gordeeva (UZB) gave birth to baby boy Emil October 29, 2004!
September 2004:
 - Pfizer Launches Campaign With Olympic Gymnast Mary Lou Retton to Raise Awareness of Overactive Bladder
- Update on Claudia Presecan (ROM), now coaching in England.
- Update on Atherton twins (GBR), now with Verakai
- Nina Kim and Kristina Baskett sign with Utah
- Oksana Fabrichnova (URS/RUS) marries, and prepares to move to Germany
- Two-time Olympian Sara Moro (ESP) retires
August 2004:
- Galina Shamrai recalls Russia's first Olympics
- IG online: Former rhythmic gymnast Antonia Markova (BUL) turned choreographer
- Kristy Powell (USA): From Mat to Acrobat (Orlando Sentinel, registration required)
- Where are they Now? Photos of Bulgaria's Golden Girls, courtesy of  Tom Theobald: Iliana Raeva, Adriana Dunavska, Maria Guigova, Lilia Ignatova, and Maria Petrova
July 2004:
- Olympic alter lit by Morfoula Dona, a former member of the Greek group Gymnastics squad. Dona is currently studying architecture and coaching gym.
- Andrianov: How a Russian won a record 15 medals
- 2001 Goodwill Games All-Around Champion Sabina Cojocar (ROM) accepted at the University of Sibiu
- IG online interview with Dmitry Bilozerchev (URS)
- Lisa Skinner (AUS) set to join Cirque du Soleil after the 2004 Athens Olympics
- The ultra-flexible Jackie Bender (CAN) is now studying for her M.Sc. in Health and Behavioural Sciences.
- Update: Photos of Stacey Gunthorpe's baby!
- Former Parkette Nancy Lemenager stars in Broadway's Movin' Out
- Romanian toy manufacturer set to make Olaru doll
- Former Ukrainian acrobatic star Tseryshenko set to take Cooroy club to new heights
June 2004:
- Returning to the gym scene: A number of retired Dutch gymnasts were on hand at today's Dutch Open, including Elvira Becks and her daughter, Fieke Willems, Caroline Verbeek, and Marleen Deuning.
- A group of doping victims from the former GDR met for a talk with German bundes President Rau last March. Present among the group was former gymnast Dagmar Kersten.
- 1998 Junior European Champion Anna Kovalyova (RUS) competed at the recent 
World Sports Aerobics Championships, held in Sofia, Bulgaria. Team Russia-2 placed 6th.
- Yuri Chechi (ITA) has been designated Italy's flag bearer at the upcoming 2004 Olympic Games
- Nelly Ramassamy (FRA) announces her retirement, following an Achilles injury.
- Shannon Miller (USA) set to carry the Olympic torch as it passes through Missouri, the state in which she was born.
- Andreea Raducan (ROM) set to provide commentary for Romanian TV during Athens.
- Shakhlin, Podkopayeva, Zakharova, Serebrianskaya, and Turishcheva will be among the 100+ torch bearers, as 
the Olympic torch passes through Kiev, Ukraine. The torch is scheduled to arrive in Kiev on July 5, arriving from Moscow.
- Former IG cover girl Amy Appler coaching at Berk's Gymnastics.
- Kelly Pitzen, part of the "Karolyi six-pack" (along with Zmeskal, Scherr, Grivich, Uhrek, and Stokes) is coaching
alongside Brandy Johnson at Johnson's gym in Clermont, FL.
- It runs in the family: Nancy Schmidt, daughter of former East German gymnast Franka Voigt
recently competed at the junior sports acrobatics championships in Poland!
May 2004:
- China's Sang Lan, who suffered paralysis after an awkward landing on vault at the 1998 Goodwill Games, will carry the Olympic torch as it passes through Beijing, June 8-9. Joining her will be current gymnast Teng Haibin. (Source: Inside Gymnastics)
- 1992 Olympian Kylie Shadbolt (AUS) named “National Levels Coach of the Year”at the recent 2004 AUS Nationals.
- 1968 and 1972 Olympian Mikhail Voronin (URS) succumbs to cancer.
- Rumour has it that Annie Fogerty (former gymnast turned diver) is back in the gym again, this time training at Lehigh Valley with an NCAA scholarship in mind
- 1992 and 1996 Olympian Kerri Strug (USA) started a new job last. She's working for the General Counsel at the Department of Treasury in Washington D.C.
- Three time Olympian Dominique Dawes (USA) is the new President of the USA's Women's Sports Foundation. The foundation recently launched its GoGirlGo campaign, aimed at promoting physical activity for girls aged 8 to 18 years.
- After an upper leg injury, Jacqui Dunn (AUS) struggled to get back into shape. No sooner did she re-fracture an old injury. Dunn has decided to retire.
- A host of retired gymnasts from St. Petersburg come out to judge at the 2004 Dityatin Cup, including Yekaterina Schuster, Galina Rumyantseva, Ksenia Blednova, and Lyudmilla Bobonets. Shuster hopes to find a career in professional dance and theatre. (Source: OEG)
- Maria Olaru (ROM) announces she will likely leave Romania after her studies, for a fitness job in the USA
- Prosport: Claudia Presecan (ROM) accepts coaching position in England
April 2004
- 1996 and 2000 Olympian Yvonne Tousek (CAN) set to graduate from UCLA this term. After graduation, Tousek plans to assist Val Kondos-Field at Sea World this summer as an assistant choreographer. She will also be an understudy.
- Reunion in Amsterdam! A number of famous gymnasts from the 1970s and 1980s appeared at the 2004 European Championships as coach or judge. They included Oksana Omelianchik (URS), Diana Dudeva (BUL), Lubov Burda (URS), Vera Kolesnikova (URS), Anca Grigoras (ROM), Nadia Comaneci (ROM), and Eva Rueda (ESP).
Inside Cheerleading: Former WOGA gymnasts win World Cheerleading Championships
- April 8, 2004: Daniella Silivas (ROM) gives birth to baby boy, Jaden
- 2002 World Champion on rings Sylvester Csollany (HUN) switches to curling! A recent episode of the UK's Transworld Sport showed Csollany practicing curling at a local bowling alley (a "make do," since there are no curling rinks nearby). Maybe Csollany will one day compete at a Winter Olympics!?
- Vera Cerna (TCH), the 1979 World gold medallist on balance beam, underwent brain surgery in 2003 to remove a tumor. The surgery left her partially paralyzed, and although she has regained some abilities through rehabilitation therapy, she no vision in her right eye and her left arm remains paralyzed. Cerna, a mother of three, lives in Brno. (Source: Radio Praha)
- 1992 Olympian Wendy Bruce (USA) places second at Fitness America competition.
- Morgan White (USA) debates joining ANTIGRAVITY
March 2004
- Lavinia Milosovici (ROM) gives birth to a baby girl.
- Nadia Comaneci received Olympic Order...again.
- Amy Chow (USA) competes in first pole vaulting competition!
- Dutch gymnast Gabrielle Wammes, who earlier chose to focus on training just vault (in addition to track 'n field) in pursuit of a berth on her country's team for Euros (see Sept/Oct 2003 news), today announced her retirement.
- Amanda Borden (USA) opens her own gym (in Arizona)! Grand opening scheduled for May 22, 2004.
-Former Japanese gymnast Kazuki Nakamori passes away
- Dominique Moceanu (USA) was slated to play the starring role in an independant film called, "As Fast As She Can." The film, which will be released at independant film festivals, will soon begin shooting in the Cleveland/Akron area of Ohio. Moceanu recently backed out of the film.
February 2004
-Leah Homma (CAN) now coaching at Sport Seneca, in Toronto!
-Fieke Willems (NED) announced retirement
- Lisa Mason (GBR) rumoured to be training for Athens 2004
-2001 Goodwill Games AA champion Sabina Cojocar (ROM) returns to Deva
- Andreea Raducan (ROM) doll won't be marketed
- Florenta Oancea (ROM), who shared the cover of the 1999 February issue of IG with Florea Leonida, announces support for Petrovischi's claims. Oancea was forced to retire at the end of 2001, due to hip pain later diagnosed as necrosis of the femur head.
- Rebecca Owen (GBR) has retired,  after spending much of the past year in rehab since damaging a disc in her back while performing a floor exercise in training.
January 2004
- Latest issue of Inside Gymnastics features an interview with Ling Jie (CHN), and update on past stars. Bai Chunyue now studying sports journalism in Beijing, and Bi Wenjing and Ji Liya are studying law in Shanghai. More in the January/February issue!
- Rustam Sharipov (UKR) and (second) wife Amber welcome daughter Ksenia, born Dec. 16 in Houston. Sharipov coaches at the Houston Gymnastics Academy.
- Latest issue of IG features photos of some former gymnasts performing for AntiGravity, including Kristie Phillips (USA) and Tatiana Brikulskaya (UKR)
- 1996 Olympian Isabelle Severino (FRA) is training again, reportedly with 10.0 start values on bars, beam, and floor!
- Ioana Petrovschi (ROM), with one of her vertebrae suffering from a 7mm fracture, blasts Deva.
- Andreea Raducan doll in jeopardy
- 1996 Olympian Isabelle Severino (FRA) is training again, reportedly with 10.0 start values on bars, beam, and floor!
- 1992 Olympic Champion Tatiana Gutsu (URS/UKR)resumes training, with an eye for a berth on the USA's 2004 Olympic team!

A special look at former Spanish Gymnasts, thanks to Soledad!

-1996 Olympian Elisabeth Valle (ESP) coaches the CN Granollers team in Spain.
-1996 Olympian Monica Martin (ESP) coaches at GC Covadonga (Spain).
- 1996 Olympian Veronica Castro (ESP) is study geology.
-1984 and 1988 Olympian Laura Muñoz (ESP) is a colour commentator 
for gymnastics programming in Spain.
- 1978 world team member Almudena SanJose (ESP) has been a coach for the National team for several years.
- 1972 Olympian Pepita Sanchez (ESP) coaches gymnasts in Sant Andreu de Montalt (Barcelona).
-1976 Olympian Mercedes Vernetta (ESP) is a teacher at Centre for Sport and Exercise Sciences 
at Granada University. She has written several books about sport. 
- 2001 World team member Anna Parera (ESP) retired from WAG in January 2002, 
and recently won Spain's national tumbling championships.
- 1979 and 1981 world team member Montserrat Rebatto (ESP) is married with two children, 
living in London.
- 1989 world team member Isabel Izquierdo (ESP) coaches at the GC Covadonga club (Spain).
- 1984 Olympian Ana Manso Gallego (ESP) eventually picked up sports aerobics, 
winning Spain's national championships in 1996.
- 1980 Olympian Aurora Morata (ESP) now coaches at CN Granollers (Spain).
- 1979 and 1981 world team member Angeles Garcia (ESP) is now the women's technical secretary 
for the Spanish Gymnastics Federation.

- Former Parkette Annie Forgerty switches to diving
- Daniela Silivas (ROM) an expectant mother!
-IG online interview: Zuzana Sekerova (SLO)
- Marianna Webster (USA) working as a personal trainer
- Sabina Cojocar (ROM) officially announces retirement
- Corina Ungureanu (ROM) decides to marry
- Yuri Chechi (ITA) resumes training
- Former NCAA gymnasts Theresa Kulikowski, Kristin Sterner, and Onnie Willis Rogers recognized at NCAA Honors Banquet 
- Andreea Ulmeanu (ROM) coaching in Timisoara, and hoping to start university

December 2003
- 1991 World AA Champion Kim Zmeskal (USA) awarded FIG Brevet status
- Doni Thompson (USA) now coaching at West Valley Gymnastics, former club of Amy Chow. Thompson is coaching team, levels 5 & 6
- Elegant Ksenia Kekkonen (RUS) took time out from coaching at her home club in Novgorod to compete at the Cup of Buratino, winning the upper age group!
- OEG reports that both Ekaterina Lobaznyuk and Natalia Uchevatkina are students at Moscow's Academy of Physical Culture. Lobaznyuk is a third year student, Uchevatkina a freshman.
- Natalia Laschenova (URS) leaves NY's Southern Tier and heads to Georgia. Daughter (and gymnast) Alexandra makes TOPS!
- Mihaela Stanulet (ROM) currently coaching at coach at CSS Sibiu
- Rumour has it that Snejana Hristakieva (BUL) died a few years ago.

November 2003
- Former Soviet Oksana Aibinder, hailing from Uzbekistan, now coaching in Toronto at the Winstonnettes! Oskana best placements: 6th AA 1989 USSR Championships, 1st UB at the 1990 Cuba Moncado Cup, 12th AA 1991 World University Games.
- Henrietta Onodi (HUN) reportedly now coaching in Minnesota, at Olympic Gymnastics Academy in Plymouth.
- Amanda Borden (USA) due to graduate with education degree from Arizona State, and is opening a gymnastics school in Arizona in January.
- Help Nadia Comaneci in her efforts to assist Romanian Orphans by donating to the construction of a children's clinic in Bucharest. 
- 2002 Commonwealth Games competitor Nicola Willis (GBR) signs with Florida
-Catching up with Kathleen Shrieves (USA)
- Andreea Raducan doll set to hit Romanian market December 1. Present at the release will be Romanian Prime Minister Adrian Nastase and Nadia Comaneci.
- Maya Hribar (SLO) officially retires at 2003 Siska International, with last year's edition being her last meet. After finishing 15th at the 2002 European Championships Hribar struggled 
with a growth stand. Also newly retired is club mate Vesna Stavrev.
- Prosports says Andreea Raducan (ROM) contemplates retirement: "...it's my duty to try. It’s something that also ties in to my image. If I feel I can’t do it, I won’t continue." But in interview with rival newspaper, Gazeta Sporturilor Raducan suggests no such intent.

September/October 2003
- Lisa Zeis, NCAA powerhouse from the mid-80s, inducted into Buffalo Sports Hall of Fame
- 2001 Worlds team member Kylie Tanner (AUS) set to compete for Australia
- Olesia Dudnik (URS) coaching in Cairo, Egypt!
- Russia's Natalia Uchevatkina retired from gymnastics, now a Freshman in Moscow
- Lilia Podkopayeva (UKR) hopes to turn her "Golden Lily" competition into a World Cup event
-1979 World Championships competitor Melita Ruhn returns to Deva
- 1999 World Champion Maria Olaru (ROM) contemplates offers to coach in USA and France
- 1996 and 2000 Olympian Lavinia Milosovici (ROM) 4 months pregnant!
- Another Dutch retires, this time Renske Endel!
- Roderick MacKinnon, this year's Nobel Prize winner in Chemistry, thanks his former gymnastics coach for "teaching him that he could accomplish beautiful things through hard work and discipline."
- Recent Dutch retirements include Rikst Valentijn (2001 Worlds) and Monique Nuijten.
- Gabrielle Wammes (NED) says she'll keep training vault in an attempt to secure a berth to next year's 2004 European Championships but otherwise will focus on a track and field career. 
- Recent pics of Silivas, Presecan, Gogean, and Raducan at Raducan's retirement party
- Atherton twins (GBR) win Emmy Award
- Roderick MacKinnon, this year's Nobel Prize winner in Chemistry, thanks his former gymnastics coach for "teaching him that he could accomplish beautiful things through hard work and discipline."
- Recent pics of Silivas, Presecan, Gogean, and Raducan at Raducan's retirement party
- Atherton twins (GBR) win Emmy Award

August 2003
- 1996 and 2000 Olympian Olga Teslenko (UKR) gives birth to a baby boy, Aleksei! Dad is UKR team member Roman Zozulia, who recently competed in Anaheim.
- 2000 Olympian Sharna Murry (GBR) has baby girl!
- 1996 Olympian Ionela Loaies (ROM) coaching in Iceland
- Turischeva receives IOC award
- IG online: Turischeva eager to again help Ukrainians
- Eberle (ROM): Forbidden Smiles
- Former Russian Rhythmic gymnast arrested in Spain
- 2002 Junior European standout Lilia Lushka (BLR) not out, says teammates at Worlds. She's nursing a back injury.
- An interesting read about Ukrainian training and preparation....
- Natalia Studynikina (URS)
, who competed at such meets as the 1983 Cottbus and 1984 Druzhba, is hoping to come to Canada to coach.
- A new book by Nadia Comaneci is due out December 2003. The problem? The original cover photo is mistakenly of Teodora Ungureanu, not Nadia!


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