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"You must always give 110% and never give up. If you always maintain a positive attitude, the sky will be your limit."

Elyse Hopfner-Hibbs

About Elyse
Date of Birth: September 12, 1989 in Mississauga, ON
Club: Sport Seneca
Coaches: Carol-Angela Orchard, Lawson Hamer, Brian McVey
Previous Clubs: Burlington Gymnastics under Susan Barrett and David Fallon
Training Hours per Week: Approx. 25
Favourite Apparatus: Floor
Least Favourite Apparatus: "I don't have one!"
Favourite Gymnasts: Monica Covacci, Carly Patterson, Amelie Plante, Lydia Williams
Most memorable competitions: Australian Olympic Youth Festival, 2001 and 2003 National Championships, Great West Gym Fest
Hobbies: Dancing, swimming, shopping, hanging out with friends and family
Future competitive goals: Scholarship to the US, to work my way up to a top senior, World Championships, 2008 Olympics.
If you could ask your fans anything, what would you ask? What are your goals? Why do you like gymnastics?
Elyse's Competitive Results

1999 Elite Canada, Novice: 13th AA
2000 Elite Ontario, Novice: 7th AA
2000 Canadian Championships, Novice: 6th AA
2000 ON Tour Selection, Novice: 7th AA
2001 Gymnix International, Novice: 5th AA
2001 Spring Cup, Novice: 10th AA
2001 Elite Ontario, Novice: 2nd AA
2001 Canadian Championships, Novice:1st AA; 1st FX; 2nd UB; 3rd V; 4th BB
2001 Ontario Tour Selection, Junior: 2nd AA
2001 Elite Canada, Junior: 3rd AA; 4th V; 2nd BB; 4th FX
2002 Canadian Championships, Junior: 2nd AA; 2nd V; 3rd UB; 3rd BB, 2nd FX
2002 Elite Canada, Junior: 2nd AA, 1st V, 1st UB, 1st BB, 7th FX
2003 Australian Youth Olympic Festival: 3rd T, 8th AA
2003 Great West Gymfest: 2nd AA, 3rd V, 4th UB, 7th BB, 1st FX
2003 Bluewater International, Junior: 12th AA, 1st UB
2003 Gymnix International, Junoir: 3rd AA, 1st V, 1st UB
2003 Canadian Championships, Junior: 1st AA, 3rd V, 1st UB, 2nd BB, 5th FX
2003 Massilia Cup: 23rd AA
2003 Elite Canada, Senior: 4th AA, 3rd UB
2004 Retro Boogie Invitational: 2nd AA, 1st UB
2004 Jurassic Classic: 2nd T, 1st AA, 6th UB, 1st BB, 4th FX
2004 Pacific Alliance Championships, Junior: 5th T, 10th AA, 6th UB
2004 Canadian Championships, Senior: 6th AA, 3rd UB, 7th BB, 6th FX
2004 USA-Canada (Junior): 5th AA
2004 Junior Pan Am Games: 2nd T, 6th AA, 5th UB, 2nd BB
2004 Massilia Cup: 3rd T, 5th UB
2004 Elite Canada: 8th (T), 1st UB, 5th BB
2005 American Cup: 8th UB, 7th FX
2005 Gymnix International:1st AA, 2nd UB, 1st BB, 1st FX
2005 Siegfried Fischer Trophy: 6th V, 5th UB, 4th BB, 8th FX
2005 Massilia Cup: 3rd T, 8th AA, 7th BB, 1st BB
2005 DTB Cup: 5th BB
2005 World Championships: 10th UB (prelims), 19th BB (prelims)
2006 Commonwealth Games: 3rd T, 2nd AA, 7th V, 1st UB, 1st BB, 6th FX
2006 Pacific Alliance Championships: 3rd T, 4th AA, 5th UB, 3rd BB, 3rd FX
2006 Canadian National Championships: 1st AA, 2nd UB, 2nd BB, 1st FX
2006 World Championships: 14th T, AA, 3rd BB
2006 World Cup Final: 5th BB (tie)
2007 World Championships: 14th T

Elyse beams at '01 Elite Canada


Torontonian Elyse Hopfner-Hibbs is a rising power on the Canadian junior national team. This little fireball trains at Sport Seneca under the watchful guidance of her coaches', Carol-Angela Orchard and Lawson Coo. Recently, Hopfner-Hibbs let her presence be known when she competed as a junior for the first time at a major meet, 2001 Elite Canada, and, in front of an enthusiastic home crowd, this young lady performed brilliantly, exhibiting daring talent, as well as dramatic flair.

Beginning her ascent on the national team as a novice at 1999 Elite Canada, Hopfner-Hibbs gradually attained better results with each passing meet. By the following spring at Elite Ontario, she had climbed up the rankings to 7th and, after competing steadily at Canadian Championships, broke into the top group in the nation in her age group, by placing 6th.

The year 2001 brought on new adventure for Hopfner-Hibbs, who received the privilege of competing in Montreal at the prestigious Gymnix International, where she placed 5th in the all-around.

Greater results were still to follow. Hopfner-Hibbs moved up to 2nd all-around at Elite Ontario and then won the national novice title outright at Canadian Championships. She finished the year by placing 2nd all-around at the Ontario Tour Selection meet, her first meet as a junior high performance competitor, and, in grande style, won the all-around bronze medal at Elite Canada. A wonderful balance beam performance assured her of the silver medal, just behind junior champion, Madison Ward of Cambridge.

Success on the balance beam is no surprise to those who have witnessed Hopfner-Hibbs' exercise. She is virtually unshakable on this event as her determination to hit far exceeds that of any slight miscue. Complex elements such as a punch front to immediate back somersault combination, an aerial cartwheel to layout stepout, a side somersault and a double tuck dismount are incorporated with interesting choreography, including a tricky double turn.

Perhaps the floor exercise is where Hopfner-Hibbs shines the brightest as it is here where she really shows off her talent and personality. She combines expressive facial and hand movements with intricate dance and powerful tumbling passes, which include a double pike somersault to mount, two whipbacks through to a one and one-half twisting somersault to punch front, another double back (this one in a tuck position) and she dismounts with a two and one-half twisting somersault. Quite impressive for a twelve-year old upstart.

While not being age eligible as an international senior until the year 2005, if Hopfner-Hibbs continues her determined quest for stardom, success at international sporting events is far more a reality than a distant dream.

Profile and Photos by: Leslie Foster
Last updated by Staff 2004.01/18.

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