Larissa Lowing (CAN)

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1986 Junior Canadian National Championships: 1st AA
1987 World Championships: 8th T
1988 Belgian Gym Masters: 1st AA
1988 Olympics: 11th T
1989 Champions All: 1st AA
1989 DTB Cup: 17th AA
1989 Canadian World Team Trials: 1st AA
1989 World Championships: 6th T, 18th AA, 8th V
1990 Canadian National Championships: 1st AA
1990 Olympic Cup
1990 Canadian Airlines Cup: 1st AA
1990 World Sports Fair: 3rd AA
1990 Commonwealth Games: 1st T

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Larissa Lowing was one of Canada's more successful gymnasts of the late 1980s. She emerged into national prominence in 1986, winning the Junior Canadian national title. Over the next few years, Larissa competed in fourteen international competitions, including two World Championships (1987 and 1989), one Olympic Games (1988), and one Commonwealth Games (1990). In 1988 she won the Belgian Gym Masters, and in 1989 she easily won Britain's major international invitation, the Champions All.

Photo by Matt Barber

Larissa accepted a scholarship to Louisiana State University (LSU). Larissa served as the team captain (and won letters) for all four of her seasons at LSU (1991-1995). Despite suffering a serious of injuries, including a torn ACL, she finished her collegiate career on a high note by taking the 1995 NCAA Central Regional bars title.

During her final year of university, Larissa began serving as an assistant coach for the LSU Tigers. She has continued this role, focusing her energy on the girls' beam training and floor exercise choreography. The LSU Tigers have achieved record performances under Larissa's coaching.

Larissa is now married to Chad Libby, a former LSU Tiger trainer, and goes by the name Larissa Libby. The couple have one daughter, Taylor Anne, born November 4, 1997. Larissa is now the Heach Coach at the University of Iowa, having served as the Assistant Coach for several years.

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