Michelle Dusserre (USA)

1982 Junior US Nationals: 5th AA
1983 US Nationals
1983 Hungarian International Invitational: 5th AA, 1st FX
1983 USA vs USSR: 3rd AA, 4th V (tie), 6th UB, 3rd BB, 2nd FX
1983 USA vs France: 1st AA
1984 Olympic Trials: 3rd AA
1984 USA vs China: 6th AA (tie)
1984 Olympic Games: 2nd T
1986 US Nationals: 24th AA, 5th FX (tie)
1986 Kips Invitational: 2nd T, 5th AA,1st BB, 3rd FX
1986 US Olympic Festival: 1st T (tie), 19th AA
1987 American Classic: 13th AA
1987 US Nationals: 12th AA, 3rd UB (tie)

Michelle Dusserre was born in Garden Grove, California and began gymnastics at the age of 4. As a California native, she trained at SCATS in California during the club's prime in the 1980's. During this time period, SCATS coached a number of top American gymnasts, including Kathy Johnson, Beth Kline (now Beth Rybacki, one of Vanessa Atler's former coaches), Pam Bileck, Marie Roethlisberger (sister to John Roethlisberger), Sabrina Mar and Doe Yamashiro.

Michelle was a strong figure in the sport throughout the early 1980's, peaking at the 1984 Olympics where she was the youngest member of the team. As one of the first competitors up for the team (a 'tablesetter'), her scores were somewhat lower than they would have been had she gone up later in the rotation. As a result, she failed to advance to the AA and EF. Nevertheless, Michelle's scores helped set a strong precedence for the others to follow and the US team was successful in winning the Olympic silver medal.

After her considerable success in 1984, Michelle suffered a severe elbow injury in 1985 keeping her out of that season. In 1986, Michelle failed to make the National team, however she continued in the sport through to 1987 where she upgraded her difficulty significantly to earn a bronze on uneven bars (and finish 13th in the AA). Following the 1987 Nationals, Michelle left the competitive aspect of gymnastics to begin college at Arizona State University.

Michelle's innovativeness and tricks as a youngster and the perseverance she showed as she got older are just two things that Michelle is known for in the sport. She was also a Hollywood stunt double for actress Janet Jones in the gymnastics flick, "American Anthem."

Following her retirement from competitive gymnastics, Michelle has continued to be involved in some of the less traditional aspects of the sport. Drawing on her background as a Registered Dietitician, she sends the message to athletes that nutrition can be fun. She was the editor of USA Gymnastics' 1996, "Athlete Cookbook."

Michelle served on the US Olympic committee's Athletes Advisory Council, USA Gymnastics' task force Female Athlete Triad (other members of this task force include Claudia Miller (Shannon Miller's mother), Kelli Hill, and Donna Strauss), and has written several Quick Hits for the USA Gymnastics website. She has also assisted with the USAG's Talent Opportunity Program (TOPS) Training Camps for children age 12 and under. 

She coached alongside Tom and Lori Forster at the Colorado Aerials, eventually picking up a second coaching responsibility at the Air Force Academy. In May 1999 Michell's husband, Matt Farrell, accept a new job (he previously served as the US Olympic Committee's webmaster) and the couple relocated to Southern California. Matt now works in the entertainment industry in internet marketing. Several weeks after the move, Michelle gave birth to the couple's first child, a daughter named Abby. In addition to being a mom, Michelle is doing some freelance work as a dietician and writing for nbcolympics.com. Although she is not currently coaching, she expects to someday find her way back into the gym.

Dusserre was born on December 26th, 1968.

Many thanks to Michelle Dusserre-Farrell for her update.

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