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Curtis Hibbert

Curtis' Competitive Results
1983 Canadian Nationals: 11th AA
1983 Canada Winter Games: 1st AA
1983 Pan Am Games: 17th AA, 7th HB, 8th FX, 8th V
1984 USA-CAN: 1st AA, 2nd PH, 2nd R, 3rd FX, 3rd PB
1985 American Cup: 13th AA (prelims)
1985 Canadian Nationals: 2nd AA, 1st V
1985 Intl. Mixed Pairs: 11th Team
1985 Pre-World Championships: 7th AA, 1st V
1986 Canadian Nationals: 4th AA
1986 Pacific Alliance Championships: 6th AA
1987 Canadian Nationals: 2nd AA
1987 Chunichi Cup: 14th AA, 2nd V, 2nd HB, 6th PB
1987 Tokyo Cup: 2nd V, 2nd HB
1987 University Games: 22nd AA, 5th V
1987 World Championships: 14th TM, 30th AA, 2nd HB
1988 Canadian Nationals: 1st AA
1988 Chunichi Cup: 10th AA, 1st V, 5th PB
1988 Olympics: 9th TM, 22nd AA, 6th PB, 7th HB, 8th FX
1988 Tokyo Cup: 5th V, 5th HB
1989 Canadian Nationals: 1st AA
1989 Elite Canada: 1st AA
1989 World Championships: 16th TM, 20th AA, 5th HB
1990 Canadian Airlines Cup: 2nd AA
1990 DTB Cup: 10th AA, 2nd PB, 4th HB, 5th V
1990 Gander Memorial: 8th AA
1990 World Cup: 10th AA, 7th HB, 8th PB
1991 American Cup: 4th AA
1991 Chunichi Cup: 14th AA, 3rd V, 4th PB
1991 DTB Cup: 7th AA, 4th HB, 5th V
1991 Arthur Gander Memorial: 4th AA
1991 Tokyo Cup: 4th V, 4th HB, 5th PB
1991 World Championships: 16th Team, 30th AA
1992 Champions All: 3rd AA
1992 Olympic Games: 36th AA
1992 World Championships: 3rd V, 6th HB, 7th PB
1993 French International: 4th V, 4th HB
1993 World Championships: 42nd AA (prelims)
Results Courtesy of the Gymn Forum
Curtis hands out medals at the
2003 CAN-GER-USA Jr. International

Curtis was born on September 2, 1966, in Jamaica. His family immigrated to Canada in 1972, and Curtis began began gymnastics at age 9.

A man who, between 1987 and 1992, won two world medals, *6* national AA titles (a new record), and a Commonwealth AA and team title. Curtis Hibbert was a big surprise in winning his high bar world silver medal in Rotterdam in 1987. One skill that caught attention was his jam dislocate to inverts, that dislocated before the vertical. In 1988, he won his first national AA title in Hamilton, which would be his first of 6! At the Seoul Olympic Games later that year, he made 3 event finals (floor, parallel bars, and high bar), finished 22nd in the All-Around, and led Canada to a best ever 9th place as a team - easily its best finish ever.

Curtis also made HB finals at the 1989 Worlds, and although he finished out of the medals, his performance was still strong and he maintained his world ranking. He made AA finals at every World Championship and Olympics from 1987-1992, no mean feat.

Trademark skills for Curtis were a pike-open double layout on floor as well as an eye catching double turn on one knee; he had one of the best Tsuk 1 1/2s on vault that helped him to the bronze at 1992 worlds; back toss 1/2 to upper arms as well as the same skill from a giant on PB; and a four release HB routine (one arm Tkatchev to immediate giant hop 1/2 to a free hip Tkatchev and a one arm Gienger and a hop full in the same routine. Curtis retired in 1993 after winning his sixth national title. He sure went out on a positive note and his accomplishments may never be out matched by another Canadian gymnast. He was truly world class! Oh, he also made PB and HB finals at the 1990 world cup. He really was the top male gymnast from North America between 1987 and 1992 when you think about it. Until 1990 at least.

Written by Christopher Scott

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