Tatiana Godenko (URS)

1982 Junior Soviet Nationals: 3rd AA
1983 Junior Soviet Nationals: 3rd AA
1984 Junior Soviet Nationals: 3rd AA, 1st UB, 1st FX
1984 Druzhba (Junior Friendship Tournament): 1st T, 9th AA
1984 Bulgarian Int'l Meet: 1st AA
1984 USSR Championships
1985 Spartakiade
1986 Champions All: 1st AA
1986 DTB Cup: 4th AA
1986 Spartakiade: 2nd T
1986 National Dynamo Championships
1987 National Dynamo Championships: 2nd AA

"I was crazy in love with gymnastics since I was a little girl." - Tatiana Godenko

When one thinks of female gymnasts from the Soviet Union of the 1980s, great names like Filatova, Bicherova, Mostepanova, Omelianchik, or Shushunova probably come to mind. The depth and talent of Soviet gymnastics in the 1980s was unmistakable. Behind these great gymnasts were always handfuls of gymnasts, each waiting for their turn. One of these gymnasts was Tatiana Godenko.

Born in Siberia, Godenko was named to the Soviet junior national team at the age of 9 and sent to train at the Round Lake National Training Center. Training alongside Shushunova, Boguinskaia and Laschenova, Godenko always had her mind and heart sent on the 1988 Seoul Olympics. Unfortunately, a series of knee injuries, including an ACL tear, dashed these hopes. Disappointed, Godenko turned her attention towards her schooling, earning bachelor's and graduate degrees from the Moscow State Academy.

Faced with better economic opportunities abroad, Godenko eventually left Russia for the USA. After several coaching stints in New Hampshire and one at Princeton University, Godenko accepted a coaching position at Wilton Academy in Howell, NJ, coaching levels 7 through 10.

Today she serves as Director and Head Coach at Future Stars Gymnastics in Hamilton, New Jersey. Her husband, former gymnast Yuriy Marchenko, coaches with her. The couple have a son, Vlad.

Read more in International Gymnast's June 2016 interview.

Tatiana Godenko was born in 1971.

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