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Marlene Lavoie

Lavoie's Competitive Results
  • Novice National Champion on Uneven Bars and Novice National Champion on Beam, Saskatoon
  • 3rd AA at Elite Canada 1993
  • 1st AA at Elite Canada 1993 (Compulsories).
  • 3d AA at the Pan-American Games Trials, Burlington, Ontario.
  • 13th AA at the 1995 Pan-American Games, Argentina.
  • 9th AA in Compulsory exercises at the Pan-American Games (Best canadian performance).
  • 8th AA at the 1995 China Cup, Cheng-Du, China.
  • Finalist on beam at the 1995 China Cup.
  • Ranked #2 in Canada (May 1995).
  • 6th AA at the Olympic Games Trials (May 1996).

Represented Canada many times internationally. Marleen was coached by Michel Arsenault & Valerie Oudin from 1987 to early 1997 and is recognized in canadian gymnastics as one of the most artistic gymnast it has ever had. Marleen was particularly dominant in Compulsory Exercises. She also pioneered work on the Eagle Grip Front Giant on Uneven Bars, a long time ahead of any other canadian gymnast (1991). Marleen "retired" from competitive gymnastics in early 1997 and is now the proud mother of a little boy. She currently works in Montreal in the highly competitive Financial world, to which she brings her attitude of attention to detail and incomparable determination.

Lavoie was a carded athlete from 1993-1996 and National Team member from 1992-1996

Results and tribute compiled by Michel Arsenault.
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