Camelia Voinea (ROM)

Photo used with the expressed permission of Sato Takeo of the OEFC Gymnastics Gallery

1984 Balkan Champs: 1st T, 2nd AA, 1st FX, 2nd V, 2nd UB
1984 Romanian Cup: 4th AA, 1st V, 1st FX
1985 American Cup: 8th AA
1985 Balkan Championships: 1st T, 8th AA
1985 Chunichi Cup: 10th AA, 4th V, 5th FX
1985 ESP-ROM Dual Meet: 1st T, 3rd AA
1985 FRG-ROM-SUI Tri-Meet: 1st T, 2nd AA
1985 HOL-ROM Dual Meet: 7th AA
1985 Intl. Mixed Pairs: 9th T
1985 Moscow News: 8th AA, 4th V, 4th FX
1985 Riga International: 3rd FX
1985 ROM-CSSR Dual Meet: 1st T, 6th AA
1985 Tokyo Cup: 2nd V, 2nd FX
1985 World Championships: 2nd T, 9th AA, 4th UB
1986 Balkan Championships: 1st T, 3rd AA, 2nd V, 2nd FX
1986 Champions All: 2nd AA
1986 ROM-CSSR Dual Meet: 1st T, 3rd AA
1986 World Cup: 9th AA, 2nd FX
1987 Champions All: 1st AA
1987 Chunichi Cup: 9th AA, 4th V, 6th B, 7th FX
1987 European Championships: 8th AA, 2nd FX
1987 SUI-ROM Dual Meet: 1st T, 6th AA
1987 Tokyo Cup: 1st FX, 2nd V
1987 World Championships (Rotterdam): 1st T
1988 Balkan Championships: 1st Team, 7th AA
1988 International Championships of Romania: 3rd AA, 2nd B
1988 Olympic Games: 2nd Team

Results courtesy of Gymn Forum

Born March 1, 1970 in Constanta (Romania), Camelia Voinea is one of the most memorable Romanian gymnasts from the 1980s. Accomplished on all four events, she is best known for her floor routine, performed in style to break dancing music.

Camelia was a solid performer for Romania, present at nearly all major events during the 1985-1988 quadrennium. She and her teammates earned gold at the 1987 World Championships in Rotterdam, an improvement on their second place finish at the previous Worlds, in 1985 in Montreal. Individually, Voinea picked up a silver medal on floor at the 1987 European Championships. Her last major competition was the 1988 Olympics, where she and her teammates earned a familiar silver.

Voinea was profiled in a 1996 issue of Gym Stars. Following retirement she attended the University of Bucharest for two years, leaving mid-way for a coaching opportunity in Italy. She returned home in 1994, coaching alongside her own first coach in the sport - Matei Sanei. 

The money Voinea earned while coaching abroad was invested in an agricultural business near Constanta, its specialty being growing sunflowers animal feed.

An interesting bit of trivia about Voinea is that she is only Romanian from that gold medal winning 1987 Worlds team who remains in Romania. Aurelia Dobre, Daniela Silivas, and Eugenia Golea all live in the United States, Ekaterina Szabo in France, and Celestina Popa in Canada.

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