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Nathan Gafuik

About Nathan

Name:Nathan Gafuik
Date of Birth: June 16, 1985
Hometown: Calgary, AB
Current Coaches: Tony Smith, Peter Ringlein

Club: University of Calgary
Category: Senior
Favourite Event: High Bar
Nathan's Competitive Results
1999 Canadian Championships: 2nd All Around, 1st HB (under 15)
2000 Malar Cup (Youth): 3rd Team, 1st AA
2000 Canadian Championships: 2nd AA (under 16)
2000 Peter Vidmar Invitationa: 28th AA (Class 2 all age division)
2001 Canadian Championships: 3rd AA (Novice HP)
2002 Pacific Alliance Championships (Junior): 3rd Team
2002 Canadian Championships (Junior): 3rd AA
2002 Junior International Dual Meet (Germany): 10th AA
2002 Junior Pan Am Games: 3rd Team, HB
2002 Elite Canada (Junior): 1st FX, PH, V, 2nd PB, 3rd R
2003 Canada Winter games: 1st AA
2003 Jurassic Classic: 6th FX, 5th V
2003 Canadian Championships (Junior): 1st AA
2003 Elite Canada: 4th FX, 5th V
2004 Pacific Alliance Championships: 4th T, 5th V
2004 Canadian Championships: 5th AA, 2nd PB, 4th FX, 4th PH
2004 Olympics (alternate)
2004 Elite Canada: 4th AA
2005 American Cup: 6th FX, 8th V, 10th PH, 12th PB, 10th HB
2005 Jurassic Classic: 2nd V, HB, 3rd PB
2005 Siegfried Fischer World Cup, Brazil: 6th FX, 5th PB, 7th HB
2005 Canadian Championships: 7th AA, 1st V, 2nd HB, 4th FX
2005 Mexican International: 5th AA, 2nd V, 3rd FX, HB
2005 Senior Pan Am Championships: 7th HB
2005 Elite Canada: 3rd AA, 1st FX, V, 2nd PB, HB, 5th PH
2006 American Cup: 6th AA, 5th FX, 7th PH, R, 1st V, 2nd HB, 6th PB
2006 Commonwealth Games: 1st Team, 2nd AA, V, 6th PB, HB
2006 Pacific Alliance: 3rd AA, 2nd T, 2nd Vault, 1st HB

2006 Canadian Championships: 2nd AA, 3rd FX, 5th PH, 1st V, 1st PB (tie), 5th HB
2006 World Championships: 5th T (prelims), 6th T (finals), 17th AA
2007 World Championships: 11th T

2003 Pan Am Games
Photo by Grace Chiu

Gafuik takes silver
in the all-around at the
2006 Commonwealth Games
Photo by Grace Chiu

Nathan Gafuik has made a steady rise to the top ranks of Canadian men’s gymnastics. Gafuik competed internationally as a junior beginning in 2000, winning the all-around at the Malar Cup in Sweden. Other junior competitive highlights on the international circuit included team bronze medals at the 2002 Pacific Alliance and Junior Pan American Games. 

After medaling in the all-around at the Canadian Championships from 1999 to 2002, he finally struck gold in 2003 (junior all-around). That same year he also won the all-around at the Canada Winter Games. His performance at those games also gave him his first television exposure, featuring prominently in TSN’s coverage of the event. 

In 2004, Gafuik moved up to the senior ranks and improved rapidly, earning the first alternate position for the Canadian Olympic team.

In 2005, Gafuik continued to improve, making multiple finals on the World Cup circuit (including the American Cup and Siegfried Fischer meet in Brazil). He also competed well at the Cancun invitational and Senior Pan American Championships.

2006 has been Gafuik’s best season to date, medaling in the all-around at both the Commonwealth Games (2nd AA) and Pacific Alliance Championships (3rd AA). He also finished second all-around at the Canadian Championships, winning multiple medals in the apparatus finals.

Gafuik should get his first taste of world championship competition later this year.

Nathan’s gymnastics: As a very strong all-arounder, there are many highlights to Gafuik’s work. On floor he combines intricate combination tumbling (back 1 ½ to front-full immediate front 1 ¾) and dynamic single elements (Arabian double front). He’s a great vaulter (excellent Yurchenko 2 ½) who also excels on the parallel bars (Diamadov to Tippelt, Diamadov 1 ½ to Morisue, double pike) and high bar (Kolman, Kovacs, stalder-Rybalko, layout double double)

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