Martina Jentsch (GDR)

1983 American Cup: 14th AA
1985 GDR vs HUN: 1st T, 5th AA
1985 Worlds: 3rd T
1986 Goodwill Games: 11th AA
1986 Moscow News: 6th AA
1987 DTB Cup: 6th AA
1987 Europeans: 7th AA, 8th BB, 6th FX
1987 Moscow News: 12th AA (tie)
1987 Worlds: 3rd T, 7th AA, 8th V, 7th UB, 7th FX
1988 American Cup: 7th AA
1988 Olympics: 3rd T

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Martina Jentsch was born on March 22, 1968 in Leipzig, East Germany. During her elite career she trained at the SC Einheit gymnastics club in Dresden. Jentsch participated in two World Championships, contributing to her team's third place finish in both Montreal (1985) and Rotterdam (1987). Her most successful performance came in Rotterdam, where she also placed 7th AA and competed in three event finals (8th vault, 7th uneven bars, and 7th floor).

Jentsch was named to East Germany's 1988 Olympic team, but sadly injured herself on the uneven bars during the first day of competition (compulsories). She was forced to withdraw from team optionals, leaving the East Germany with only 5 competitors. Despite the disadvantage, the girls managed to rally to third place, but only at the expense of the .5 deduction charged to the US team for failing to clear the podium during Kelly Garrison-Steves' uneven bar routine.

Interestingly, Jentsch was to debut a new floor exercise (set to Duran Duran's "A View to Kill") in Seoul but because she withdraw after team compulsories, and retired after Seoul, the floor exercise was never displayed. The East German coaching staff recycled the routine, giving it to Barbel Wielgoss.

Jentsch currently lives in Cottbus, Germany, where she previously worked as a waitress but now works in a boutique.

Jentsch was outspoken about her country's decision not to send any gymnasts to the 2000 Sydney Olympics. "It's very sad that no German gymnasts go to the Sydney Games, but if there's no hope for a medal then they're better not to go! It's not the gymnasts' faults, but really nothing can be expected from them anymore since the German government doesn't support gymnastics club anymore!" 

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