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Bianca Dancose-Giambattisto

Bianca and coach Galina Larchina pose 
after her win in Puerto Rico, 2011

Photo courtesy of Bianca Dancose-Giambattist

High Performance Highlights
2011 Puerto Rico Cup: 2nd AA, 1st UB, 1st BB, 3rd FX
2011 Canadian Championships: 3rd AA, 1st UB
2011 Wild Rose: 4th T, 4th AA, 1st UB, 7th BB
2011 L'International Gymnix: 11th AA, 2nd UB, 10th BB
2010 World Championships: 13th T
2010 Sr Pan Am Championships: 2nd T
2010 Canadian Championships: 5th AA, 3rd UB, 3rd BB
2010 Wild Rose: 11th AA, 5th BB
2010 Doha World Cup: 3rd UB, 4th BB, 8th FX
2010 L'International Gymnix: 4th AA, 2nd UB, 2nd BB
2010 WOGA Classic
2009 Tournoi Int. de Combs: 2nd AA, 2nd UB, 1st BB

Earlier this month (Juy 2011), Bianca Dancose-Giambattisto traveled to San Juan for the Puerto Rico Cup. Planning to compete only bars and beam, she arrived to find her senior teammates unable to compete. Unfazed, Bianca decided to compete the all-around, placing second. She went on to win 3 medals in the apparatus, continuing to show improved technique. 

Especially strong on bars and beam, she fills a niche roll amongst a team that is suddenly - and uncharacteristically for Canada! - strong on vault. But as Puerto Rico ( and Canadian Nationals earlier this year) showed, she can also more than hold her own in all-around competition. She's a favourite heading into the selection camp for the World Championships team in Tokyo, Japan later this year.

In this exclusive, talks to the 2010 World Championships team member about gymnastics past, present, and future! Bianca also takes us outside the gym, showing us the desert in Qatar. How did you get started in gymnastics?

Bianca: I was a very active and curious child, always climbing up the monkey bars at the park. At 4 years old, my mom signed me up for a toddlers gym course once a week and the passion for the sport just grew as I got older. 

I realized I could contend for spots on World and Olympic teams when I jumped into the senior category. Finally competing against the best in Canada and proving that I was among them, I said to myself "I could do this" and started training extremely hard to reach those big goals.

My family is very sports oriented! Skiing, hiking and outdoors activities have always been a big part of our lives. What sort of programme or approach do you have in place, leading up to the 2012 Olympics?

Bianca: The main focus is stability. As a gymnast fighting for a spot on the Olympic team, I must prove that I am stable and able to compete an excellent routine wherever, whenever and  regardless of the circumstances. Perfecting execution and increasing difficulty are always part of our training plan. World and Panams trials at the end of August and World Cups in either Belgium or Russia in September are my upcoming competitions. You've shown tremendous improvement over the past 8 or so months, especially on form. To what do you contribute this big improvement?

Bianca: Hard work in the gym, repetition and constant feedback from my coaches have certainly helped me improve. Balancing training in the gym, mental work (I do visualization, concentration and relaxation exercises) and specific muscle strengthening have also contributed to my progress.

Bianca enjoys the desert in Qatar, after competing at the Doha World Cup
Photo courtesy of Bianca Dancose-Giambattisto What are 2-3 of your most memorable trips abroad, for gymnastics?

Bianca: My first world cup in Doha, Qatar will remain an unforgettable experience. Discovering a new culture and exploring the desert at the other end of the world was awesome.

Another memorable trip was of course participating in the 2010 World Championships in Rotterdam. Being able to compete as a team and getting to know all the other members was really fun. Interacting with gymnasts from all over the world that share the same passion creates a special feeling of connection. What thoughts do you have about competing NCAA, if any?

Bianca: I love the team spirit of NCAA! As I find out more about different programs, I realize just how much of an amazing experience it can be. I would love to pursue my passion for gymnastics while setting up for my next dream of becoming a medical Doctor. Did you choose to go to Puerto Rico instead of Japan?

Bianca: I was assigned to Puerto Rico. It was great to participate as a team and I am happy with my results. Are there any gymnasts who've inspired you in your career thus far?

Bianca: Kristina Vaculik: her devotion and passion for gymnastics, her attitude and her great personality inspire me not only as a gymnast but also as a person. 

"Like what you do, do what you like" is a phrase I always keep in mind. 

To all up-and-coming gymnasts; work hard and have fun! Who is the Bianca outside of Gym?  

Bianca: I am a bookworm, I love fashion, traveling and many outdoor activities. I am a definite optimist and love socializing. Family and friends are very important to me and other than that, I am a regular 16 year old who has a passion for gymnastics.  

Bianca performs at the 2010 World Championships in Rotterdam, Netherlands
Photos copyright Ruth Judson

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July 2011

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