Wendy Bruce (USA)

Photo by Matthew Barber
1988 US Nationals: 21st AA
1988 Belgian Gym Masters: 2nd AA, 1st V, 1st UB, 2nd BB, 1st FX
1989 US Classic: 6th AA
1989 US Nationals: 5th AA, 4th BB
1989 US Challenge: 2nd AA
1989 Int'l Mixed Pairs (with CHN's Li Jing): 1st T
1989 World Team Trials: 1st AA
1989 US World Championship Team Trials: 2nd AA
1989 World Championships: 11th AA
1989 USA vs. USSR: 2nd T
1990 USA vs. East Germany: 1st AA, 1st T
1990 US Challenge: 3rd AA (after final round)
1991 US Classic: 32nd AA
1991 US Nationals: 5th AA, 6th V, 6th UB, 5th BB
1992 International Mixed Pairs: 4th AA
1992 Buckeye: 2nd AA
1992 USA vs. Japan: 1st T, 1st UB, 1st V
1992 US Classic: 1st AA
1992 US Nationals: 9th AA, 4th V, 3rd UB
1992 US Olympic Trials: 6th AA
1992 Olympic Games: 3rd T
1994 US Nationals: 18th AA, 4th V
1995 Reese's: 4th UB, 4th BB

The majority of these results were compiled from information found at Gymn Forum.

Wendy Bruce began her competitive gymnastics career in her Fort Lauderdale, FL hometown. With the success of Kevin and Rita Brown's gym in Altamonte Springs, FL in the mid to late 1980's, Wendy moved to live and train with the Brown's in their Orlando area gym. Wendy stepped into the forefront of American gymnastics in 1989 with a 5th place finish in the US Nationals, a significant improvement from her 21st place finish in 1988. In 1989 Wendy's mother moved to Orlando to assist Wendy with her gymnastics career. Wendy's 1989 success continued with a first place finish at the World Team Trials and an 11th place finish in the World Championships AA.

Wendy continued to perform well in the years before the 1992 Olympics, competing as a veteran against the likes of the next generation of gymnasts such as Kim Zmeskal and Shannon Miller. In 1992, Wendy earned a spot on the Olympic team by finishing 6th at the trials, and being selected by the coaches at a second closed-door trial to determine the members of the traveling team to Barcelona. She performed consistently, and played a major role in the American's bronze medal.

After the Olympics, Wendy performed in post Olympic exhibitions. She openly discussed her concern regarding the NCAA rule that kept her ineligible from earning a gymnastics scholarship after accepting money to help her training during her competitive career (incidentally, Wendy's parents took out a second mortgage on their home to finance her training expenses). After some time off, Wendy attempted a comeback. Although she placed 18th in the AA and 4th on vault at the 1994 U.S.A. National Championships, Wendy later abandoned her attempt to make the 1996 U.S.A. Olympic

Wendy Bruce and Lance Ringnald assisting at the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta, Georgia. Photo used with the expressed permission of Joy Anne Bauer.

Wendy did not quit gymnastics altogether however, as she continued to perform in exhibitions (i.e., 1996 Mall Tour and Sea World gymnastics shows) and professional competitions (i.e., 1995 and 1996 Reese's Championships). Wendy also helped out with the gymnastics events at the 1996 Olympics Games (see photo, right).

Wendy now coaches gymnastics, with the goal of opening her own gym. In her spare time, she trains and competes in fitness competitions. She recently finished second in the Fitness America competition (March 29, 2004), thus qualifying to the Fitness America National competitions (June and November, 2004).

Wendy is married to Dennis Martin, and has two daughters, Cameron (b. 1997) and Samantha (b. 2001). The family lives in Apopka, Florida. Photos of Wendy and her daughters can be found on Wendy's official web site, www.WendyBruce.com.

Bruce was born on March 23rd, 1973.

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