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Alyssa Brown

About Alyssa

Name: Alyssa Brown
Date of Birth: May 11, 1989
Hometown: Oakville, ON
Current Coaches: Alex Bard, Kelly Manjak, Svetlana Degteva, and Olga Dudchenko
Training Hours/Week: 25
Club: Gymnastics Mississauga
Category: Senior High Performance
Favourite Event: Balance Beam
Least Favourite Event: Does not have one

Favourite Gymnast: Kristal Uzelac
Favourite Food: Chicken wings
Hobbies: Swimming, scrap booking
Most Memorable Moments: placing first on balance beam at 2003 Elite Canada and placing 3rd on vault at 2004 Jr. Pan Am's
Future Goals: 2008 Olympic Games, NCAA Scholarship
Quotable: "Go over, go under, go around, or go through, but never give up."
Alyssa's Competitive Results
1999 Ontario Provincials, Pre-Novice 3: 6th AA, 2nd UB
2000 Burlington Spring Cup, National Novice: 4th AA, 1st V, , 4th UB, BB, FX
2000 Ontario Provincials, Novice 3: 10th AA, 6th UB, BB
2000 Ontario Tour Selection, National Novice: 18th AA, 3rd V
2001 Pottsville Friendship Classic, Level 10: 2nd Team, 3rd AA, 3rd BB, 3rd FX
2001 Burlington Spring Cup, National Novice: 6th AA, 7th V, 3rd BB
2001 Elite Ontario, National Novice: 6th AA
2001 Canadian Championships, National Novice: 1st Team, 17th AA, 7th UB
2001 Siska International, Junior: 15th AA
2001 Ontario Tour Selection, Junior HP: 8th AA, 3rd V
2001 Elite Canada, Junior HP: 19th AA, 4th V, 5th FX
2002 Canadian Championships, Junior HP: 18th AA (one event only - BB)
2003 Ontario Tour Selection, Junior HP: 3rd AA, 3rd V, 5th UB, BB, FX
2003 Elite Canada, Junior HP: 2nd AA, 2nd V, 3rd UB, 1st BB, 3rd FX
2004 Parkette Invitational: 19th AA, 6th V
2004 Junior Pan Am Games: 2nd T, 10th AA, 3rd V, 6th BB
2004 Ontario Tour Selection: 1st AA, 1st V , 4th UB, 1st BB, 4th FX
2004 Massilia Cup (Open): 1st T, 4th V, 6th UB
2004 Trophee Massilia Cup (Senior): 7th T, 13AA, 4th V, 6th UB
2004 Elite Canada: 4th AA, 2nd V, 8th UB, 4th BB, 7th FX
2005 Cottbus Cup: 7th V
2005 Stella Zakharova Cup: 2nd T, 18th AA
2005 Senior Pan Am Championships: 3rd T, 10th AA, 4th V, 5th UB, 3rd BB
2006 Commonwealth Games: 3rd T, 6th AA, 2nd V, 8th BB
2006 Pacific Alliance Championships: 3rd T, 4th V,  
2006 Canadian Championships: 4th AA, 1st V, 4th UB, 1st BB
2006 World Championships: 14th T
2007 Canadian Nationals:
2007 World Championships: 14th T
Brown wins gold on beam
at '03 Elite Canada

2001 Highlights: At the Friendship Classic in Pottsville, Pennsylvania, Brown, one of the youngest competitors vying for top honours at age 11, competed against several international competitors, as well as top athletes from the host nation. Although Brown came into the meet with little competitive experience, she performed remarkably well and finished with a well-deserved bronze medal in the all-around competition, as well as picking up bronze medals on the balance beam and floor exercise. In addition, Brown thoroughly impressed by topping all of her Canadian counterparts who competed in her category, notwithstanding that they were two to three years her senior.

Later in the year, Brown, competing in the junior high performance category, made event finals on vault and floor exercise at Elite Canada, where she placed fourth and fifth, respectively.

2nd AA at 03 Elite Canada

2002 Highlights: Brown was plagued by a string of injuries in 2002. At the National Training Camp in January, she broke her ankle in two places, which slowed her progress considerably. After healing from that injury, Brown was again set back in September, when she broke her left heel during a regular training session at Mississauga. These unfortunate injuries left Brown on the sidelines for the entire competitive season.

2003 Highlights: Undeniably, 2003 was Brown's coming out party. Competing all events for the first time in a competition since 2001, Brown shot to the top of the junior ranks at Ontario Tour Selection, where she placed third all-around, bested only by top juniors, Aisha Gerber and Kelsey Hope. Brown reached the pinnacle of her career thus far at Elite Canada, where she won the silver medal in the all-around to the delight of a home crowd. Furthermore, Brown qualified for all four event finals. On Day 2, Brown was unflappable, performing brilliantly, and winning a medal on every event in which she competed, including the gold medal on her favourite apparatus, the balance beam. Following her spectacular results, Brown was the toast of Mississauga and was featured in The Oakville Beaver newspaper twice before the week was out.

Brown's Gymnastics: Brown displays a wonderful fluidity within her gymnastics program and, combined with her steady and consistent performances, could be a great asset for the Canadian team in the next quadrennium. As Brown is coached at the respected and highly successful Gymnastics Mississauga club, she continues the strong tradition of excellent gymnastics produced by them. Top athletes include Olympian and World team member, Stella Umeh, as well as 2001 and 2002 World team member, Ashley Peckett.
Brown displays elegance and
poise on her favourite event

Brown combines a fine balance of acrobatics and artistry within her routines, the elements of which are as follows:

Vault: Handspring piked front and Yurchenko layout with 1.5 twists.

Uneven Bars:  Jump to handstand on low bar to Shaposhnikova to immediate Pak salto; Giant full to giant 1.5 to Tkatchev; toe circle to handstand half turn; double layout dismount.

Balance Beam: Piked front somersault mount; aerial walkover, one arm back handspring into layout stepout; switch split leap to tuck jump full; tucked front somersault to immediate back tucked somersault; switch side leap Shushunova half; back handspring, back handspring to two feet to double back in piked position dismount.       

Floor Exercise: Triple twist; RO, 1.5 twist to RO, ff, 2.5 twist; two whip backs, ff, to double pike; cat leap double into cat leap 1.5; double turn with leg held horizontal to tuck jump double; triple turn to straddle jump full.

01/04: Profile and Photos by: Leslie Foster

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