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In 1987, Romanian gymnastics enjoyed a level of success like never before. That year, Romania triumphed over the Soviet Union, the "big red machine" suffering three crushing blows. First off, Daniela Silivas succeeding in capturing the gold medal at the European Championships - and on Soviet home turf no less! Later that year, Aurelia Dobre won the gold medal at the World Championships, becoming Romania's first and only World Champion to date! At these same Championships, the Romanian team won gold over the Soviets. Eugenia Golea was a strong member of this triumphant team.

Golea actually splashed onto the international scene in 1984, a few months shy of the 1984 Olympics. An excellent showing at the 1984 Balkan Championships led to Golea representing Romania at the 1984 American Cup, where she placed a respectable 4th AA. But much to everyone's surprise she was left off the 1984 Olympic team.

After missing a spot on the Olympic team, many gymnasts might retire...but not Golea. Over the next couple of years, Golea's gymnastics became more polished and she enjoyed increased success on the international circuit (even in the shadows of Silivas and Dobre, both icons in the gymnastics world). Along with most members of the 1987 team, Golea went on to compete in the 1988 Seoul Olympics, helping her team to earn a silver medal.

Photo courtesy of Valerie Couvreur

Golea retired from gymnastics not long after the 1988 Olympics. She immediately joined her brother in an acrobatic circus act. Two years later, after the 1991 Romanian revolution, Golea moved to Puerto Rico. There, she worked for a circus and helped coach the Puerto Rican gymnastics team.

Golea eventually immigrated to the United States. She now coaches and choreographs gymnastics at American Gymnastics in Bedford Hills, NY. Affectionately known as "Geanie," she is leading a happy life in America.

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On paper, Golea was born on March 10, 1969 but the Romanian federation actually increased her age by two years. Therefore, Golea was actually born on March 10, 1971.

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