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AARHUS 2006: Reports


Posted October 17 - Canadian Men in Team Finals

Team Germany and Team Canada rotated between apparatus together, starting on rings.

The Canadian men started on rings with a strong showing. Nathan Gafuik great iron cross, very little swing, stuck layout full twisting double dismount.

Adam Wong: great routine, just one small hop back on full twisting double layout dismount.

David Kikuchi: bit of swing in the early part of the routine, stuck full twisting double layout dismount.

They guys waited approximately 20 mins before their one-touch warm-up for vault....

Gafuik stuck his 2.5 Yurchenko vault for a huge 16.250. Walking back to his teammates he mouthed "I don't know [how I stuck that]"!

Brandon O’Neill answered with a great vault of his own, scoring 16.300 on his Kasmastsu 1 1/2. Always calm and composed, he initially showed no emotion. A quick cheer with the arm foreshadowed a lively O'Neill, who, when he reached his teammates, with a skip in his step, gave high fives to his teammates.

The stage set high, Kyle Shewfelt did not disappoint, throwing his vault (small hop) for a 16.250 to match teammate Gafuik.

Parallel Bars
Wong underrotated his dismount, taking huge step forwards and touching down with his hands.

O'Neill redeemed himself on the parallel bars, hitting the routine he wished to perform during team prelims. Peach full from handstand, Belle, Tippelt, double pike dismount with one step backwards.

Ken Ikeda stayed on, but suffered some form issues (flexed feet), and took a step backwards on his piked double back dismount.

High Bar
Kikuchi - hit routine, including stuck double-front full-out dismount.

Shewfelt - beautiful Tkatchev, leg separation on Def, excellent stalder and elgrip work, hop forward on dismount.

Gafuik - crowd pleasing routine including Kolman, Kovacs, seemed to lose timing in all his stalder/grip work and had to go to front support on the bar after an elgrip endo-full. He restarted and took one step on dismount.

Wong - hop on mount (whip to 2 1/2), clean middle lines (1 1/2 rudi, arabian 1 3/4), full-in dismount with one hop and small step backwards. 

O'Neill - within a hair of bouncing out of bounds on his opening mount (layout double double). One step back on his full-twisting double dsmt. Waved to the appreciate crowd.

Not even a judging delay rattled Shewfelt on his specialty; he hit a great floor routine for a 15.700. Routine marred only by a hop back on his double-double dismount, yet, oddly, the judges saw six tenths worth of deductions.... Shewfelt's score was later lowered to a 15.60, (A score lowered by 0.1).

Pommel Horse
Great routines from Kikuchi and Gafuik. Lots of drama in the sixth rotation, including a fall from China's Zou K. on high bar. Canada's long-shot hope for a medal vanished with last up Ikeda, who came to grief on his specialty, pommel horse. He came off the apparatus twice.

All in all, Team Canada's first outing at a Worlds team final was a success and a huge step forwards for the program. Many are talking about how much team Canada has improved. They're correct, but in truth, the team is actually capable of much more than shown today. Let's hope we see the guys show their potential in team finals!


Posted October 16 - Canadian Women's Preliminaries

Canada competed in the same subdivision as home crowd Denmark

Rotation One: Uneven Bars
Marci Bernholtz: 6.2 A, 14.375. Pretty clean routine.
Crystal Gilmore: 5.1 A, 13.5 final score (hit routine).
Rebecca Simbhudas did a good bars routine, only to put her hands down on her dismount. (6.0 A, 14.05 final).
Alyssa Brown: Hit her routine but there was a long delay before her score was posted. (5.5 A, 13.475 final).
Elyse Hopfner-Hibbs fell on hecht transition. (6.0 A, 13.725 Final).

Rotation Two: Balance Beam
Bernholtz fell on aerial cartwheel. (5.9 A, 13.60 final).
Gilmore had a good beam, only to overrotate her round off double tuck dismount (6.2 A, 14.20 final).
Brittnee Habbib stayed on, but was quite wobbly (5.4 A, 13.525 final).
Brown had a big wobble on a 1 ˝ turn but hit the rest of her routine. (6.1 A, 14.475 final).
Hopfner-Hibbs: aerial cartwheel to layout (no second layout); Clean double spin. (6.2 A, 15.375). Very hopeful of making beam finals.

Rotation Three: Floor 
Habbib: clean mount (triple twist), underrotated dismount (double pike). (5.5 A, 13.775).
Gilmore: new routine than from Nationals. Several steps out of bounds on mount, and nearly off the podium. One step back on piked double back dismount (5.4 A, 12.975 final).
Brown - clean routine except for dismount (whip-whip-dbl-pike) just inches out of bounds (5.4 A, 13.55)
Hopfner-Hibbs stumbled out of opening triple turn. stuck piked full-in mount, tiny step on Arabian double front, clean double turn to illusion, landed dismount with chest too low so legs flew out from underneath her and she nearly put her hands down. (5.9 A, 13.725 final)
Bernholtz - likely missed some sort of element in her third line – she did a ucked front full and then seemed to stumble out and took a few big steps into the corner (5.3 A, 13.675 final).

Rotation Four: Vault
Gilmore - hop and two steps backward into salute on her Yurchenko-full. (5.0 A, 13.675final)
Simbhudas - slight leg separation on pre-flight and small step/hop on landing (another Yurchenko-full) (5.0 A, 13.575 final)
Bernholtz - cleanest of the group's Yurchenko full vaults. Just a tiny step backwards. (5.0 A, 13.725 final)
Hopfner-Hibbs – Yurchenko-full better than at Commonwealth Games. Hop backwards. (A=5.0, Final=13.925).
Brown - Yurchenko 1 ˝ with big step forward. Rather large hop on piked front second vault. (5.5 A on first vault, 14.425; Second vault 4.6 A score, 13.275).

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