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2002 T&T World Cup: Edmonton

Edmonton, Alberta was the first of two stops in the back-to-back two-weekend World Cup circuit. Breaking records for largest rosters in world cup history, this summer's trampoline and tumbling circuit showed us a preview of what is to come at the up and coming summer Olympic Games.

In men's trampoline, Peter Jensen (Denmark) made the most of it winning his first world cup title. Jensen showed extremely clean and tight lines and made the most of the unfamiliar "Ross" trampoline beds. Most countries struggled to adapt to the bouncier beds, which resulted in many crashes from the top stars. German Knytchev (Russia) dropped to second place in finals with a decent but less than stellar routine for him. Nikolai Kazak (Belarus) remained in third position and showed stable routines. Less traveling could have given him a higher ranking as he missed the silver by only a tenth of a point. Canada's best finisher, Michel Greene, placed 12th in preliminaries, moving him into finals automatically because of hosting rules. Looking stronger than ever at the July national team training camp at Muskoka Woods in Ontario, Greene placed a strong 5th in finals. Other Canadians were: Dave Parke (41st), Chris Mitruk (60th) and Olympic bronze medallist Mathieu Turgeon (62nd). Competing out of contest for Canada was Dave Sabourin (51st). Mitruk did not compete his optional routine because of injury, while Turgeon fell during both of his routines.

On the women's side, Claire Wright (Great-Britain) showed excellent flair, style and toe point to win the gold medal in individual trampoline. Mother and former resident of ex-Soviet Georgia, Anna Dogonadze (Germany) took the silver medal with a stable routine, which included a tucked Triffus to open and a layout full-in-full-out to close. Olena Movchan (Ukraine) began her exercise with only a piked barani-out but upped her difficulty later on in the routine for third position. Canada's Karen Cockburn and Heather Ross-McManus placed fourth and sixth, respectively. Cockburn started her routine nicely with a difficult piked Triffus but gave away form marks with her layout full-in-half-out to layout full-in-full-out finish. Ross-McManus showed a nice tucked triffus and an impressive layout full-in-full-out to close. Canada's only other female competitor was Saviya McManus, who competed in her first world cup competition and finished in an impressive 11th place.

In synchronised trampoline, David Martin and Guillaume Bourgeon (France) took the gold medal with clearly the best exercise of the finals, showing great synchro abilities and form. Markus Kubicka and Henrik Stehlik (Germany) showed a nice flowing style to place second. Canadians Greene and Turgeon, both missing their synchro partners, made the best of the Canadian hosting rules (they had placed only 16th in prelims) by taking the bronze medal for a solid routine. On the women's side, Ukrainians Movchan and Oskana Tsyguleva beat the Canadian pair of Cockburn and Ross-Mcmanus by only a tenth of a point for the gold medal. Third place went to the friendly pair of Gogonadze and Tina Ludwig of Germany.

In men's tumbling, Huanian Pan (China) tumbled a nicely executed layout full-in-full-out through to a sky-high layout Miller (triple twisting double back) for the gold medal. Alexandre Skorodoumov (Russia) did two passes which both included three different doubles in each. On his first pass he nailed a layout full-in-full-out through to double layout through to double pike. His second pass cost him the gold however, touching down on his piked full-in dismount after loosing momentum on his tucked double back. Robert Small (Great-Britain) consistently grabbed the bronze medal despite form breaks throughout the competition. Canadians Dave Cowen and Denis Vachon placed 9th and 12th, respectively.

In women's tumbling, Kathryn Peberdy (Great-Britain) wowed the crowd with her incredibly high and difficult tumbles to take first place. She showed a double layout through to layout full-in-full-out and for her second pass she did an equally impressive layout back-in-full-out through to piked full in! Anna Korobeinikova (Russia) placed second with similar tumbling passes as Peberdy but gave away more deductions in form. Third placed went to seventeen-year-old Anna Terenia (Belarus). Terenia tumbled a double layout in the middle of her routine for the first time in competition and hit a beautiful piked full in dismount on her second pass. Canada's Neisha Davis placed 8th.

In the "Double-mini Cup", Bryan Milonja (Canada) took the gold medal on the men's side ahead of Canadian's Adam Menzies and Scott Fisher. Milonja, in his first year of senior competition, also won the Canadian national championships on this event in May. Mitruk placed 2nd in preliminaries behind Milonja, but scratched finals because of injury. Russia's Alexei Ilitchev was in third position after preliminaries but dropped to 6th in finals after missing both of his passes. On the women's side, Sarah Caruso (Canada) won with solid double-to-double passes in finals. Caruso is coached by Mitruk and his wife Lisa-Colussi Mitruk and is in her first year of senior competition on this event. Canadians Shannon Lee and Lisa Bentz placed 2nd and 3rd, respectively.

Top junior stars aged seventeen and under from Canada, Switzerland, Mexico, Russia and the United States got to show that there is a bright future in the sport of trampoline in the "Youth Cup" competition. In men's trampoline, senior double-mini champ Milonja upset Andrei Oudalov (Russia) in finals, taking the gold medal. Surprise bronze medallist was Raphael Polli (Switzerland). Sixteen year old Milonja was supposed to take part in the World Cup competition, both individually and with synchro partner Greene, but was told a week before the competition that FIG no longer wanted him to compete out of contest because of his age (16). You must be seventeen years or older to participate in international competition. On the women's side, Rossannah Maclennan (Canada) took the first place ahead of USA's Erin Blanchard and Jenny Westcott. Maclennan showed top-notch difficulty for a junior competitor, ending her routine with a layout back-in-full-out.

Written by Bryan Milonja

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