Whatever Happened to Lyudmila Stovbchataya?

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1990 Trophee Massilia
1991 American Cup: 3rd AA
1992 European Championships: 6th AA, 3rd BB
1992 Olympics: alternate
1992 Chunichi Cup: 8th AA
1993 World Championships: 14th AA
1995 Universiade: 1st T, 2nd AA, 3rd UB, 2nd BB, 3rd FX 

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Lyudmilla Stovbchataya was one of many gymnasts "on the bubble" in 1992. Like fellow teammates Svetlana Kozlova, Natalia Kalinina, Elena Grudneva and Roza Galieva, Stovbchataya had a good chance of securing one of the last spaces on the Soviet (C.I.S.) Olympic team, but a place was not guaranteed. Unfortunately, after the battle came to bear, Stovbchataya was left off the Olympic team. Roza Galieva secured the sixth and final spot, and Natalia Kalinina served as the first alternate.

Following the 1992 Olympic team trials, Stovbchataya returned to her native Ukraine where she and the "Titan Tatianas" (Tatiana Gutsu and Tatiana Lysenko) reigned as the leaders of the newly independent Ukraine. For example, following the preliminary portion of the 1993 World Championships, Stovbchataya was the highest ranking former Soviet competitor (9th AA). Stovbchataya's final competition appears to have been the 1995 World University Games, in which captured an astouding 5 medals!

In 1996, Stovbchataya married long-time boyfriend and Ukrainian male gymnast Vladimir Shamenko. Two days before the start of the 1996 Atlanta Olympics, Stovbchataya gave birth to the couple's first child, a son. Vladimir went on to earn a bronze medal with his team at the Atlanta Olympics.

Following the Olympics, the family has been enjoying a new life in the USA. For a couple of years the pair coached tat Woodward Gymnastics Camp, but after participating in an exhibition organized by the Northern Virginia Gymnastics Academy (NVGA), Stovbchataya and Shamenko accepted permanent positions with NVGA. Stovchataya later accepted a position with Apex Gymnastics in Leesburgh, VA.

IG online reported the March 19, 2002 birth of the couple's second child, daughter Yekaterina. 

Stobvchataya was born on March 1, 1974. 

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