Rodica Dunca (ROM)

Photo by Tom Theobald.
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1978 ITA vs. ROM Dual Meet: 1st T, 5th AA
1979 Int' Japan Junior Championships: 2nd AA
1979 GBR vs. ROM: 1st T, 5th AA
1979 Romanian International: 9th AA
1979 World Championships: 1st T, 5th AA
1980 Champions All: 1st AA
1980 Romanian Int'l: 4th AA, 1st BB, 2nd FX
1980 Olympic Games: 2nd T, 7th AA
1981 Balkan Championships: 5th AA, 4th BB
1981 European Championships: 4th AA, 7th V, 3rd BB
1981 Int'l Championships of Romania: 1st BB
1981 Milan Grand Prix: 2nd AA
1981 University Games: 1st T, 4th AA, 2nd BB
1981 World Championships: 4th T, 6th AA, 8th BB, 5th FX
1982 World Cup: 14th AA

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Rodica Dunca was born on May 16, 1965 in Baia Mare, Romania. A trip to Japan for the prestigious International Japan Junior Invitation heralded her debut to top-level gymnastics. Rodica did not disappoint, finishing second in the all-around competition. That same year, Rodica contributed to Romania's stunning defeat over the Soviet women at the 1979 World Championships in Fort Worth.

Rodica continued to improve over the following years. In 1980 she captured the Champions All title and competed in her first Olympics. She contributed to her team's silver place finish and individually placed a respectable 7th all-around. She improved on this finish at the 1981 Europeans, placing fourth all-around. It was on the balance beam however, where she earned accolades. A photo taken of Rodica during her bronze medal routine was chosen to grace the cover of L'Equipe magazine.

Rodica's last major competition was the 1982 World Cup, after which she announced her retirement. According to World Gymnastics magazine, Rodica had her misgivings and resumed training shortly thereafter. Instead of training with the rest of the National team though, she chose to return to CSS Baia Mare and train with her original coach, Elena Marinescu. Unfortunately, Rodica's comeback proved short lived and she resumed concentration on her correspondance studies through the College of Physical Education of Bucharest.

Rodica and Nadia pose at the 1983 University Games.
Photo by Tom Theobald. Check out Tom's photography site!

In their July 1987 update about the Romanian women's 1979 World team members, International Gymnast magazine reported that Rodica had met and married Zoltan Papp, a choreographer for the Baia Mare Theater. Rodica was working on the technical team for CSS Baia Mare, the sports club at which she began her gymnastics career. In this role she was responsible for scouting new talent.

Rodica is currently coaching at CSS Baia Mare. In response to the Raducan drug scandle at the 2000 Olympics, Rodica proclaimed to Andreea Raducan, "You're our champion, regardless of what happens!"

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