Whatever Happened to
Liubov Sheremeta?

Competitive Results:

1993 Trophee Massillia: 9th AA, 3rd Fx
1994 Junior Europeans: 11th AA, 2nd BB, 2nd FX
1995 European Youth Olympics: 2nd T, 3rd AA, 3rd BB
1995 China Cup: 5th AA, 3rd UB, 3rd FX
1995 Chunichi Cup: 4th AA, 2nd UB, 1st BB, 1st FX
1995 Kawasaki Cup: 4th V, 2nd UB (tie), 5th BB, 3rd FX
1996 French International: 4th BB, 3rd FX
1996 World Championships: 4th UB, 3rd FX
1996 European Championships: 3rd T, 17th AA, 5th UB, 6th BB
1996 Olympics: 5th T, 22nd AA
1997 Gym Coupes: 2nd T, 1st AA
1997 World Championships: 4th T, 6th AA, 5th UB, 6th BB, 7th FX
1997 Salamunov Memorial: 1st AA
1997 Siska International: 2nd AA
1997 Messe Cup

Photo courtesy of Beth Squires

Sheremeta enjoyed a successful transition from the junior to senior elite ranks, placing 3rd AA at the 1995 European Youth Olympics as a junior and one year later, winning the bronze medal on FX at the 1996 World championships. Her resemblance to successful teammate Liliya Podkopayeva (who I met last weekend!) earned her the dubious description as a "travel-sized Podkopayeva."

As one of few gymnasts from her 1996 Olympic team who did not retire, Sheremeta found herself in a leadership position and was expected to do great things. Unfortunately, later that same year she suffered a tragic loss when her mother died of cancer. She spent three months at home in Lvov, Ukraine in mourning, and contemplated giving up the sport.

Sheremeta pushed on, but in her first competition after resuming training, she suffered a hamstring injury. Her bad luck continued, because immediately after recovering from this injury she broke two toes. Although she made it to the 1997 World Championships, Sheremeta later suffered a bad foot infection which eventually needed surgery. This caused her to miss several more months of training, after which point she could not regain her form and competitive level.

According to the September 1998 issue of Gym Stars, Sheremeta is now retired, and lives with her husband in an apartment donated to her by the government in her hometown of Lvov, Ukraine. For Sheremeta's husband, it was love at first sight: he first saw Liubov on Ukrainian television, after which he announced that she was the woman he would marry!

Update! According to Edwin Koppers of OEG, Sheremeta gave birth to her first child on June 14, 1999 - a daugther named Natalia. Congratulations Liubov!

Sheremeta was born on January 17, 1980.

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