Michelle Goodwin (USA)
Tribute courtesy of Larry Fewell

Photo used with the expressed permission of Tom Theobald

1981 U.S. Championships: 3rd AA
1981 World Championships: 6th T, 35th AA (prelims)
1982 U.S. Championships: 5th AA, 2nd FX
1982 USA vs USSR: 3rd AA
1982 World Cup: 12th AA, 7th UB
1983 U.S. Championships: 6th AA, 3rd BB, 3rd FX
1984 U.S. Championships: 17th AA, 6th BB
1984 U.S. Olympic Trials: 21st AA

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Michelle took the 1981 U.S. Nationals - one of her first major elite competitions - by storm, claiming the bronze medal and asserting herself as a major player for the US gymnastics team. She showed great form, expressive dance and world class difficulty on bars and beam. She was praised on the European circuit; according to a 1982 issue of International Gymnast magazine, a Hungarian reporter wrote that her floor exercise featured "the best triple twist seen in Europe." Consistently in the top 5 at nationals over the next few years, Michelle seemed a sure bet for the 84 Olympic team. In 1982, People magazine (March 24 issue) even published a story about her, and CBS followed it up with a feature about her in their 30 minutes broadcast.

Sadly, at the 1984 Olympic Trials, Michelle performed poorly and finished a disappointing 21st AA. She quite elite gymnastics rather abruptly, accepting a scholarship from the University of Florida. Within a year or two she left Florida, transferring to Indiana University of Pennsylvania to complete her degree (Deaf Education). 

Michelle enjoyed tremendous success at her new university, becoming a star. She led the school to a Division 2 team title, becoming the Division 2 champion herself. This honor qualified her to compete at the Division 1 nationals, where she beat all of her former University of Florida teammates!

Michelle moved to Wisconsin while her husband pursued dental school. Michelle and Lance have two daughters, Savannah and Alexandra. The family lives in Sarasota, Florida, where Michelle teaches for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing students. She focuses on middle school aged students. 

Savannah, Lance, Michelle, and Alexandra
Photo courtesy of Michelle West

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