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Melanie Rocca

Melanie's Competitive Results
1998 Canadian Championships, National Novice: 6th AA
1998 Elite Canada, Junior: 10th AA, 1st UB
1999 Bluewater International, Junior: 5th AA, 1st UB
1999 Elite Canada, Junior: 4th AA, 1st UB
2000 Bluewater International, Junior: 3rd Team, 11th AA
2000 Canadian Championships, Junior: 4th AA, 1st UB
2000 Gymnastic Challenge: 9th Team (Canadian Junior Team)
2000 Top Gym International
2000 Elite Canada, Junior: 4th AA, 1st UB, 5th BB
2000 China Motor Cup: 3rd AA
2001 Spring Cup, Junior: 6th AA
2001 Canada vs France: 1st Team (competed exhibition)
2001 Canadian Championships, Junior: 2nd AA
2001 Elite Canada, Senior: 23rd AA, 3rd BB

2002 Elite Canada, Senoir: 24th AA
2002 Wild Rose Invitational: 2nd T, 8th AA (tie)
2002 Gymnix International: 2nd UB
2003 Bluewater International: 8th AA, 7th BB, 5th BB, 6th FX
2003 Stella Zakharova Cup: 18th AA
2003 Canadian Championships, Senior: 16th AA, 8th V
2004 Twistars Invitational (US Level 10): 3rd AA
2004 Cereal City Classic (US Level 10): 2nd AA
2004 Stella Zakharova Cup: 2 events only
2004 Elite Canada: 22nd AA (T; 1 event only)
2006 Canadian National Championships: 11th AA

Rocca with coach Brubaker
at '02 training camp

Melanie Rocca, born September 7, 1987, is already a veteran of national and international competition. After qualifying for her first national championships in 1998 as a novice, she had three very successful seasons as a junior High Performance competitor, which culminated with an all-around silver medal at the 2001 Canadian championships. During these years, Rocca had the chance to compete many times internationally, including three consecutive appearances at the Bluewater International Invitational meet, the club where Rocca trained for many years, until relocating with her coaches Dave and Liz Brubaker to the Burlington club in the summer of 2000. In addition to her international performances at home, Rocca has competed internationally in Europe and Asia. In 1999, she participated in the prestigious Top Gym Junior International in Belgium, and in 2000 at the China Motor Cup in Tapei, she earned her most significant international accolade to date: a third place finish in the all-around in a field featuring Olympians Alexandra Croak from Australia and Alyona Polozkova and Marina Zharzhitskaya from Belarus.

exhibiting beautiful
extension at '01 Elite Canada

At the China Motor Cup, Rocca also competed with clubmate Abby Pearson, who later became her roommate. Rocca has lived with her coaches since moving to Burlington, and Pearson moved in with them later. The two gymnasts have since become very close and enjoy a sister-like relationship on and off the competition floor.

Following her all-around silver medal at the 2001 Canadian championships, all did not go smoothly for this talented athlete. After being named to the team for the Canada vs USA junior dual meet, her trip - and the competition itself - were cancelled after the tragic events of September 11th. Later that fall, due to some personal and health problems, which greatly affected her training, she finished a disappointing 23rd at the Elite Canada competition in Toronto - her first national meet as a senior. Problems on the uneven bars - traditionally her best event - led to her low all-around rank, but her elegant beam work landed her a spot in the apparatus finals. Her beam routine there was exquisite and she included a world class repertoire of skills including a switch leap to ring jump combo, an Omeliantchik to split handstand, an aerial walkover connected to a ff-layout series, a switch side leap to straddle jump combo, and a solid double tuck dismount. Clean lines, impeccable leaps with a full 180 split, and beautiful flexibility in her handstands and scales highlighted her work on this apparatus.

'02 Gymnix Int'l

Though the beam would certainly be considered her strongest event currently, she has received the most acclaim in the past for her excellent work on the uneven bars, regularly winning this apparatus at the Canadian junior national level. Her routines in the past have been highlighted with good stalder work, elgrip giants, a Tkatchev and Gienger release move, and a double front dismount. Her work on floor (double pike and triple twist) and vault (layout Yurchenko) has continued to evolve and get stronger. Her choreography on floor is elegant and beautiful and shows maturity beyond her years. With past problems behind her, look for Rocca to improve her senior ranking later this year. Positions for the Pacific Alliance Championships and Commonwealth Games are a definite possibility for this talented athlete.

Written by: Christopher Scott
Updated 2002.01.01

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