Oksana Fabrichnova (URS/RUS)

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1991 International Japan Juniors: 6th AA, 3rd V, 3rd UB
1992 Junior European Team Championships
1992 Moscow Stars: 7th AA, 6th UB
1993 Arthur Gander Memorial: 5th AA
1993 Moscow Stars: 1st AA
1993 European Cup: 1st AA, 8th V, 6th UB, 1st BB, 3rd FX
1993 Rome Grand Prix: 1st AA
1993 World Championships: 26th AA (prelims), 5th AA, 6th BB
1994 Blume Memorial: 7th AA
1994 European Championships: 7th AA, 6th V, 2nd UB, 6th BB,
1994 Goodwill Games: 12th AA, 2nd BB
1994 World Championships: 3rd BB
1994 World Team Championships: 3rd T
1994 Moscow Stars: 3rd AA, 1st BB
1995 Arthur Gander Memorial: 4th AA
1995 Cottbus Cup: 3rd AA
1995 Russian Championships: 2nd AA
1995 Kosice Cup: 3rd AA
1996 EcoAir Cup

Results courtesy of Gymn Forum

With Druzhba competitions no more, in 1991, one of the few big name events for juniors from Eastern Bloc countries was the International Japan Juniors. The Soviets sent two gymnasts to the competition: Dina Kochetkova (who went on to win the 1994 Goodwill Games) and Oksana Fabrichnova.

Fabrichnova displayed a delightfully fun floor routine, and finished the meet in 6th place. She brought home bronze medals on both bars and beam, both events proving her strong suits over the following few years..

1993 was a good year for Fabrichnova. The Moscow Dinamo gymnast won the Moscow Stars meet, Rome Grand Prix, and prestigious European Cup. At World Championships in Birmingham, Fabrichnova ended the all-around as the highest placing Russian (5th AA). Although she did not make the bars final, earlier in the Championships she successfully performed a double twisting double back dismount, the skill earning her name.

Growth spurts hurt Fabrichnova's training and performances in 1994, though the year was not without medals. At home in Moscow, she placed third all-around and first on beam at Moscow Stars. Fabrichnova took second on bars at European Championships, and earned bronzes at both World Championships (team bronze in Dortmund and a bronze on beam in Brisbane). Competing in a weakened state at the 1994 Goodwill Games (she suffered from the stomach flu only days before), Fabrichnova held it together for team gold but then placed only 12th in the all-around. She managed to rally for a silver on beam, in event finals.

Fabrichnova struggled even more in 1995, competing abroad at some meets but having to sit out World Championships. She also switched coaches, with Arkaev deciding to take her under his wing. Fabrichnova had only been with coach Tokareva for four years, transferred when her first main coach, Lydia Tkatcheva, moved to France. 

Fabrichnova persevered, and in 1996 was a candidate for the Olympic team. Russia brought eight female gymnasts to the United States for training in the weeks leading up to the 1996 Olympic Games. Still struggling with back pains, Fabrichnova found herself relegated to alternate. Heartbroken, she returned to Russia before the start of the gymnastics, and packed her things at Round Lake. There is some talk that she resumed training in the hopes of competing at the 1997 World University Games, though she did not compete at those Games in Italy.

The premiere issue of Worldwide Gymnastics featured a "catching up with..." segment on Fabrichnova. Following Atlanta, Fabrichnova turned her attention to learning English. Before the year was out, she joined the Krone Circus of Germany, touring with the Borzovy troupe as a trapeze specialist. 

After four years with the circus, Fabrichnova returned to Moscow, where she began coaching at Moscow Dinamo gym and modeling.

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