Heather Brink

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1992 U.S. Junior National Championships: 16th AA
1993 US Junior National Championships
1993 American Classic: 7th AA
1993 U.S. Olympic Festival: 22nd AA, 3rd V
1994 U.S. Classic: 19th AA
1994 U.S. National Championships: 37th AA (injured)
1995 American Classic: 13th AA (tie), 4th FX
1995 U.S. Olympic Festival: 2nd AA, 1st V, 3rd UB (tie), 6th BB, 5th FX
1995 U.S. National Championships: 10th AA, 2nd V, 5th FX
1999 World University Games: 5th T, 24th AA, 7th V

Results courtesy of USA Gymnastics and Gymn Forum

Heather Brink spent her elite years training with Steve Nunno and Peggy Liddick at Dynamo Gymnastics (notable teammates included Shannon Miller, Marianna Webster, Soni Meduna and Jennie Thompson). A two-time national team member, her 1995 elite season was perhaps her most successful, with a top 10 finish at U.S. Nationals and a 2nd place finish at the U.S. Olympic Festival. These accomplishments were countered with successful academic accomplishments as well: Heather graduated from Sante Fe High School in Oklahoma ahead of schedule (one semester early)!

A top college prospect, Heather experienced the transition to collegiate gymnastics with ease. As a University of Nebraska Cornhusker, Heather has set school records and earned numerous collegiate honors (she is a six-time All-American). Known for her power, Heather still competes a double layout on floor and a Yurchenko lay out one-and-a-half on vault. She was selected to represent at the 1999 World University Games in Spain, where she qualified to the AA. Unfortunately, after her first two events in the AA, Heather suffered a foot injury and was forced to withdraw. Luckily, the injury was not serious and Heather was able to compete on her best event, the vault, in the finals.

Heather finished out her NCAA with spark, placing first in the AA, first on vault, and second on bars at 2000 NCAA Championships. She currently works full time at Arizona Sunrays Gymnastics coaching optional levels.

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