Cristina Itu (ROM)

Romania's Cristina Itu claimed top honours at both the 1977 Tokyo and Osaka International Japan Junior meets. Whereas these meets traditionally served as springboards for great gymnastics careers, Cristina's career seemed to have peaked that year. She traveled with her teammates to the USA to compete in a USA-ROM dual meet (Romania won and Itu placed 7th AA), but seems to have fallen out of the international scene shortly thereafter.

Cristina eventually moved to the USA and began coaching at Golden Strip Gymnastics in Simpsonville, South Carolina. Eventually she purchased the gym, renaming it Champions Gymnastics Inc. Coaching alongside Cristina is Mihai Lajos, one of the Vanda Hadarean's former coaches.

Thanks to Livy, a former student of Cristina's, for relaying this information.

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