Whatever Happened to
Amy Scherr?

Amy Scherr's
Competitive Results:

1988 American Classic (Junior A division): 5th AA
1989 American Classic: 3rd AA
1989 Olympic Festival: 4th AA
1989 Arthur Gander Memorial: 3rd AA
1989 Swiss Cup: 3rd (mixed pairs)
1990 U.S. Nationals Championships: 9th AA, 3rd V
1990 Goodwill Games: 2nd T, 8th V
1990 USA vs. USSR: 2nd T, 7th AA
1991 USA vs. ROM: 2nd T

These results were compiled from information found
within the 1991 USA vs. Romania program guide

Many gymnastic fans have probably heard of the "Karolyi six-pack." The original crew, dubbed the six-pack at the 1989 Olympic Festival, consisted of Kelly Pitzen, Kim Zmeskal, Amy Scherr, Erica Stokes, Amanda Uherek, and Hillary Grivich. Notable teammates Betty Okino and Kerri Strug joined Karolyi's later in their careers.

Interestingly, Bela Karolyi always pegged Amy Scherr to achieve the greatest success out of the six-pack (not Kim Zmeskal), but Amy's success in the sport was hampered by repeated stress fractures. According to the November/December 1990 issue of USA Gymnastics, Scherr's stress fractures resulted from a calcium deficiency that was only diagnosed following the 1990 Goodwill Games. Despite the diagnosis, Scherr pushed on towards the 1992 Olympics, only to retire shortly after competiting in the 1991 USA vs ROM dual meet.

After retiring from elite competition, Scherr moved back to her hometown of Cincinatti, Ohio, where she began to coach gymnastics. The September 1996 issue of Houston Lifestyle magazine contains an interview with Bela Karolyi in which Bela stated, "Amy Scherr is coaching in college and is probably the most productive coach we have grown as a gymnast and we are very, very, proud of her. She is going to be very successful...."

Amy Scherr poses for the camera at the 2000 US Classic. Photo used with the expressed permission of Erin Long.

Scherr is definitely 'moving up the ranks' in the coaching world. In 1999, she joined Mary Lee Tracy in Sacramento to coach the CGA girls at Nationals. Near the beginning of the 99 U.S. Nationals broadcast on NBC, Mary Lee Tracy and her athletes (Thompson, Beckerman and White) are huddled together in what appears to be some sort of pep talk. With them is a red haired woman with a white shirt - Amy Scherr! More recently, Amy was a member of the CGA staff at the 2000 US Classic.

Scherr has found success both in and out of gymnastics. In addition to coaching gymnastics, Scherr spent some time in college (majoring in pre-med). According to the May 1997 issue of IG, Scherr was set to graduate in the Spring of 1997. Despite her success academically and as a coach, she told IG that she still misses her competitive days. "It's hard [to watch]," Scherr said while viewing the 1997 ITC practice session. "...I just want to go out there and do it...."

Amy Scherr recently served as a bridesmaid at Kim Zmeskal's wedding (held October 23, 1999) to Chris Burdette. According to IG, several weeks later, Scherr celebrated her own wedding! Her married name is now Amy Scherr Wert.

Amy Scherr was born on April 1st, 1975.

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