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Heather McManus

Heather's Competitive Results
1989 Canadian Championships: 3rd TRI, 2nd TRS
1990 Canadian Championships: 3rd TRI, 2nd TRS
1990 World Championships: 18th TRI, 14th TRS
1991 Canadian Championships: 1st TRI
1992 Canadian Championships: 10th TRI
1992 World Championships: 14th TRI
1997 Canadian Championships: 6th TRI, 2nd TRS
1998 Canadian Championships: 2nd TRI
1998 World Championships: 36th TRI, 4th Team
1998 World Cup, Denmark: 24th TRI
1998 World Cup, France: 26th TRI
1999 Canadian Championships: 9th TRI
1999 World Cup, Germany: 16th TRI
1999 World Cup, Russia: 30th TRI
1999 World Championships: 49th TRI
2000 Canadian Championships: 2nd TRI, 1st TRS
2001 World Cup, Germany: 9th TRI
2001 Worlds Championships: 10th TRI
2001 World Cup, Portugal: 7th TRI
2001 World Cup, Russia: 10th, TRI
2002 CAN Cup, British-Columbia: 4th TRI, 1st TRS
2002 Canadian Championships: 2nd TRI, 1st TRS
2002 World Cup, Ukraine: 14th TRI, 2nd TRS
2002 Reach for the Sky, Ontario: 1st TRI, 1st TRS
2002 World Cup, Alberta: 6th TRI, 2nd TRS
2002 World Cup, USA: 11th TRI, 2nd TRS

Date of birth: Sept.3rd, 1973 (Etobicoke, Ontario)
Club: Spring Action
Coach: Sean McManus
Previous clubs/coaches: Kingston Aeros / Dave Ross, Ron Massoti, Lorne Singer, Allison (Pester) Pinkerton, Ian Duffy, Kathy Handford.
Training hours per week: 10-12
Synchro Partner: Karen Cockburn
Favorite trampolinists: Karen Cockburn (CAN), Oksana Tsugeleva (UKR), Anna Dogonadze (GER), Alexander Moskalenko (RUS), Nikolai Kazak (BLR).
Hobbies: Coaching, canoeing, kayaking, guitar playing, reading.
Most memorable competition: “Reach for the Sky” in Toronto, because “Every year, it’s always so much fun!”
Advice for aspiring trampolinists: “Aim for excellence in everything you do, be proud of your achievements, and love your sport!” “Don’t let problems get in your way, you may slow down sometimes but you never have to stop!”
Future competitive goals: 1.Make top eight at 2003 world championships. 2.Qualify for 2004 Olympics. 3.Team medal for Canadian women at 2003 worlds. 4. Synchro medal at 2003 worlds.
Interesting facts: Heather is coached by her husband, Sean. Heather is able to do a routine that includes two “Triffus” (triple front, barani out) skills and she is also capable of ending her routine with a “Miller” (triple twisting double layout).

At 29 years of age, Heather McManus is one of Canada's most decorated veterans in all of gymnastics. After more than 12 years on the national and international scene, McManus has solidified her reputation as not only one of the best bouncers in Canada, but also in the world. With a national title in individual trampoline already to her name, McManus added to her resume by teaming with 2000 Olympic bronze medallist Karen Cockburn in synchronized trampoline. In a hugely successful 2002 season, McManus and Cockburn not only took home the gold medal at the Canadian championships, but they also brought home three silver medals from the World Cup circuit. In the process, McManus and Cockburn have established themselves as one of the teams to beat at this fall's world championships.

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