Aurelia Dobre (ROM)

When I was a child, I wanted to be like Nadia. I want other girls to want to be like Aurelia. -- Dobre in TIME magazine.

Photo by Matthew Barber

1984 Moscow News: 4th AA
1985 Avignon (City of Popes Cup): 2nd AA, 1st UB, 3rd FX
1986 FRA vs. ROM: 1st T, 1st AA
1986 Junior European Championships: 3rd AA, 1st V, 1st UB, 2nd BB
1987 World Championships: 1st T, 1st AA, 3rd V, 4th UB, 1st BB, 3rd FX
1987 Grand Prix of Rome: 1st AA
1987 Chunichi Cup: 4th AA
1988 Chunichi Cup: 6th AA
1988 Tokyo Cup: 2nd V, 2nd BB
1988 Olympics: 2nd T, 7th UB
1988 DTB: 6th AA
1989 Grand Prix de Rome: 3rd AA
1989 World Championships: 2nd T
1991 World Professional Championships: 7th FX

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The Romanian women's gymnastics team surprised the world, but most especially the Soviets, when they won the team gold medal at the 1987 World Championships in Rotterdam. The Romanian team set a record on FX where Dobre and teammates Silivas and Voinea all scored tens. Hot on the heels of victory, Dobre advanced to the AA where she performed beautifully to take home the gold. Many gymnastics fans continue to cite her optional FX routine as one of their all-time favourites!

As the World AA champion in a pre-Olympic year, Dobre seemed poised to contend for the elusive Olympic AA title...that is, until disaster struck and she required knee surgery. Dobre was never able to regain her championship form following surgery, and although she made the Olympic team, she was a shadow of her former self. Following a disappointing Olympics -- in which the Soviets regained their gold team title gold -- Dobre and many of her teammates pushed ahead to the 1989 World Championships in Stuttgart.

In 1989, the world witnessed Romania’s bloody revolution which culminated in the murder of Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceaucescu on Christmas day. Many Romanians gave their lives to the Revolution. Interestingly, the lives of the Comaneci family were saved by this Revolution. Following Nadia Comaneci’s defection from Romania two weeks earlier, Ceaucescu retaliated and personally ordered her family’s death.

In the midst of the confusion and ensuing financial woes of the Revolution, Deva was temporarily closed and Dobre, whether by decision or by circumstance, only age 17! Here's some interesting trivia: if you looks at the leotards that the Romanian gymnasts wore following the Revolution (i.e., 1991 USA vs Romania), you will note that a 'V' appears on the (left?) shoulder of their leotards. The V stands for 'Victory' in memory of the Revolution. Dobre finished another year of high school and performed some exhibitions.

In 1991, Dobre and teammate Silivas competed in the World Professional Championships held in the USA.  Soon after the 1991 World Professional Championships, Dobre met Fit 'n Fun gym owner Boz Mofid. On November 7th, 1992 Dobre and Mofid were married. Attending the wedding were former Romanian gymnasts Lavinia Agache and Daniela Silivas.

Dobre now helps out at the gym, choreographing and teaching dance. She and Mofid have four sons: Cyrus, Darius, and twins Marcus and Lucas.

Dobre was born on November 6th, 1972.

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