Whatever Happened to
Marie Roethlisberger?

Roethlisberger's Competitive Results:

1982 U.S. Nationals: 9th AA, 1st UB
1983 U.S. Nationals: 7th AA
1983 Worlds: alternate
1984 U.S. Nationals: 9th AA
1984 U.S. Olympic Trials: 7th AA
1984 Olympics: alternate
1985 American Cup: 4th AA, 1st UB (tie)
1985 U.S. Nationals: 3rd AA
1985 Worlds: 6th T, 17th AA
1986 Goodwill Games: 5th T
1986 American Classic: 5th AA
1986 U.S. Nationals: 8th AA (tie)

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If there were such a thing as Olympic genes, you'd have to say that the genes run in the Roethlisberger family. Fred Roethlisberger competed for the USA at the 1968 Olympics, and captained the USA's 1967 PanAm team in Winnipeg, winning gold medals in the AA, HB and PB. Fred coached two of his three children to Olympic success. His daughter and eldest child, Marie, served as the alternate on the 1984 Olympic team and his eldest son, John, competed in both the 1992 and 1996 Olympics. Fred's youngest son, Gus, is still quite young (born in 1987, I think!).

Marie Roethlisberger was on the USA National team for six years. A specialist on the uneven bars, Marie just missed making several important U.S. squads - she was the alternate for both the 1983 World and 1984 Olympic teams. Marie's biggest competition was the 1985 World Championships; in Montreal she placed a very respectable 17th all around.

Marie at the 2000 US Nationals.
Photo courtesy of Heather Maynez.
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Following her elite international gymnastics career, Marie competed for the University of Minnesota in collegiate gymnastics. Marie is recognized as one of the most successful UMTC athletes in history. During her collegiate career she became the Big 10 AA champion twice, the 1990 NCAA Regional all around champion, and the 1990 NCAA National bars champion. Not surprisingly, she was later awarded the Honda Award (top NCAA athlete of the year for all sports).

In 1998, Marie was inducted into the Minnesota Hall of Fame. According to a post on Gymn-L, Marie gave a fabulous acceptance speech, speaking fondly of friends and throwing some humour in for the crowd. During her speech, Marie spoke about one of her frst competitions as a child. Marie was so off on her timing (a childhood bout of meningitis left her hearing impaired) that she had to hold to final pose for a full 30 seconds while she waited for the music to catch up with her!

Marie spent the latter part of the 1990s finishing up her medical residency (in Family Medicine) in Appleton, Wisconsin. She is now a family physician in Madison, Wisconsin. 

Marie Roethlisberger was born on May 12, 1966.

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