Whatever Happened to
Evgenia Roschina?

Roschina's Competitive Results:

1993 Moscow Stars: 5th AA
1994 World Team Championships: 3rd T
1997 Russian Cup: 8th AA
1997 Rome Grand Prix: 5th AA, 3rd UB
1998 Russian Championships: 9th AA
1998 Russian Cup: 9th AA
1998 Ladies Professional Gymnastics Championships
1999 Russian Championships: 14th AA

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Evgenia Roschina was born on December 20, 1979. Like many young Russian gymnasts of her time, Roschina competed in the Moscow News to test her competitive readiness. She performed well at the 1993 meet, placing a respectable 5th AA. The following year, Roschina was deemed ready for major international competition and she represented Russia at the 1994 World Team Championships in Dortmund. Although she had troubles on bars and beam, she showed great promise for the future. For example, her bars routine contained an innovative Marinich salto.

Admittedly, training at Round Lake was pressure filled for all, but Roschina enjoyed the atmosphere. In the British documentary Russia Now she explained, "You need a great deal of stamina and hard work, but it's nice here. We talk together and laugh. It's never dull. Of course it's nice at home but I miss it here, but we've gotten used to each other." Roschina was particularly lucky though for her parents and sister lived in nearby Moscow and were thus able to visit her frequently.

Unfortunately, Roschina wasn't able to break into the top ranks of the Russian team again. In 1995 a new group of juniors emerged, many of whom (Yevgenia Kuznetsova, Oksana Ljapina, etc.) went on to claim Olympic spots over some of the more experienced veterans. Roschina continued in her sport however, and in 1998 she and teammate Svetlana Bahktina travelled to the USA to partake in the Ladies Professional Gymnastics Championships.

Roschina competed in the 1999 March Russian Championships, but after scoring above 9.0 on only one apparatus (beam) she retired. She now lives in the USA and performs with Cirque du Soleil's touring Alegria show. She performs in the Russian Bars act along former Russian National teammate Yelena Grosheva.

Update! (March 3, 2001). Roschina, still with the Alegria show, does the fast track now. Former teammate Yelena Grosheva has left Cirque.

Many thanks to Kimberly and Blair for the updates about Evgenia's role in Alegria.

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