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Julianne's competitive career started with a bang in 1979, when she placed sixth overall at the Junior U.S. National Championships. In 1980, Julianne and her clubmate, Tracee Talavera, were named to the U.S. Olympic team. Sadly, due to the U.S. boycott of the Moscow Olympic Games, neither got the chance the compete.

Despite the disappointment, neither she nor Talavera retired. Both pressed on and continually improved their gymnastics. In 1980, Julianne became the U.S. National Champion. Julianne would never repeat this feat, finishing fourth the following year and second the next three years (1982 - Tracee Talavera, 1983 - Dianne Durham, and 1984 - Mary Lou Retton). Although she could not regain the AA title, she was often the top U.S. finisher at international meets (e.g., 1981 and 1983 World Championships).

Julianne’s greatest achievements came on the uneven bars, where she medalled at several international competitions (including a bronze medal at the 1981 World Championships). Known worldwide for her superb bar work, scoring perfect 10's in numerous competitions, she reached the pinnacle of success at the 1984 Los Angeles Olympic Games. There, she and China’s great Ma Yanhong shared the gold medal on the uneven bars.

The Olympics was where she ended her competitive career, but according to Tribute to the 80's website she did not officially retire until 1987. Following her retirement, Julianne enrolled at UCLA.

She has since had roles in several movies and a TV series (most notably a role in the mid-to-late 80’s show Charles in Charge”). In addition, Julianne has provided commentary for various networks. She worked for NBC at the 1988 and 1992 Olympics, and has provided commentary for CBS for their collegiate gymnastics broadcasts and for ESPN’s cheerleading championships.
Todd, Garrett, and Julianne. Photo courtesy of rockgirl24@hotmail.com

Todd, Julianne, Hannah and Garrett. Photo courtesy of rockgirl24@hotmail.com

In 1989, Julianne married Todd Zeile. At the time, Todd was playing for the St. Louis Cardinals, but he then played for both the L.A. Dodgers and Texas Rangers. He currently plays for the New York Mets. While Todd is away at baseball training camps or games, Julianne stays home (in Los Angeles) to take care of things at home, most notably their two children - Garret 4 and Hannah 2. By all accounts, the couple is very approachable and are both well respected in the community. They are both active in the Special Olympics, golf tournaments and other charity causes.

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