Pam Bileck

1983 World Championships: 7th T, 53rd AA (prelims)
1984 U.S. Nationals: 1st BB (tie)
1984 U.S. Olympic Team Trials: 4th AA
1984 Olympics: 2nd T, 17th AA (prelims),
1985 World Championships: 6th T, 49th AA (prelims)

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Known as "Pammy Bileck" during her gymnastics career, Pam began gymnastics in her native California (interestingly, at Amy Chow's long time gym). She went on to make the USA's 1984 Olympic team, but an injury after trials raised doubts about her competitive status. A fractured bone in her foot restricted Pam to tumbling and vaulting only once a week leading up to the competition. Despite the reduced training, she was able to compete - and compete quite successfully - at the Olympics.

Overshadowed by her Olympic teammates (Mary Lou Retton, Julianne McNamara, etc.), Pam sacrified a lot for the team's silver medal. As the 1984 National co-champion on beam that year (with Tracee Talavera), Pam very well could have medalled on beam at the Olympics. However, she was called upon to start the team on beam, which mean that she had little chance of qualifying to the event finals.

After retiring from elite gymnastics, Pam attended UCLA, majoring in Communications and Business. After graduating she worked for her parents' company in San Jose, but now works for Disneyland. Concurrently, Pam continues to contribute to the world of gymnastics through coaching, judging, and executive responsibilities.

L to R: Pam Bileck, Mary Lee Tracy, Alyssa Beckerman, Vanessa Atler and Steve Rybacki. Photo used with the expressed permission of Rick Perozzi, Web master of the official Vanessa Atler Web site.

Formerly a coach at the California Sports Center, she is now affiliated with SCATS. In addition to her regular coaching responsibilities, she often assists at TOPS training camps (e.g., 1996 National TOPS Training Camp) alongside other Olympians (Vladimir Artemov, Artur Akopian, Kim Zmeskal, Michelle Dussere). As reported on Gymn-l , long a brevet judge, Pam judged at the 1998 Copa Gimnastica meet in Mexico City, Mexico. In addition, she served as the USAG Region One Technical Chairperson for awhile (having now been replaced by Sue Graff).

Pam is now married, and goes by the name Pam Bileck-Flat. In 2001, she and her husband had a son.

Bileck was born on December 1st, 1968. 

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