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Melanie Tham

Melanie's Competitive Results
2000 Elite Ontario, Novice: 10th AA
2000 Canadian Championships, National Novice: 5th AA
2000 Ontario Tour Selection, Novice: 1st AA
2000 Elite Canada, National Novice: 6th AA
2001 Canadian Championships, Junior: 4th UB
2001 Elite Ontario, Junior: 3rd AA
2001 Ontario Tour Selection, Junior: 1st AA
2002 Siska Gym International: 17th AA
2002 Elite Canada, Senior: 3rd AA, 4th UB, 5th BB (tie), 6th FX
2003 Australian Youth Olympic Festival: 3rd T
2003 Jurassic Classic: 1st T, 5th AA, 4th V, 4th UB, 6th BB, 2nd FX
2003 Canadian Championships, Senior: 14th AA, 4th UB
2003 Elite Canada, Senior: 8th AA, 7th FX
2004 Olympic Test Event: 6th T
2004 Canadian Championships, Senior: 16th AA
Melanie at '03 Elite Canada

Melanie Tham, coached by Alex Bard, Svetlana Degteva, and Craig Smith at Gymnastics Mississauga, is entering her first year of senior High Performance competition. She is definitely an up-and-coming athlete with the potential to achieve excellent results nationally this season.

In her first year of national competition, Tham finished 5th in the all-around finals in the novice division at the 2000 national championships in Montréal. In December, after winning the Novice Ontario Tour Selection competition the previous month, she made the jump to the junior High performance division with a strong 6th place all-around at the Elite Canada competition in Winnipeg.

By the spring of 2001, Tham had greatly increased her skill level, performing a variety of difficult skills on all events, including two whips through to 2 1/2 twist, triple twist, and double pike on floor; Yurchenko layout on vault; giant-full to Gienger, giant 1 ½ to straddle back, and double pike dismount on bars; and a double tuck dismount off beam. After a third place finish at the Elite Ontario competition, Tham was expected to be a strong contender at the nationals in New Brunswick, but an unfortunate (yet minor) injury to her foot limited her to competing only on the uneven bars.

Melanie at '01 Elite Ontario

By the fall, Tham was ready for another season of competition, and she got off to a great start by winning the Ontario Tour Selection competition at her home club and the junior Elite Canada meet. Unfortunately, shortly after Elite Canada it was discovered that Tham had been entered in the wrong category (though junior aged, gymnasts born in 1987 - like Tham - were required to enter the 2001 Elite Canada competition in the senior category). Though her Elite Canada title was taken away, she was added to the senior High Performance roster for 2002, where she could really open some eyes.

Though deceptively frail in physique, Tham is equal parts power and elegance. Her clean lines and ever increasing difficulty make her an exciting gymnast to watch. In the coming years, she will hope to follow in the great Gymnastics Mississauga tradition. Her club has produced many world and Olympic team members in the past, including Andrea Owoc, Stella Umeh, Stacey Galloway, Shanyn MacEachern, and most recently, training partner Ashley Peckett.

Written by: Christopher Scott
Updated 2003.12.16

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