Hope Spivey (USA)

Photo used with the expressed permission of Sato Takeo of OEFC

1985 American Classic: 4th AA
1985 National Sports Festival: 4th AA
1985 Tincacria D'Oro: 16th AA
1985 US Classic: 3rd AA, 4th FX, 3rd UB
1985 US National Championships: 3rd AA
1986 First International Criterium Tournament: 3rd UB, 1st FX
1986 Kips Invitational: 1st T, 3rd AA, 2nd FX
1986 USA vs USSR: 2nd T, 8th AA
1986 Goodwill Games: 5th T, 16th AA, 6th FX
1986 American Classic: 7th AA
1986 Chunichi Cup: 10th AA (tie)
1986 Tokyo Invitational:
1987 US Classic: 2nd AA
1987 American Cup (prelims)
1987 US Nationals: 4th AA, 4th V, 6th BB, 3rd FX
1987 USA vs USSR 5th AA (tie), 7thUB, 6th BB, 6th FX (tie)
1988 International Mixed Pairs: 9th AA (with Charles Lakes)
1988 American Classic: 3rd AA
1988 USA vs USSR: 8th AA
1988 Las Vegas Sports Festival: 1st AA
1988 US Nationals: 3rd AA
1988 US Olympic Trials: 3rd AA
1988 Olympics: 4th T

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Born in Norfolk, VA, Hope started gymnastics at the age of 7. At the age of 12, her early success in the sport took her and her family to Suffolk, VA so she could train at Parkettes in Allentown, PA. She attended Allentown Central High School during her competitive years, three of those years on the US Senior National Team. At one point during her competitive career, Hope contemplated quitting the sport. A talk with her father led her to remain in the sport when he convinced her that she had too much talent to leave.

Hope Spivey, Angie Denkins, and Doe Yamashiro pose at the 1986 Goodwill Games. Photo by Tom Theobald. Check out Tom's photography site!

Beginning with her 3rd place finish at the 1985 Nationals, Hope finished consistently in the top 5 at major US competitions, making her a strong contender for the 1988 Olympic Team. Her third place finish at the 1988 Nationals gave her solid foundation leading into the Olympic Trials where she also finished 3rd. Hope was one of 3 non-Karolyi gymnasts to finish in the top 8 (Chelle Stack, Phoebe Mills, Kristie Phillips, Brandy Johnson, and Rhonda Faehn were the 5 Karolyi gymnasts) who received much of the media coverage leading into the Olympics. Unlike many of her US contemporaries who used double twists and numerous double backs, Hope's floor exercise included such difficulty as a double layout, double back,and a full twisting double back.

Following the Olympics, Hope accepted a scholarship to the University of Georgia. She won the vault, floor, and all around NCAA National titles in 1991. In 1993 she represented the USA at the World University Games in Buffalo, NY. The floor routine she used during her senior year was most original. At one point she would dance forward, then both she and the music would stop. The music would start up again, but in reverse (as though being rewound). Meanwhile, she would perform the same dance pass, but in reverse (just like rewinding her tumbling pass on the VCR). The following year she won the NCAA floor title yet again. She still holds the all time national record for NCAA career Perfect 10s.

Hope married, and in 1994 she and then husband Sheely appeared in the first Reese's Invitational. The couple eventually divorced, Hope marrying Everette Coburn October 5th, 2002. The couple is expecting their first child, a girl, March 2005. 

Hope is still active in gymnastics, the owner of Spivey's Gymnastics & Tumbling International.

Recent photo of Hope! (Thanks to LJ for locating the photo).

Hope was born on July 27, 1971.

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