Whatever Happened to
Luisa Parente?

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Competitive Results:

1988 American Cup: 8th AA
1988 International Mixed Pairs (with KOR's Jeong Sik Lee): 14th T
1988 Olympics: 35th AA
1988 International of France: 18th AA (tie)
1989 American Cup: 10th AA (prelims)
1992 American Cup: 8th AA
1991 Leverkusen Cup: 2nd T, 3rd AA
1991 PanAm Games: 4th T, 4th AA, 1st V, 1st UB
1991 Worlds: 28th T
1992 Paris Worlds (prelims): 24th V, 13th UB (tie), 13th BB (tie), 29th FX
1992 Olympics: 40th AA
1993 World University Games: 5th AA, 2nd V

Some of these results were compiled from information found at Gymn Forum, others courtesy of Eugênia Del Vigna. Please visit the official webpage of the Brazilian Gymnastics Confederation

Luisa Parente was a dominant force on the Brazilian National team for many years, one of the few gymnasts in the world to compete in both the 1988 and 1992 Olympic Games. Luisa began gymnastics in 1980, and was trained by Georgette Vidor Melo at the Flamengo Club in her hometown of Rio de Jeneiro. Luisa's favorite apparatus was the uneven bars, an event she won at the 1991 Pan Am Games.

Although she retired from elite competition following the 1992 Olympic Games, Luisa has retained close ties with the gymnastics community. For awhile she coached at the Flamengo Club; One of the club's current successes is Danielle Hypolito. Many gym fans will recall that Hypolito was featured in the November 1998 issue of IG. Luisa now owns (and coaches part-time at) four Olympic training centers, all named in her honour (and all featuring gymnastics clothing stores). Luisa also judges many national competitions and recently took up commentating - she provided the commentary for the Brazilian coverage of the 1999 Pan Am Games.

Luisa lives a full and happy life outside the gym as well. She recently received her license to practice law and in 1998, she married Alexey Carvahlo, a Brazilian national basketball player. The couple welcomed their first child (a daughter named Manuela) into the world in late 1999.

Update (June 22, 2000). Luisa was part of the Brazilian delegation to attend the Gymnastics Challenge 2000 competition in Mississauga, Canada. There, she was kind enough to pose for my camera! She later informed me that is the supervisor of Vasco, Marilia Gomes' home club. Gomes competed at the Gymnastics Challenge 2000 and is an Olympic hopeful.

Parente was born on February 1st, 1973.

Many thanks to Eugênia Del Vigna and LaLa for their help with this tribute!

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