Amy Koopman (USA)

Amy Koopman (USA) on BB at the 1981 WC
Photo by Tom Theobald.
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1980 US Nationals: 7th AA (tie), 8th V, 4th UB, 8th BB (tie), 5th FX
1980 US Olympic Trials: 5th AA
1980 Olympics: T (but USA boycotted Olympics)
1981 Worlds: 6th T, 35th AA (prelims)
1982 US Nationals: 3rd AA, 1st FX

Results compiled from USA Gymnastics

Like many of her 1980 Olympic team partners, Amy pressed on with gymnastics following the disappointing U.S. boycott, perhaps with the hope of making the next Olympic team. By 1982, Amy was performing well above the level she'd been competing at when she was selected for the 1980 team. In fact, at the 1982 US Nationals, Amy won FX and placed 3rd in the AA, her highest ranking ever, and this with a few glithces during the without which she may have won the AA title.

Unfortunately, by the end of 1982, Amy began to struggle with her changing body (she began having troubles performing skills she'd done effortlessly for years). Meanwhile, her long-time coach, Bill Sands, was growing tired of coaching, so he sent Amy and Marie Roethlisberger to train at SCATS with Don Peters. Incidentally, Bill Sands sent their younger teammate, Phoebe Mills, to Karolyi's.

While Marie and Pheobe flourished in their new environments, Amy did not. She quit gymnastics and came back to Chicago, where she finished High School and toyed with rhythmic gymnastics for awhile. After graduating, she went to Arizona State University where she competed well in her freshman year (earning honours on beam for their conference). Despite this success, Amy quit gymnastics and transferred to Ohio State. Amy's abrupt leave was associated with many false rumours. First of all, Amy did NOT quit gymnastics because of gangrene in her finger that eventually resulted in amputation. She has all of her fingers. : ) Second, she was NOT allergic to the water and air in Arizona -- it was a teammate of hers, Becky Rashoff, who suffered from these allergies.

Amy eventually graduated from Ohio State with a Bachelor's degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management. On October 16 1992, she was married to Michael Enxing. The couple now have several children.

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