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At, our primary objective is to bring Canadian gymnastics to the world. To fulfill our promise, we are working to provide the widest array of information available that will appeal to all fans of gymnastics in general, and Canadian gymnastics in particular. We hope to use our site for two main purposes: to bring the international community up-to-date, accurate information on Canadian athletes, and to provide a resource that will unite the Canadian gymnastics community, including athletes, coaches, judges, administrators, parents, and fans, for many years to come. To help us accomplish our task, we encourage you to interact with us, and let us know what you value about our site, and what you would like to see changed. Since we are largely located in Southern Ontario and Quebec, we also welcome any news, results, reports, and other submissions from around this vast country of ours!

It is our opinion that Canada has a great deal to offer the world of gymnastics. If you are new to Canadian gymnastics, we hope will help you will learn something about the sport in our country. If you are a life-long fan, we hope to bring you a new perspective of Canadian gymnastics. Either way, we hope you will come again, and tell a friend about!

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