Gina Stallone (USA)
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Gina Stallone (USA) - 1981 WC - portrait
Photo by Tom Theobald.
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1980 U.S. Championships: 19th AA (tie)
1981 U.S. Championships: 11th AA
1981 World Championships: 6th T, 40th AA (prelims)
1982 U.S. Championships: 4th AA, 6th V, 5th UB, 6th FX
1982 American Cup: 4th AA (prelims), 5th AA (finals), 1st BB
1982 USA vs USSR: 11th AA
1983 U.S. Championships: 11th AA
1983 USA vs USSR: 11th AA (tie)

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Although she never won a National, World or Olympic title, Gina Stallone was a constant factor in the American gymnastic scene in the early 80's. Gina began gymnastics at Gymstrada in Reading, PA. Her first two years on the national team were spent competing for Berks Gymnastics Academy, after which, at age 15, she moved to the Parkettes. To me, she was the ultimate competitor, fighting with all she had -- a fierce competitor with lots of determination. Her spirit must have impressed others as well, because in 1982 ABC aired a special on Gina called "A Day in the Life of Gina Stallone."

Following her elite career, in 1984, Gina moved to Florida to compete for the University of Florida on a gymnastics scholarship. During the first year of competition, Gina broke her ankle and so her first NCAA season ended a bit early. The following year she suffered even more hardship: stress fractures in bones of the left leg. Give the injuries, Gina felt it best to retire from NCAA gymnastics. She continued to help out with the team (coaching, etc.) while she finished college.

Gina and her daughter Gianna
Photo courtesy of Gina Stallone.

After graduating (with a degree in Recreation), Gina moved to Orlando, Florida and worked at a resort. One year later, she accepted a job for a tourism company, working on their British Airways Account. Gina stayed with this company for five years. During this time, Gina married and gave birth to a baby girl, whom she named Gianna. In 1995, Gina divorced and she and her daughter moved back to Gina's native Pennsylvania. Gina began coaching at Berks Gymnastics Academy, and judging elite level meets.

Above: Gina, Gianna and Marty
Photo courtesy of Gina Stallone.

In early 2000, Gina married Marty Amrich, a fellow coach at Berks. She also volunteered for USAG's mentoring program; Her mentee is Kristal Uzelac, the 1999-2001 Junior US National Champion. In December 2000, she and Marty welcomed a second daughter, Isabella.

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